Muslim Stigmata

Family Security Matters has the most comprehensive post I’ve seen on the (probably) al-Qaeda-sponsored plan to kidnap a British Muslim soldier, torture him, and eventually behead him – all for the entertainment of their fellow-fundamentalists. First they give the background story at Western resistance from last year:

In January 2007, police carried out raids in Birmingham. At the time, there was hostility and resentment from Muslim “representatives” to the raid. Dr. Mohammad Naseem, chairman of the Birmingham Central Mosque, claimed Britain was becoming a police state, and compared Muslims in Britain to Jews living under Hitler. Mahmoud Shadrajeh, head of the improbably named “Islamic Human Rights Commission” – himself a supporter of Hizbollah’s terrorism – claimed the Birmingham raids gave to the public a “bad image” of Muslims.

Adam Mussa of the Muslim Brotherhood-founded Muslim Association of Britain (MAB) claimed: “Some of the people arrested are just individuals with loud voices, who are vocal about various neighborhood issues, but that doesn’t make them terrorists. It’s not fair. This seems to be happening again and again. This is a form of victimization and your average ‘Mo Public’ is feeling very cynical. When you come in and do a job you should make sure you clean up after yourself, and that’s what the police need to do here.”

The raids happened as there had been intelligence that a cell of British Islamists had planned to kidnap and behead a Muslim soldier. A particular Muslim soldier had already been targeted, and was under protection. It was revealed shortly after the arrests that he was a corporal in military intelligence, chosen from a shortlist of 25 individuals.

Adam Mussa justified his hostility to the Birmingham raids by ridiculing the notion of such a plot. He said: “So for a Muslim to kill another Muslim is much worse, it’s like killing a member of your own family, because they share the same beliefs as you.”

Salma Yaqoob of George Galloway’s “Respect” party who is a Birmingham City Councillor, representing Sparkbrook, said: “The reality is that people are asking why are we being picked on, why are we being persecuted, because that’s what it feels like when all they want to do is get on with their day-to-day lives.”

As a result of the cumulative hostility from the Muslim community and its so-called “representatives,” police announced that 50,000 leaflets would be distributed, to reassure members of the Muslim community that they were not being “picked on.”

Fat lot of good that did…the Muslim community is not reassured by leaflets, and the grievance mentality of being “picked on” appears to be the default emotional condition of the majority of British Muslims.

At any rate, plans went forward:

A total of 25 soldiers had been on the terrorists’ “hit list”. The British Muslim soldiers on this hit list lived at addresses from the West Country to Glasgow. There are said to be hopes that no “mole” within the Ministry of Defense provided the alleged terror cell with inside information on the soldiers on the hit list.


24-year old Lance Corporal Jabron Hashmi last summer became the first British Muslim soldier to be killed in Afghanistan, and his death had been celebrated by Islamists of the now-banned group Al Ghurabaa. Al Ghurabaa had been a spin-off from Omar Bakri Mohammed’s Islamist Al-Muhajiroun group. Disturbingly, considering the raids of Wednesday happened at locations in Birmingham, at Sparkbrook Mosque in Birmingham, Channel 4’s Dispatches filmed undercover. Here, an imam said last summer: “There was an individual who was killed in Afghanistan recently. A Muslim name, he came from a Pakistani family. Do you know what they had written in a tabloid newspaper? ‘Hero of Islam’. ‘Hero of Islam’ who went into Muslim Afghanistan to kill Muslims. Why? Because their crime is implementing Islam. The ‘Hero of Islam’ is the one who separated his head from his shoulders.”

Family Security Matters has been following the trial:

Parviz KhanThose shrill cries claiming persecution can now be exposed as false. A trial is currently taking place in Leicester Crown Court. And it is only now revealed that 37-year-old Parviz Khan, one of the nine people arrested in late January and early February 2007, has pleaded guilty to plotting to kidnap and decapitate a British Muslim soldier.

Khan, an “unemployed charity worker,” admitted his guilt earlier this month, but the news was suppressed until a trial involving two other individuals, Amjad Mahmood, 33, and Zahoor Iqbal, 31, began. These two denied involvement in the plot.

– – – – – – – –
What I hadn’t been able to find is any commentary on Mr. Khan’s bruised forehead. Had the police been having a go at him with billy clubs, perhaps? Why no mention of it by the MSM? Strange that it would go unremarked…

Well, sorry, this is nothing as pedestrian as torture. What creates these Muslim stigmata is the effect of devout head-pounding fervor. Fundamentalist Muslims do not touch their head to the ground in prayer. Instead, they bounce their cranium forcefully onto the stone floors on which they kneel. Performing this act of adoration five times a day will get you that prune-shaped hematoma our head-banger suspect now sports. By their bruises you shall know them.

And these people have the nerve to complain about Gitmo…

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  1. I don’t subscribe to apocalyptic millennialism (made famous most recently by LaHaye and whatsisface in their Left Behind series) but, it has to be said, the comparison to the “mark of the beast”, placed on the forehead, is quite interesting… I’ve seen a few muzzies with these marks on their heads before. Always wondered where it came from. Now I know. Reminds me of the flagellates. Some of them used to headbutt crosses until their foreheads bled.

    Of course that all stopped hundreds of years ago.

    Would this be a way to tell the most devout muslims apart from the so-called moderates?

  2. Seems a bit over counter intuitive, or counter intellectual anyhow. We Westerners are concerned with al Qaeda infiltration yet they seem to do a good job of disuading Muslims from joining Western militaries. We may be slow and unresponsive to issues but thank God that the Jihadists are suicidal at every level.

  3. I have always had a problem labeling jihad murder as “suicide.” It’s a problem inherent in our language, our thinking. We can’t get our minds around the idea of “I’m going and I’m taking as many of you as possible.”

    And if “as many of you” includes fellow Muslims, no harm done. They still get the virgins.

    I do wish we had another term for intermittent mass murder where the murderer dies first.

  4. Dymphna, I propose simply the use of the word ‘murderer’ or ‘mass murderer’ if you prefer. The person in question simply used himself as the weapon, the fact he did so is irrelevant in the terminology. He was a murderer, plain and simple, no matter the fact he used himself as the weapon and didn’t walk away from it. A cold blooded, evil, @#$%er that walked in and blew up a bunch of people, and that is all, in the context of what word to use. The why’s and whatfor’s are for reports on the subject and trying to identify the enemy…discussions like that, but do not need to be included in the context of what a man like him does in a single word. For that, the word ‘murderer’ works fine.

  5. I am not a neurologist, but I do know that repeated blows to the head are apt to cause permanent damage in the upstairs department.

    GOV readers with a medical background: Has anybody studied or collected any data regarding the long-term effects of this?

  6. Archonix: Would this be a way to tell the most devout muslims apart from the so-called moderates?

    Probably. From what I have read, in the Muslim world this callus is regarded as a mark of the devout. I think that all of this will be cleared up when such a mark becomes more widely known as an “aim point”.

    Dymphna: While “homicide bomber” is the accepted variant, I tend to use “bomb vest murderer”.

  7. Dymphna,

    “I have always had a problem labeling jihad murder as ‘suicide’. […] I do wish we had another term for intermittent mass murder where the murderer dies first.”

    I can’t lay claim to the concept, but I think that “islamikaze” is the perfect description for anyone who self-terminates while committing murder in the name of Islam. The act itself would be an ‘islamikaze attack’, an ‘islamikaze outrage’…

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