Danish Socialists vs. the Ummah

Whether they’re on the right, left, or center, Danes are telling Muslims that they’ve had enough of Islamic aggression.

Most recently it was Villy Søvndal, the leader of Denmark’s Socialist People’s Party, who told Hizb ut-Tahrir to “Go to Hell!”

Not to be outdone (and thus risk losing her party’s dominant position on the left side of the Folktinget), Helle Thorning-Schmidt, the leader of the Social Democrats, demands — demands! — that the EU take a united stance against Islamic extortion.

A reminder: Social Democrats are dyed-in-the-wool Socialists, much like Communists except that they are unwilling to shed blood for the sake of attaining a proletarian Utopia. Their counterparts in Sweden and Norway are prone to swoon over Hamas.

What’s more, the article below is from Politiken, which is appropriately known as “The New York Times of Denmark”.

I’ve often said that the Great Jihad is not an issue of left-versus-right, even if many leftists are aiding and abetting the aspirations of the mujahideen. The crisis of our time is the threat to the very heart of Western Civilization.

After we resolve that, we can fight about socialized medicine, gay marriage, and carbon taxes.

In the past Gates of Vienna has posted the counterjihad writings of an anarchist and other examples of solidarity from our comrades on the Left. We welcome anyone who is serious and dedicated about opposing the Great Jihad.

Henrik of Europe News has kindly translated the article from Politiken:

Helle Thorning-Schmidt demands united EU front against Islamic pressure

The chairman of the Social Democrats encourages the Danish government to raise the problems with Islamic pressure on a European Union level.

In several European countries there are cases where freedom of expression is challenged by offended Muslims. This is completely unreasonable, says Social Democrat chairman Helle Thorning-Schmidt, who requests the government to raise the problem with the European Union.

“Within the last week we’ve heard of problems in Belgium, Netherlands and now Germany, where extremists demand that things be closed or removed. It is utterly unreasonable that we are repeatedly threatened when we use our freedom of expression. This has to stop,” states Thorning-Schmidt.

Pressured to stop handing out piggy banks

As an example, she refers to the Dutch bank which was pressured to stop handing out piggy banks, and to the Danish art exhibit of caricatures which was closed in Berlin.

– – – – – – – –

“We cannot tolerate the fact that extremists threaten us from time to time. Therefore I shall request that the foreign minister raise the issue with the other leaders of the EU, in order to have a discussions of principles, making it clear that we will not accept it,” says the chairman.

“We need to raise the issue, to consider it a common problem that needs a solution. We are being forced an unreasonable self-censorship, and this has become a European issue.”

Sharp reaction to closure of Berlin exhibition

Helle Thorning-Schmidt further encourages art societies throughout Europe to react sharply to the closure of the exhibition in Berlin.

MEP for Venstre [center-right party] Karin Riis-Jørgensen also intends to raise the issue in the European Union. She believes that the EU should help artists and others under threat by Muslim fundamentalists.

Chairman for Dansk Folkeparti [Danish People’s Party], Pia Kjærsgaard, wants the issue raised in as many forums as possible. “The more we reject this, the better. Everybody must condemn this unconditionally,” she states.

Foreign affairs minister: Cause for concern for the future

Minister for foreign affairs Per Stig Møller (Conservative) says to TV2 [Danish national television] that he does not think there’s any doubt about the European position.

“What we need to figure out is to find some level at which we can live with each other. There is cause for concern for the future, because we can’t live with these endless confrontations, which are escalating and could spin out of control. It could become worse in the future,” says Per Stig Møller.

11 thoughts on “Danish Socialists vs. the Ummah

  1. A question for anyone who can enlighten me: why this difference between the Danes and other Europeans? The Danes, across the entire spectrum, seem to get it! No one else does. At least not yet. Why!?

  2. Because they would like to think that all religion is destined for the dustbin of history. Political correctness and self hatred is what is driving them to cultural suicide. I say if you cant recognize that the boat your on is sinking then drown.

  3. I’ve YouTube’d the coverage of the ‘Stupid Stone’ issue, here’s Part 1. Part 2 to follow. It’s in Danish & German, with a couple of Germans making some confused comments, comments that would have been normal for Danes a few years ago.

    As for what’s up with the Danes, perhaps we actually love our flag? When we see it burned in anger in obscure places, we know that something is not only marginally, but utterly wrong. Our flag doesn’t deserve this.

    The ‘how’ wouldn’t seem so difficult, actually. What we’re doing right now is effective, standing up against the power grab of Islam. When the fear evaporates, which it seems to be in the process of doing, we can counter the threats and the misuse of power by Islamic leaders, and in turn marginalize them so they don’t even have respect or influence in their own communities.

    For what do they have to offer, save knowledge of ancient stories out of Arabia, brimming with violence and vile behaviour?

    Then it’s time to teach our immigrants the benefits of modern thinking, democracy, possibly of useful religions and of taking responsibility for your own life rather than putting that responsibility on some, well, stupid stone in Arabia.

    Much work ahead, still.

  4. John Sobieski: how to get rid of the enemy within?

    There are basically 2 ways: getting out from the place where the enemy is, or getting the enemy out of the place where you are. Doing nothing corresponds to the first situation, assuming victims of extremist violence and uneven birth rate. Yes, children are also weapon, like Gadaffi or other African-Arabic official has said – conquest through women wombs. Need recent examples? Kosovo, if you want.

    Deportation of criminals is one small-size solution. If larger parts of territory start rioting, the palestinian case seems to be the only efficient solution for indigenuous population. Learn from others’ mistakes, and be clever. Alternative – being not so clever and learning from own mistakes. Or being idiot and not learning at all 🙂

  5. Here’s Part 2 of the ‘Stupid stone’ coverage, extending to all kinds of Islam-enforced ‘changes to society’, like retracting the piggy bank, the Deutsche Oper affair 2 years ago etc.

    Lots of useful political reactions come out in response to the stupid stone.

    You’ll also find a hilarous twist to the Motoon death threat affair. Apparently, some 82 Danes carry the name Kurt Westergaard, and now confused “misunderstanders of Islam” are now directing their death threats at the wrong Kurt Westergaaards all over Denmark.

    The real Kurt Westergaard goes on record complaining about this. All the others are imposters, he’s the one and only real Mo-cartoonist by the name, and subsequently he demands that the death threats are to be directed at him, not at anyone else.

    All in Danish – what to do…

  6. OT – However, I would just like to take a moment to thank all the translators that contribute to GoV. Without your help I wouldn’t know half of what I now know about the situation in Europe. As I read your translations I am always struck by the ignorance of the English speaking west. At least half the “story” of western survival is printed or spoken in a language other than English. So, thank you again for contributing to this site, especially you Henrik.

  7. “As for what’s up with the Danes, perhaps we actually love our flag? When we see it burned in anger in obscure places, we know that something is not only marginally, but utterly wrong. Our flag doesn’t deserve this”.

    Well, Henrik, all I can say is “more power to ya (and your fellow Danes)”.

    Hopefully you can light a fire under the rest of Europe!

  8. Now, if someone came up to you and told you how to raise your kids since they saw you chastacising them for the want of candy wouldn’t you be mad? That a person who does not the the whole story, that your kid already had a snickers bar, or perhaps has bad teeth from the last check up at the dentist so is directed to have no sugary food. That is the reason you said no, but a person comes up the aisle and says, you should give your child that candy, or don’t yell/deny your kid this or that. That is what the musilm/islam world is doing. They tell you no piggy banks?!??!? GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE. Piggy banks have been a symbol of saving money for ages and ages…..let them tel me not to sell or give one out. I will eat pork and touch pork whenever and however I want. Hell, if I could strike the lottery, I would go to any of the mulsim/islam dominant neighborhoods in America, and open up a pork bbq stand. I would have hot dog stands in full strength on every street corner. We need to wake up here, not just the Danes. Europe/America all the free western/westernized nations need to unite.

  9. Seouldier13: I would have hot dog stands in full strength on every street corner.

    You’ll be happy to know that in Denmark this is already the case. At major intersections in downtown Copenhagen one can find a Pølsevogn (literally: sausage wagon) on all four corners!

    Up until the 1970s, these ubiquitous little stands were the sole form of fast food in Denmark. Having been to Denmark more than once, I can safely tell you that it is a toss-up between the lakrids butik (licorice boutique) and rod pølse (red sausage) as to which I miss most. As a huge fan of Danish-style salted licorice, walking into a store with between 100-200 varieties is a transcendent experience.

    The Danish hot dog (rod pølse appear at 1:22) is entirely different from any other type. Around 1 cm. in diameter and some 20 cm. long (1/2″ x 8″), it has a unique flavor and classic snap to its casing. People are known to deplane in Copenhagen and dash outside to the nearest pølsevogn for their rod pølse fix. Sadly, they are not available in America due to restrictions on foreign meat products and certain coloring agents used by the Danes. I would pay good money for a sack of the little devils right about now.

    As a consolation, I have at least figured out how to replicate the special Alpha senap Danish mustard. Mix equal parts of Colman’s English and Gulden’s brown mustards. Use less Colman’s for lower octane. When smeared across the Meica brand of bottled German sausages or our local Casper’s franks, it is a decent simulacrum of the real thing.

    While researching this comment I also stumbled across blogs citing “immigrant” attacks on pølsevognen for selling “impure” meat. I can assure you that criminal acts against such a cherished national icon will be taken about as lightly as burnings of the Dannebrog.

  10. Thank You Zenster,

    I am feeling rather upset that people in America can’t enjoy the cuisine of other nations due to meat. I wish I can taste that rod polse and the licorice. Cheers to you for replicating the mustard used for the rod polse. I hope hot dog stands in America can grow so that we can have them all over the place. I will put my hot dog stand right outside a mosque.

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