What Kind of Pigs?

The balcony at the apartment buildingI posted the other day about the rash of “balcony incidents” in Sweden, a series of suspicious deaths of young girls who fall or are pushed from apartment balconies. Most of these deaths are assumed to be honor killings.

The most recent incident was in Malmö; Esther at Islam in Europe has written extensively on this topic. Our Swedish correspondent LN pointed us to this interesting new twist in the case, from an article in the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet. A letter purporting to be from a witness to the murder was found at the scene of the killing. Our Danish correspondent TB has kindly translated the text of the letter, and also the article about it.

Note: This is a Swedish story which was covered by a Norwegian newspaper, brought to our attention by a Swede, and translated by a Dane. That’s Multiculturalism, Gates of Vienna style.

The text below is TB’s translation, with his own explanatory remarks in italics:

In the letter that appears on the photograph in the beginning of the article it says something like (not precise):


Why should this happen to you. I saw it. What kind of pigs they were those who did this to you. I saw you being pushed out from the balcony by these two pigs. What have you, as a girl, done to deserve a punishment like this.

Beneath the first photograph it says:

This letter was found outside the house where a 16 year old girl where pushed to her death in Malmö on Sunday. The writer of the letter is unknown, but could be from an important witness.

And the article:

Police are looking into the mysterious writer of a letter in Malmö

This letter was found on the scene where a 16 year old girl was pushed to her death.

Letter about the balcony death

(Dagbladet.no): Monday the police caught two men under suspicion of having pushed a 16-year-old girl off the balcony on the fourth floor. The two men are the stepfather (38) and the brother (19) of the victim, who fell to the concrete and died instantly.

– – – – – – – –

The police work from the theory that it is a so-called “honor killing”.

Mysterious piece of paper

Two days ago a mysterious piece of paper was found on the crime scene which could have been written by an eye witness, Expressen.se writes. In the letter it says, among other things:

“I saw you being pushed from the balcony. What have you done as a girl to deserve this punishment.”

Several people witnessed the girl being pushed but only a few of them have been interrogated. One of those that the police have talked to is a 22-year-old man who was first interviewed by Kvällsposten [Swedish Newspaper]. He criticize the police for asking people who where near the crime scene to go away. Several of these people could be important witnesses, he thinks.

“They must have seen everything”

“Four teenage girls stood right in front of the balcony. They saw exactly what happened,” he says, and gets support from his neighbor.

“They must have seen everything.”

The mysterious letter could have been written by one of these girls, but according to what Kveldsposten knows, the police detectives have not been able to establish any contact with them. The writer of the letter is still unknown.

3 thoughts on “What Kind of Pigs?

  1. Baron Bodissey wrot6e: That’s Multiculturalism, Gates of Vienna style.

    I prefer to call it multi-national coorporation as not to give the term multiculturalism any credence at all 😉

  2. Dishonor murders have become so commonplace in Europe now that even non-Muslim witnesses appear to be cowed in some fashion instead of utterly scandalized and running to police who for the longest time accepted that young Muslim girls were “accident-prone”.

    Do the Western apologists for Islam not notice that no family member, male or female, breaks ranks and fingers their killer kin? There appear to be no grieving mothers seeking divorce, just women who are unhappy because their breadwinner is apprehended (though how many are actual breadwinners instead of Welfare collectors is debatable).

    This family solidarity is in microcosm how the Muslim world appears to operate. There is no condemnation from Muslim authorities; there are no fatwas against the killers. There are only non-Muslim apologists who paper the facts over with fictitious burble like Britain’s Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith: “There is nothing Islamic about the wish to terrorize, nothing Islamic about plotting murder, pain and grief,” she told her audience. “Indeed, if anything, these actions are anti-Islamic.”

    Going by Muslim (in)action, rather than the words of Western dupes, it would appear that Muslim men murdering their recalcitrant daughters with complicity of the entire family is not an “anti-Islamic” act but follows the teachings of Islam. Muslims have never been shy about letting us know exactly when people cross their line: cartoons of Mohammed or eponymous teddy bears, piggybanks, Rushdie’s book etc.

    Apparently Muslims do not criticize other Muslims for rape, or dishonor killings, or suicide bombing or anything other than apostasy. Everything is justified by the “so-and-so had it coming” school of thought. But non-Muslims have to watch their p’s and q’s and teddy bears.

    Dhimmitude is not going to be as easy as Western enablers pretend since the double standard is pretty fierce…

  3. A most importent comment by Zonka:

    “I prefer to call it multi-national coorporation as not to give the term multiculturalism any credence at all ;)”

    What should be the differences between original Danish/Swedish/Norwegian *cultures*?
    Probabely – I guess – less than between the Virginian and the North Carolinan cultures – if you disregard
    the “language(= dialect) differences”. 🙂

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