A Trailer for “Dogs”

Here’s something to look forward to: the Modoggie Musical.

I reported last October that Lars Vilks, the Swedish artist who created the blasphemous Modoggies, announced his intention to produce a musical called “Dogs”, based on the Prophet as a roundabout dog (among other things).

Mr. Vilks has not been idle in the intervening months. Production is underway for “Dogs”, and on Friday Mr. Vilks released a trailer for his musical. The text is in Swedish and English, with Arabic subtitles:

Mr. Vilks has collaborated with several other people for the art, video, music, and technical help, but the project is billed as “a Lars Vilks production”.

The texts that flash by include:
– – – – – – – –
based on true events…

The Stopping of the Dog

How Will It Be Tomorrow?

Kurt Westergaard in “Dogs”
And I notice a cameo appearance by someone who is almost certainly Kurt Westergaard, the Danish artist who created the “turban bomb” Mohammed cartoon and helped ignite the entire Motoon crisis.

This is going to be fun…

Hat tip: TB.

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9 thoughts on “A Trailer for “Dogs”

  1. Well he is a liberal arts sort of guy. The thing is, we need this sort of thing to get the liberal arts people on our side; too many of them tend to side with “beautiful” Islam simply because it’s all so foreign and mysterious.

    Suddenly that education comes in handy. I can see the sort of themes they’d be picking up from this. The passage of time, the use of innocuous imagery of stuffed animals questioning the motivations of the islamists who are complaining, and the constant framing of various portions of the film either in a very small, isolated frame or within “media” will make them think about things that might not immediately come to mind for everyone else.

    Basically it’s talking in their language.

  2. The more this type of thing is done the better. On an aesthetic note however I have to agree with HH on this this one. But then again when it comes to art I am more of a meat and potatoes kind of guy.

  3. Does Vilks suffer from Seasonal Affected Disorders or is it just a Danish thing?

    Now we know why the Danes sent raiding parties to Ireland…

    They were looking for comfortable furniture and some descent art to hang on the wall.

  4. Please remember who this is aimed at. The muslims and the arts community will get the messages they need to get from this, it’s not aimed at us. Geert Wilders is the one we’ll be able to appreciate.

    If they wanted comfortable furniture they just needed to hop across the bridge to Ikealand (I’m serious, I’m in an ikea chair right now and it’s the best computer chair I’ve ever had). Oh wait, they used to do that every winter…

  5. OMG this video is torture!

    It did pick up a little bit at the end … “We have learned so much about you”

    So true… I’ve learned more about Islam than I ever wanted to.

    I can not wait for the day when the God of Israel destroys it.

  6. Is this actually a trailer for a longer piece yet to be released or just a complete short film? It seemed fairly complete and not a trailer in the general sense of the word.

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