In The Netherlands, Friendly Handshakes

VH, our Flemish correspondent has put together a post on the filthy kafr demand that Muslims in the Netherlands shake hands upon meeting up with one of the future dhimmis in a social or business situation.

“Nuts to you” say the Muslims…or whatever the parlance of violent disagreement is in their language. But you get the idea:

“Momma don’ allow no handshaking in here…”

If the Dutch were smart, they would have forbidden any handshakes with Muslims from the beginning. By now, the same imams who are being so hostile would be equally hostile in the other direction – i.e., demanding that the kafir shake hands with Allah’s Chosen as a ‘sign’ of respect.

As you would expect, Wikipedia has a page on handshakes, including the one for Islam.

VH writes:

That filthy infidel custom of shaking hands

After filmmaker Theo van Gogh was shot, stabbed, and partly beheaded in Amsterdam on November 2, 2004, the then Minister of Immigration and Integration Rita Verdonk organized a meeting with imams to tell them they have to integrate in society. Many of them even after a decade were still not able to communicate even the basics in Dutch and still had no idea whatsoever about the Dutch society.

Minister Verdonk was planning to introduce a course aimed to provide a bit of insight and some basic language skills and expected at the next meeting with the imams to be able to communicate in Dutch with them.

“When she met the imams and wanted to shake hands with the first one, he refused it. Minister Verdonk did not respond by ordering his mosque burned down, but instead, very civilized, replied: “I see we will have a lot to talk about”.

This handshake-refusing imam Ahmad Salam already caused a stir in 2002 by promoting the abuse of women, that women should not work outside the house because they become disobedient by it, and to top it off: boys and girls should not swim together.

In the Spring of 2006 Minister Verdonk went to the Hotel Des Indes in The Hague to hand out the first certificates to Koran teachers and imams that passed the “integration” course.

But the course might as well have been given to the monkeys in the zoo; the result would have been the same:

A meeting […] turned out in a clash of cultures. The first imam who received a certificate from minister Verdonk refused to shake her hand. Also another ignored the hand reached out by Verdonk.

The imam Ebrahim Mohammad said that his beliefs did not allow him to shake the Minister’s hand. According to his interpretation of Islam a man is not allowed to touch a strange woman.

Some female participants to the course “Netherlands and Islam, intercultural encounter and integration” therefore also refused to shake hands of men that where standing next to Minister Verdonk and congratulating participants.

– – – – – – – –
Several months later, queen Beatrix went to the Mobarak mosque in The Hague to celebrate its fifty years of existence. She took off her shoes and did not shake hands as was requested by the board of the mosque “out of respect for the Muslim religion”.

It is not so long ago that people after visiting the queen had to leave the room walking backwards. They shouldn’t have done that; now we know “hi” and “bye” would have done the same job as it shows now.

Later that year, a high school teacher and Muslim Samira Dahri was fired because she suddenly started to refuse to shake the hands of het fellow colleagues. She appealed to the “Committee for equal treatment” [Commissie voor gelijke behandeling], an advisory board to the government and arbitrator in these matters, and they supported her non-handshaking stand: “The committee decided that the requirement to shake hands is not included among the respectful manners the Utrecht school wants to disseminate […] Shaking hands is considered by many as not respectful.”

But Muslim Dahri was not the last diehard believer; she’s just one in what will become many.

An applicant for the function of Customer Relations Officer in Rotterdam, Mohammed Faizel Ali, was turned down in 2007 for that job because he refused to shake women’s hands out of — there we go again — religious beliefs:

Mohammed Faizel Ali said he will get the job of Customer Relations Officer, no matter what. If the Rotterdam council will not give him the job he will sue them. Says Enait: “I think I will be made Customer Relations officer and that it’ll piss off the aboriginals, which is what I call the autochthonous population.

[He also called the Dutch paleo-Netherlanders and aboriginal people.]

On the other hand, Amsterdam’s mayor has no problem with the refuseniks.

This week the mayor of Amsterdam joined the zealots:

It’s all cool, says Mr. CohenYou don’t have to shake hands with a woman

Mayor Cohen of Amsterdam finds that employees of the “Stichting Aanpak Overlast Amsterdam” [SAOA, Foundation for Approach of Inconveniences in Amsterdam] who do house calls do not have to shake hands with women.

This is what Cohen said Wednesday afternoon in the city council in response to questions from the CDA [Christian Democrats] councilor Maurice Limmen. One orthodox employee of the SAOA refuses to shake hands of women out of religious conviction. He is specifically employed to visit other orthodox families.

Also street-coaches [civil servants who intervene if there’s a problem with a family or youth that causes trouble] do not have to shake hands with women if that contradicts their religion, says Cohen, As long as they do their job properly there is no problem.

The latter happened recently in Slotervaart [the Amsterdam neighborhood where the recent jihad riots took place], where a street coach refused to shake the hand of the female assistant of city councillor Asscher [PvdA, Socialist Party]. That happened out of religious conviction and “respect” for the woman, according to the street coach.

This seems to become the latest Muslim hype: shaking-hands-apartheid: refusing to shake hands of the infidel woman that feeds them. A quote from the blog Klein Verzet:

“That is the state of the Netherlands in a nutshell, really. From one of the great trading nations in history to the sad remnants of an indigenous population overwhelmed by muslim colonizers. We’re all aboriginals now.”

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  1. “Not allowed to touch a woman”it does not seem to prevent them from raping them ,or any of the other million muslim taboos,which your local muslim corner shop engages in quite happily,unless there is some compensation to be made out of it,they want you to crawl to them,and most of these cowards are eager to comply.

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