4 thoughts on “New Recruits for the Swedish Police?

  1. This is surreal. Is this what G.W. Bush wanted? Why did the US not utterly and completely conquer Iraq and turn it into a secular state? If the US was not willing to do this, why not just leave the place alone? What has been gained?

    Kemal Ataturk had the right idea. It’s just the the Muslim world needs about 100 years of Ataturk, and no Saudi-funded counter-secularism, before it can be transformed into something more than than a Borg entity. The sick man of Europe was not cured by Ataturk because he never considered Muslim oil wealth and European capitulation. So the sickness is poised to take over the world.

    Bat Ye’or is right to be pessimistic about Europe. She challenges America to do better. I hope the US can do better stateside than it did Iraq.

    On the other hand, deaths are down and things are going well, according to what I hear about the surge. It’s just that images like this make you wonder…

    Perhaps the US will leave in a position of “strength” but if it is only to turn Iraq over to crypto-Islamists, what has been gained?

    Let’s retrench, build a big wall, take care of CAIR and all the other jihadi organizations in the US, do our best to help Europe, which may or may not be a lost cause already but deserves a fighting chance, and then decide whether we can bring order to the rest of the world.

  2. I believe that above all else, the USA wanted to keep Muslim terrorists busy in the their own backyard and not free to unleash their mayhem on Europe, North America, and Australia. Americans have been the primary magnet drawing these fanatics away from the extremely soft target European pacifists offer up. But reading European newspapers, I sometimes think we are far too generous – that we are doing everyone a disservice by enabling euro-pacifiscm. But as the old adage goes, ‘No good deed goes unpunished’.

    I believe this is photo that should be taken seriously. This is a very positive indication that Al-Qaeda is finished in Iraq. Reports are that displaced Al-Qaeda fanatics are moving back into Afghanistan. It will be interesting to see how some of the contingents respond to getting shot at. We know the Yanks, Canucks, Brits, and Aussies shoot back with effect (Kudos, allies!). It will revealing to see how the other symbolic European contingents – the ones who have striven so hard to avoid any hostilities in the rear ‘guard’ react. (Germany, Sweden, etc, etc)

    I feel some sympathy for the individual European soldiers that have been stripped of honor and emasculated by their governments. Having spent some of my military service during the Jimmy Carter years, know the sick feeling mor e than care to admit. It really sucks serving under an abject wimp. Been there, done that. I know they could fight well and make a positive contribution if only they were permitted. They have my condolences.

    Sorry, I drifted off topic. The Swedish Police do have big problems. But I don’t believe this photo is a good one to use to highlight their sorry state.

  3. chalons —

    I think these women are very brave, but that does not take away from the ludicrous, surreal
    notion of women as soldiers (a problematic idea to begin with)whilst tricked out in cumbersome burqas.

    Soldiers and police ought to wear appropriate uniforms. Their “uniform” (and certainly they all look alike) is the Saudi costume of opprression.

    Now, a salwar kameez from Pakistan is another thing entirely. That could be made into police uniforms with no problem.

    BTW, have you noticed it’s always black…I can’t think of a hotter color in a desert climate. You won’t see many men wearing a color which absorbs heat instead of reflecting it.

  4. These women are the slave – raised and trained to slavery -to their men- islamic men!

    NOw whose orders do you think they’re going to follow?

    Ready, Aim – Fire!

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