From the Brussels Journal: “Whites Need Not Apply”

After years of British harrumphing about the racist BNP, the Labour Party has labored long and hard to produce another multiculti monster. I swear, I’m not making this up!

Michael Huntsman reports:

Rarely a day goes by without a whopping piece of hypocrisy on the part of the British Labour Party, for much of their political life is one big act of hypocrisy. Thus this weekend we have them facing both ways at once on matters of race.

On the one hand they have joined in the general chorus of denunciation of Archbishop Booby’s suggestion that Sharia Law be afforded status and recognition, and thereby approbation, within the law of England and Wales. On this the Labour Party have got it right.

At almost the same moment, however, Labour’s deputy leader Harriett Harman is found to be supportive of the notion that the law be changed to enable ‘all-black’ shortlists to be drawn up for the selection of candidates for election to Parliament by individual constituencies.

As the report says:

White candidates should be barred from standing for Parliament in up to eight constituencies in order to get more black and Asian MPs elected, says a controversial report commissioned by Labour’s deputy leader, Harriet Harman.

Hard to get your mind around, isn’t it? Sounds like some Mississippi Delta Reconstruction politicking to me…are we in a time warp? These people ought to read some American history to find out what happens when you distort reality. I doubt they’ll get around to it, though. Too busy repeating the mistakes of others to learn anything.

I swear, the Labour Party must be inhabited by too many people who were overly praised for their toilet training efforts and never got over it. They just keep on plopping out these ugly, smelly notions and waiting for Mumsie to show up so they can get the promised gob-stopper.

The reporter, Mr. Huntsman, asks you to consider this:
– – – – – – – –

Just savour those words: ‘white candidates should be barred.’ It has taken us a thousand years or so to arrive at a state of constitutional affairs whereby any man or woman might seek to stand for Parliament regardless of sex, race, colour, religious creed, political philosophy or sexual orientation and for the party of one’s personal taste. Now, if Labour’s obnoxious plan were to succeed, our people would be legally excluded from standing for Parliament in the constituency of their choice for the party of their choice simply because of the white colour of their skin.

Quiet…listen for a moment: can you hear the echo of Enoch Powell’s ghostly laughter? The man has no pity.

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15 thoughts on “From the Brussels Journal: “Whites Need Not Apply”

  1. No, this is simply a memo of a political elitist conveying the Marxist line on which she was elected.

    This is all becoming all too predictable. Every generation or so someone comes along that reminds free cultures why they remain free. And at the top of that list is NOT political elitists.

    – Sodra

  2. The British Labour Party today, are living and recognisable proof of why a leadership of a democratic government should never be permited to change mid-session, without a public vote on the issue.

    Blair was painful enough, but as a lot of us always suspected, the coronation of Gordon Brown would usher in a group of radical leftists of breathtaking self-rightiousness and Marxist hypocrisy. As we bear witness today, they have not done anything to prove us wrong.

    As Harriet Harmon is mentioned in the thread, I’ll take her as the prime example of my argument; (although I could choose any one of them).

    Hariet Harmon – Previous Far Left position – National Council for Civil Liberties.

    For years, you could find her banging on about equality for all.
    Everybody, everywhere, must be afforded exactly the same opportunities in life.

    When the Labour Party discussed Grammer schools in England, she was the voice that stood out as its most ardent and dissenting critic. In her opinion Grammer schools were the greatest evil of a two tier system for the youth of this country today. Both she and the Labour Party voted in unison against them.

    Guess what she did next?.

    You-know! – when it was time to send her own kids to one of her much vaunted secondry moderns.

    Thats right!! – She sent them to one of the most exclusive and upper class schools in the Country. There were to be no working class riff-raff interupting her kids future education.

    Harmon and her creed, sicken me to the very core. They bang-on about what is right and just in their equality driven Marxist Utopias and then blatently bypass it themselves!!.

    Morals of a sand Arab!!.

  3. “These very high interlectual persons wake up every morning, to see what they can find to demolish, undermine, or cast away”.
    “They are the most disagreeable of people, Their insincerity?, Can you not feel a sense of disgust at the arrogant presumption of the superiority of these people?. Superiority of interlect and self-rightiousness!. Then, when it comes into practice, Down they fall with a wallop, not only to the level of ordiary human beings, but to a level which is even far bellow the average!”.

    Sir Winston Churchill.

    On what could have well been written for Harriet Harmon and the entire British Labour Party today!!.

  4. You know, pointing this out makes you a racist. Racists use the same talking points, ergo you are a racist. But you knew that already… 😉

    I know a racist. She hates an entire class of people because of who they are, because of some perceived slight that happened more than a century ago. She regularly dismisses them simply for being who they are, for the sound of their accent and the colour of their skin. She thinks they’re ignorant and backward and refuses to associate with them unless she absolutely has to. She is absolutely convinced that they will be all wiped out by their own stupidity in the next century and she is waiting to celebrate that day. Sounds pretty awful doesn’t it?

    She’s Paraguayan. She hates Americans. If I were to call her a racist because of this she would simply deny it was so because, after all, they’re only Americans.

    I want to preserve my country and my culture and nothing else, simply preserve it. She wants to destroy another country entirely, yet I and not she would be called racist, and I doubly so for trying to point out her racism.

    One of these days I’m going to have to tell her what I think of her attitude. Fireworks.

  5. This is known as ‘quotas’ in the US, though its advocates strive mightily to deny it. They really, really don’t like it when you use that word, so I play along and use another in its stead – ‘BS’.

    It’s hugely counterproductive in that it leads to tacit attitudes of the ‘token’ this-or-that or the ‘diversity hire’. There are minorities in the US actively campaigning against this nonsense for this exact reason – Ward Connerly comes immediately to mind. As you might expect though, he is demonized as a heretic and vilified by the high priests of multiculturalism and tolerance.

  6. Those nitwits in Britain are the kissing cousins of our own socialist morons in the U.S. Great. At the same time we are fighting the greatest threat to our world (hint-Islam) we have to deal with neat idiots. A two-front war.

    Can you imagine how many lives would have been saved if when this islam cancer had started we had true, freedom-loving leaders and generals in the U.S and U.K?

  7. This is nothing new. Equality of opportunity has been replaced by equality of outcome, because it is heretical to imply that given equal opportunity, races would not achieve equal outcome. So long as ‘racism and poverty’ are the reasons that explain white/minority achievement gaps, it is the right and the duty of government to counteract it with affirmative action and wealth redistribution–it’s only justice and a restoration of the level playing field we have deprived them of. The entire edifice of socialism is the belief that all differences of outcome can be explained by poverty or racism. So long as the majority of people agree with them, the socialist agenda will always be the logical conclusion. However, disagree and you’re likely to get fired, ostracized, or arrested. Cute, huh.

  8. I welcome this. It’s good for the anti-white Left to make known their bigotry and hatred. Let it out. This is another incident that, one hopes, will help Britons, Europeans, and Americans realise just what the Left has in store for them. Every day, with events such as this, we move one step closer to war. Keep Harmon’s name in mind. When the shooting starts, we must — we WILL — ensure she receives just punishment. Let’s reserve a special branch just for her, right next to the traitor Rowan Williams.

  9. The motive idea is racist.

    “White candidates should be barred from standing for Parliament in up to eight constituencies in order to get more black and Asian MPs elected, says a controversial report commissioned by Labour’s deputy leader, Harriet Harman.”

    Quotas are racist.

    How about muslim lesbian MP’s, maybe they should be advanced as well, or Jamaican one armed cigar wrappers.

    ‘We don’t have no Obama’s’ is not exactly what I would call a sterling bit of reasoning.

    This is actually funny.

    Who has educated this galactically breathtaking morons?

  10. I would love to be able to say they’re a product of the comprehensive education system but it’s likely most of them are public school (which is the opposite of what you think) educated. Somehow they get the idea that nobody else should benefit from the sort of privilege they’ve had access to. Labour to a tee.

  11. Her idea is more than undemocratic, more than racist, she regards non-europeans as a seperate species all together.

    Everyone knows dogs can’t look after cats, cats have their own separate interests that are so specific they’re completely unknowable to non-cats.

    Also, Harriett Harman has never had a real job

    For the real low down on the sheer crapness of the British political class try here.

  12. Well it’s about time! For too long, white people have had the same opportunity as minorities to get jobs. That’s got to stop! Minorities should not have to compete with white people for jobs, it’s just not fair to them.


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