Trouble With Comments

Mailbox goes boom!We just received an email from someone who says she is unable to comment, or even preview her comment, here at Gates of Vienna.

If you have a moment, please help me troubleshoot the problem. Attempt to leave a comment, and if it fails several times, drop an email to, so I can find out how bad the situation is.

There’s probably nothing to be done about it — as far as anybody knows, there is no way to get an email to the Blogger Powers That Be. I sometimes doubt that any actual human beings work for the company.

Still, it would be nice to know the scope of the problem.

Update: Well, it worked for my own comment. If you arrive at this post and find more than ten comments, there’s no reason to test it — obviously comments are working. I’ll close the post in the morning when I wake up.

For anyone who has problems: try closing your browser, deleting all cookies that end in “”, and then start all over again. That sometimes clears up problems with Blogger.

Further update: Eleven comments when I woke up this morning. Conclusion: no Blogger-based problem exists.

I’ll leave this open for comments until a real post goes up later this morning.

Also, we received one email on the topic:

Hello from Italy. When I was living in a hotel for a couple of months, working on a movie, my Internet connection was via a Proxy. I wanted to post, but couldn’t get the comments box to show anything, just a blank box would pop up. On Sundays I’d go visit my mom and hook up with a regular, direct connection and it would work just fine. Chances are you need to tell us computer doofuses what to do when connected via a proxy. BTW other pages (like my bank) and a few other internet programs refused to work as well. The problem you mentioned at GOV might have to do with proxies.

Heavenly blessings on the Baron and Dymphna!

Unfortunately, I am a computer doofus myself when it comes to networks, proxies, firewalls, etc. If anyone else has any ideas, feel free to leave them here.

Assuming comments work for you, of course…

Final update: I closed this thread for comments now that a real post is up.

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16 thoughts on “Trouble With Comments

  1. My bad!.. sorry … screwed up my html code

    ok.. one more try

    Well, speaking of FDW, if you go to his webpage, you’ll find his latest undertaking…

    …selling the palaces of the Belgium royal family on eBay! LOL

    Didn’t last long though, so he or his web admin took webshots..

    Here’s the first palace up for bid.

  2. As you know, I spent several months unable to post here because of the internal machinations of Google pixies, or Blogger pixies, or whoever is in charge of this thing these days. One day quite recently I tried again, just to see if I could still drive myself into a rage at the google pixies, and lo, here I am! Dunno why or how.

    The only problem is that I have to sign in each and every time I want to post, which usually involves several clicks, sacrifices, and the burning of goat entrails. It’s worth it though, just to see angelofrepose’s avatar…(and others).

    Oh yeah, the other thing is that by the time I finish typing, the characters I have to fill in don’t work anymore and it gives me a whole new set to type in.

    And one more final moan. Never have I seen a letter check as ridiculous as this. I mean, where else can you find a spam guard asking for “edimujeu”?

    I suspect your blog would explode with traffic if you got a new blog platform. This one is clearly an Islamofascist plot.

  3. The Reference Material resource page at 1389 Blog has info on contacting Google. Links to resource pages are in the sidebar.

  4. Our internet filter software at work (Websense) began filtering Blogger, then only select blogs. Then only the comments, then all blogspot addresses. Gee, GoV is wor related, isn’t it?

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