Danish Solidarity

Our Danish correspondent TB has translated two more articles from the Danish-language media about the recently foiled plot to murder the Motoon artist Kurt Westergaard.

The first is from Berlingske Tidende:

Papers to reprint controversial Mohammed drawing

Allah go boom!The three big Danish newspapers Jyllands-Posten, Politiken and Berlingske Tidende will all print Kurt Westergaard’s controversial Mohammed drawing again Wednesday.

Jyllands-Posten, Politiken and Berlingske Tidende will all print the controversial drawing of Mohammed with a bomb in his turban. It will be the first time that Berlingske has printed the drawing.

The chief editors of Politiken and Berlingske are deeply disturbed over the plans to murder Kurt Westergaard, and declare themselves ready to fight for free debate.

“We in the Danish media must send a clear and unambiguous signal to all who get the same insane idea as those who wanted to attack Kurt Westergaard,” says the editor of Berlingske Tidende, Lisbeth Knudsen, to jp.dk.

When the Mohammed drawings were published in November 2005, the editors of Berlingske Tidende chose not to print them at that time. In those days there was, according to Lisbeth Knudsen, not enough of a journalistic reason to publish the drawings.

The second article is from TV 2:
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Sticks to planned exhibition of drawings

Below the picture it says:

The murder threats against Kurt Westergaard, who drew Mohammed with a bomb in his turban, do not make the Museum of Media in Odense change their plans to have an exhibition about freedom of speech next year.

The article:

Motoon by Arne SørensenThe recent incident of murder threats against a cartoonist does not change the plans to exhibit the Mohammed drawings next year in The Media Museum in Odense as part of an exhibition about freedom of speech.

And the museum will stick to that plan, the managing director Ervin Nielsen says to DR Fyn.

“If we did not do it, we would fail, because this is what our job is all about,” says Ervin Nielsen, who is not afraid to create a new Mohammed crisis with Odense as its center.

“The drawings will be part of a bigger context along with other examples that focus on freedom of expression, so it will not only be the Mohammed drawings that will be in the spotlight,” he says.

Denmark’s Media Museum, which is located on Brandts in Odense, plans a special exhibition about freedom of expression for the autumn of 2009.

16 thoughts on “Danish Solidarity

  1. Outstanding. This makes up for many stories of craven behavior by Western media in recent years.

    If Muslims cannot control their flipping out response to “insults” to their religion their progress in the West is doomed that much sooner. They can riot and burn and protest all they want in their home countries.

    May they never consider any Western nation their home, with exception for isolated and assimilated individuals.

  2. Here’s an article from Der Spiegel on the arrest of those who wanted to murder the Danish cartoonist. God help us – first the Archbishop of Canterbury suggests Sharia law and now this. What’s next – vindication of honor killings, the return of the veil for all women and a society ruled by these prehistoric bigots?

    Muhammad Caricature Fallout: Denmark Busts Alleged Plot to Kill
    Pre-dawn police raids in Denmark have netted five people suspected of
    involvement in a plot to kill a cartoonist whose depiction of the
    Prophet Muhammad helped spark international violence two years ago.


  3. Meanwhile Squalid Walid Pedersen the Danish ex criminal convert Imam is trying to put as good spin on things, you can guess how it goes blah blah blah, it has nothing to do with Islam blah blah blah, I still stand by what I said before the cartoons were disrespectful blah blah blah. Mind you what has strengthened the resolve of the newspapers most likely is after the recent car-be-que in Norrbro a couple of nights ago where the police had to protect firemen doing there duty, a couple of reporter were attacked and robbed of there camera and film. Also it wont do their circulation any harm, always a plus point.


    I want to see a monthly cartoon competition with huge prizes for the winning submissions. I want to see the entire MME (Muslim Middle East) engulfed in paralyzing riots and strikes until people in Europe mistake the epidemic of Muslim aneurysms for exploding strings of firecrackers.

    Muslims have to be the most dour and humorless bunch of turds to have ever come down the pike.

  5. So, no doubt CNN et al. will now show the cartoons in solidarity… Ah, guess not.

    Was it Mark Steyn who once wrote something like “CNN showed the cartoons blurred out as if they had entered the witness protection program.”

  6. Politiken is known as a left-wing paper, but it’s not the only left-wing paper that’s chosen to bring the caricature. The “even farther to the left than Politiken” newspaper, Information, has also chosen to bring it.

  7. Can they show them in the rest of the West if they put one of those little black strips over the eyes to protect Mo’s identity?

    Islam: millions and millions of infidels severed.

  8. More cartoons, films. books, media interviews etc. are actually the answer. The killings of film director Theo Van Gogh and the gay anti-immigration politician Pim Fortuyn were terrorist acts meant to cow large numbers of people into submission to sharia dictates and they worked for a time.

    The cartoon riots also had unusual success in having Western media self-censor until people started noticing that the demands just kept on coming and escalating.

    One degree down from actual murder and vandalism, there are widespread attempts by Muslims to achieve intellectual vandalism and libel chill by dragging media outlets and figures into law courts or quasi-legal human rights tribunals.

    These initiatives must end up costing them something, by bringing about the opposite of what they hoped to achieve. They object to a dozen cartoons in one newspaper? Spray them with hundreds of cartoons in thousands of newspapers. If they muster the usual thousands to riot, let the headlines be: “Muslim violence brought on by Islam being criticized for promoting violence” or “Religion of peace?” or “Muslims demonstrate against West’s free speech” or “Islam and the West incompatible?”.

    Make it clear that no religion in the West escapes criticism. It is the Western way. If it bothers them, the solution is to leave the West. The West will no longer consider changing for them.

    Western “multiculturalist” mandarins should be called on the scandalous fact that they know nothing about the cultures they have imported and promoted without integration. Both Arab and Islamic cultures see concessions as weakness, and NEVER offer gratitude or concessions in return but instead demand more concessions. Conversely, they have grudging respect for strong opponents. When they attempt to push their agenda, they need to be pushed back twice as hard.

    Bush surprised them by running right at them in their lair in Afghanistan, and taking on a second project in Iraq. However, when the Western Left got in on the act like balls and chains around any Western warrior, and started whining about giving human rights protections to flagrant terrorists caught in the act, they heartened bin Laden and his ilk to think they were right in the first place – the West is as weak a horse as the Soviet Union turned out to be for different reasons.

    Both Iraq and Afghanistan’s terrorists would have long ago been subdued but for their cheerleaders and apologists on the Western Left. They figure if they can just hold on until the Democrat appeasers gain power, they’re golden.

  9. Profitsbeard,

    Exactly. 🙂
    The masking is meant as a joke, you know.

    You can see mr. Westergaards Mo on my blog along with my mention of the story.

  10. Al-Jazeera runs as their top story today that we’re reprinting the Mo-toons. ‘Insensitive Danes’, yada, yada…

    Only late in their article is mentioned that adherents of The Religion of Peace intended to do some serious physical damage to one of the artists.

    The tally today is that 11 newspapers printed the bomb-in-turban cartoon.

  11. Latest:

    Arabs are calling for boycotts. Again.

    Danes discuss the justification for publishing the cartoons. Again.

    Anders Fogh states that freedom of expression is unconditional. Again.

    I guess we’ll have to take this to the brink. And then expose Islam for stupid, violent bigotry. Again.

  12. The real test will come when Muslim settler communities in Europe acquire weapons of mass destruction and use them to blackmail the West. We’ll see how brave these newspaper editors are then! This is why we immediately must expel, or eliminate, Muslims living in Europe and North America. They do not belong in our civilisation. I hope Western leaders understand that we are headed for massive bloodshed in our communities. The leaders of the West, devoted to the Cult of Multiculturalism and anti-White ideologies, have brought this situation on themselves.

  13. It has not been a bad news day for Denmark, I think that won this one. Henrick from what I gather there have been 17 newspapers in Denmark that have printed the cartoon and one in Sweden. There is hope for the Swedes yet. Pia Kjærsgaard and Naser Khader want to get rid of the Danish Blasphemy laws, if that happens it will be one less stick that the Muslims can use to try and beat us into submission with.

    Pia Kjærsgaard, seemed to be in an irritated mood, when interviewed about her opinions about the comments of the Islamic Faith society. No punches pulled here.

    “The Islamic faith society is blowing on the fire when they criticize the Danish legal system for deporting the two Tunisians suspected of planning the murder of cartoonist Kurt Westergaard.
    I think they are inflaming the situation instead of calling for calm: as usual. It is deeply deeply offensive in relation to the Danish legal system It is completely lawful what is happening and it is not their law, we shall live after. Naturally shall they be deported and for my sake they can take there numerous wives we see on T.V. with them”, said Pia Kjærsgaard.

    Ritzau ( Danish news agency) “It is not only the Islamic faith society that are criticizing the the deportations without due process of law, many legal experts are criticizing it as well?”

    “You can do that in relation to the terror laws, so is it. That is certainly no reason for criticism”, said Pia Kjærsgaard.

    The Islamic faith society has been very muted in their comments at the press conference, by the way They are not going to send delegations to the Middle East. Allah be praised. One has got to admire the way they dissimulate and dodge and weave. I particularly admired this piece of pious crap, from Kasem Ahmad. I don’t think it fooled anybody, and it is what most likely irritated Pia. Please enjoy, it is absolutely priceless.
    “While the faith society means that it is wounding that many newspapers are publishing the drawings it is a different situation than the 30th of September when the Morning Paper published the 12 drawings.
    The difference is that the Jutland Post’s project was to show that Islam was ammunition for the terrorists. This time to show sympathy with a threatened cartoonist.”

  14. Laine: They object to a dozen cartoons in one newspaper? Spray them with hundreds of cartoons in thousands of newspapers. If they muster the usual thousands to riot, let the headlines be: “Muslim violence brought on by Islam being criticized for promoting violence” or “Religion of peace?” or “Muslims demonstrate against West’s free speech” or “Islam and the West incompatible?”.

    Precisely. MORE CARTOONS!

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