A Quiet New Year

The following report was sent to Gates of Vienna by our expatriate Dutch correspondent, H. Numan.

SlotervaartThe authorities and the official media of The Netherlands told us the New Year celebrations have been reasonably quiet. Nothing to worry about. Move along now!

Was it that quiet? See for yourself:

  • The damage is estimated by insurance companies to be around €11 million. €4 million of that figure is for torched cars alone.
  • In the city of Utrecht 30 cars were torched. The police reported lacking manpower to handle the situation(s).
  • The fire department of The Hague reports 800 fires.
  • There were 95 arrests in The Hague, 85 in Rotterdam and 44 in Utrecht for vandalism
  • The police station in Slotervaart (where a muslim earned himself a 72 yr old virgin recently) was besieged by muslims, damaged and tree police cars vandalized. No arrests were made. The riot police were present, but didn’t act.
  • 109 cars were burned in The Hague.
  • 22 schools were burned, some burned out, most with severe damage. The previous year ‘only’ seven schools were burned…
  • In North Holland province two police departments made 47 arrests for disturbing the peace and rioting. Also there was one arrest for a stabbing incident.

– – – – – – – –

  • In Gelderland province 30 arrests for the same.
  • In Amersfoort six cars were torched.
  • Police in Barneveld didn’t act upon rioting youths, so as not to aggravate the situation. (They probably learned that from Amsterdam, where the police rarely act, for the same reason.)
  • In many places the police were hindered by people throwing stones to prevent the fire brigades and ambulances from doing their work.

Now do a quick calculation. Estimate the average value of a car at €10,000. Since the damage amount is €4 million, at least 400 cars must have been burned.

17 thoughts on “A Quiet New Year

  1. Amazing. If that had happend here (USA) it would be all over the news. I guess the European elites figure its just “youths” letting off a little steam. Better “treat them well so when they become the majority they will treat us well”.

    I dont know if I got that last quote correct, but you get the idea.

  2. ExGordon: How many of these “youths” are actually Muslims, and how many are just rampaging ethnic Dutch teenagers and other “youths?”

    Rather simple, really. Compare statistics from pre-immigration years and correlate them with current statistics regarding similar activities in towns of equal scale without large immigrant populations. This isn’t rocket science and the pattern of behavior (i.e., burned cars), is so similar to the Parisian banlieus that only someone with an IQ equal to their shoe size couldn’t guess the source.

    I’d recommend taking a page from Indonesian riot control forces: Use water cannons that are fed from reservoirs tinted with a powerful and persistent ultra-violet sensitive colored dye. After dispersing unlawful assemblies that have been hosed down with this marker, go about arresting all people who test positive for the dye.

    In cases where firearms are brought to bear against the riot control staff, escalate to filling the water cannons with raw sewage. The Muslim obsession with cleanliness ought to have have them running like thoroughbreds after a quick soaking. If it’s good enough for Indonesian Muslims, it’s good enough for European Muslims.

  3. spackle said…
    Amazing. If that had happend here (USA) it would be all over the news.

    If it had happened in the USA outside of NYc or Chicago, the little jihaddi *ssholes would have been shot to pieces by the car owners long before the police arrived.

    We don’t have to deal with this cr*p here in the US for a reason.

  4. Charlemagne,

    On the MD Compound:

    The post you linked to explains that the Muslim sect in question is Ahmadiyya.

    Curiously enough, yesterday two pakistani-looking young men rang our doorbell and handed me a “happy New Year 2008” card. Inside it says:

    Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA – “Love For All Hatred For None”.

    There are two contact addresses; one in Silver Spring, MD and the other right down my street in Woodbridge, VA.

    Now, I understand that the Ahmadiyya are, within Islam, like the proverbial red-headed stepchild but without a guaranteed right to life because they are generally considered apostates. Their major faux-pas in this regard appears to be that they consider the leader they follow – Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, died 1908 – to be both the Second Coming of Christ as well as the Mahdi. The Ahmadiyya views on the death and return of Jesus and the (lack of) finality of Muhammad as prophet are anthema to Shia and Sunni alike.

    Nevertheless, if they are supporters of sharia then they are suspect. Evven if their intentions are good, they only reinforce the drive for supremacy through legislation that “mainstrea” Islam pursues – and if history is a guide, in a Muslim state the Ahmadiyya’s will eventually go the way of the Dodo.

  5. PF – I’m curious now. What did they want?

    Unfortunately for “good” Muslims, due to 9/11 ALL Muslims are under a cloud of suspicion. I don’t care how well dressed, how well spoken, or how well employed a Muslim is I will for a long time, if not always, look upon them with suspicion. For if they themselves aren’t killers they probably support killers.

    I have no sympathy for Muslims if they feel the climate is “hostile”. Hostility like anything doesn’t grow in a vacuum.

  6. Charlemagne: Good article from Hirsi Ali, here’s a truly disturbing paragraph:

    “In addition, Harris extols American exceptionalism together with Hegel as if there were no contradiction between the two. But what makes America unique, especially in contrast to Europe, is its resistance to the philosophy of Hegel with its concept of a unifying world spirit. It is the individual that matters most in the United States. And more generally, it is individuals who make cultures and who break them.”

    Thus the Iraq War, the Bush doctrine, marks a radical departure from the American tradition. Like Hegel, George Bush believes in a unifying Christian spirit of freedom, actualised through the state, the spirit of “freedom”.

    Pure Hegel – same ideas, different words.

    The actualising aspect is what George Bush is trying to do by trying to set up the sociological structures of an advanced capitalist democracy. But a sociological structure is really just a macro expression of individual behaviours. In other words, democracy is something people do, not a “state”.

    But this is lost on the establishment of course, as they have been corrupted by Cultural Marxism, itself a form Hegelianism.

    I hope you lurkers read this because we’re getting close to the truth: the undiscovered horror.

  7. Modern Western governments exist mainly to serve themselves whether their ideology is socialism, Clinton, Obama, Brown, Merkel, et al or the spread of democracy, Bush and the neo-cons. Without a “mission” government loses what the apparatchiks need most, a raison d’etre!
    What would these people do if we threw off the yoke of the nanny state government and returned to self sufficiency with a government limited only to safeguarding our liberties? Maybe if more of these socialist types had children they wouldn’t feel compelled to turn governments into parental substitutes.

  8. Ahh, but the state cannot actualize “freedom”; the state must be restrained from actualizing tyranny. Nor can the Christian spirit be actualized through the state: all there will be is the god king of ancient history be it caesar, pharoah, or Nebuchnezzar. Mao and Stalin were 20th century god kings.

  9. The Ahmadiyya and the Sufi sects are the only Islam sects that do not mandate conversion by the sword.

    They are also considered heretics, and have to keep their religion secret if they want to go to Saudi Arabia for their Hadj.

  10. You are correct there njartist. Bush seems to believe it nonetheless. That wont stop people believing all the conspiracy theories (Bush lied, 9/11 troof, Halliburton, war for oil) and ideological recipes as described by Fallaci at the end of The Force of Reason.

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