Stage Six Presents…

Horst Krautwurst has an online offering of critical documentaion on Islam called Stage 6, presented here:

This channel collects documentaries on islam, terrorism, muslim immigration, taqiyya and the many conflicts in the middle east.

I have incorporated documentaries that take diverse perspectives on the subject, and uploaded some of the more critical and conservative documentaries myself.

Being an agnostic I have a quite critical approach to islam, but I am always willing to learn more, and if you have any suggestions for material or forum subjects, please—critical-documentation please let me know.

Here is some documentation on the problem:

Taqiyya Ramadanan interesting document in the Al-islam encyclopedia. It is a three-part argument in favor of taqiyya being an integral part of islam, written by a shia muslim. The site has a 86000 traffic rank and is obviously a reliable source for muslims.

The point of the text is to unite sunni and shia muslims in the idea that taqiyya is demanded by the quran, and is essentially islamic “diplomacy”… Thought you might want to take the time and give it a read. I have been appalled by the success of the arab league in stalling intervention in Darfur through all the taqiyya tricks they have in their bag (guess its the only arab branch of science).

People should know, that islamic states are not to be trusted in any diplomatic situation whatsoever. The only thing one can be sure about is that they are playing a game of intrigue and deceit.

Here are the three links to discussions of the ways to use taqiyya “legitimately” — which always make me think of Tariq Ramadan, the current master of the trade:
– – – – – – – –
al-Taqiyya/Dissimulation (Part I)

I intend to demonstrate and prove that the concept of “al-Taqiyya” is an integral part of Islam, and that it is NOT a Shi’ite concoction.

As usual, the two perspectives, the Sunnis and the Shia, will be presented to maintain a level of fairness and integrity in the reporting of this topic.

al-Taqiyya/Dissimulation (Part II)

al-Taqiyya According to the Shia

The Shia did NOT innovate or concoct anything new, they simply followed the injunctions of Allah (SWT), as stated in the Quran, and the custom of the Seal of Prophethood, Muhammad (PBUH&HF). Nonetheless, one must also examine what the Shia themselves say about al-Taqiyya…

al-Taqiyya/Dissimulation (Part III)

Reason and Logic

Aside from the instructions of Quran and Hadith on the permissibility and necessity of Taqiyya, such necessity can also be derived from a logical and rational standpoint. It is apparent to any discerning observer that Allah (SWT) has bestowed upon His (SWT) creation certain defense mechanisms and instincts to protect themselves from impending danger. What follows are some examples that serve to illustrate the above point.

This is a good site for studying what we’re up against. Anything that leaves you wiser about what threatens our cultural integrity can only help.

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