Are We Offended Yet?

Update: One of my Danish contacts emails to say that the photo is most definitely not photoshopped. The poster is right outside his workplace, so he has firsthand knowledge of the photo’s accuracy.

Don’t like the pic?The photo at right was taken on the Strandboulevarden in the Østerbro district of Copenhagen.

Go over to Steen’s place to see a larger version.

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18 thoughts on “Are We Offended Yet?

  1. Once again, Denmark leads the way! As I’ve said before, Muslims are skinless people living in a sandpaper world. The West needs to paper itself over with 60 grit. That poster should be laminated onto the lamp posts outside of every mosque in the Western world. Some prominent billboards of it wouldn’t hurt either.

  2. It’s clearly photoshopped. Anybody who did that in real life would have more police resources dedicated to their capture then they would for the latest paedophile murder case. And a google plex more then the Faut Deniz murder.

  3. what puzzels me is that it in a very posh and bourgeois part of town – with a huge left majority.

    Remeber, always carry your compact camera with you !

  4. “It’s clearly photoshopped.”

    No, its clearly not. I have the original photo and I know the photographer very well

  5. Actually, speaking as a semi-professional in the area of photoshoppery I can quite categorically state that this is not photoshopped. Working in graphics for any length of time forces you to get an eye for artefacts in pshopped artwork and I can’t see any evidence of them here. I can see plenty of evidence that it was printed on a laser printer though.

  6. Wonder what it would take to get it printed on a T-shirt – preferably silk-screened, so that the design won’t come off?

    Anybody know of a good place that will do that?

  7. “If only Skåne could become Danish.”

    That idea was debated quite extensively over Christmas. Inofficial referenda showed a slight majority in Skåne for a return to Denmark, and in Denmark itself a 2/3 majority. A trend that’ll probably accelerate as Swedish economy collapses – it is said that Sweden has a economical policy that is more irresponsible than its immigration policy…

    Also, the Danish railroad company will start operating in Skåne quite soon.

    One issue is a problem, though: A segment of the population (whose ethnicity shall not be named) shows a certain degree of aversion against productive work.

  8. Henrik —

    Don’t forget, the owner of Skåne will own Malmö, too. It’s a package deal — the domkirke in Lund and also Rosengård.

    Denmark better think twice…

  9. Baron, I actually addressed that, discreetly, in the comment above.

    In any case, redrawing national borders is no trivial task. I take this debate as a Christmas joke, little more 🙂

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