Putting Geert Wilders Beyond the Pale

Update: Late-arriving material from VH has been added to the first section of his report.

Yesterday I reported about the Youssef & Kamal rap music video from the Netherlands, which includes a mock beheading of the anti-immigration Dutch politician, Geert Wilders.

Out of a combination of fear and political correctness, the Dutch media and the political elites have put Mr. Wilders beyond the pale. For all intents and purposes, it is as if they are saying, “If anything happens to Geert Wilders, it is because of his abhorrent politics, and he will be getting what he deserves.”

Several comments on the Vigilant Freedom version of yesterday’s post assert that the rap video is a hoax, and that “Youssef & Kamal” do not exist, but are the handiwork of a young ethnic Dutchman.

Our Flemish correspondent VH weighs in on this and other aspects of Geert Wilders’ situation. At the bottom of this post is his translation of the lyrics of the Youssef & Kamal video.

Here’s what VH has to say:

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Youssef & KamalGeen Stijl indeed posted a follow-up with links to translations, slagging Youssef & Kamal for becoming famous even though they are just a bunch of slimy little cowards. Geen Stijl ends by suggesting it was made by a white 20-year old little s***head.

The rap and clip is real; there is no hoax about that. The only vague thing is Youssef & Kamal themselves or “himself”.

Already there are fierce and nasty comments coming up. Even if it’s a young white scumbag or whoever, he certainly seems to speak on behalf of a group of quite intolerant idiots who love this rap, just because it does threaten Wilders:


@kalesky, If you don’t see the sarcasm of it, you must be an extemist jew, jou make yourself an idiot here, what about spindoctoring about a trreat? the book? all while it concerns an adolescent responding to the stigma wilders spreads


and all those rage bokito’s [bokito is the name of the recently escaped gorilla from the Blijdorp zoo] make a fool of themselves, you shouldn’t run behind the asses of geen stijl and wilders, this is also freedom of art, eat your heart out, its clearly sarcasm towards the stigma that the jewish fascist wilders stirred up

I just found a rap with a similar voice from the previous Wilders threat (sounds like a kid with no pure Dutch accent). At the end of this rap he says:

Ewa Geert Wilders, contact with me [sic], I have the address of Youssef for you

By the way, just a few lines from this rap just for the local color:

Fatneck I stab you death
Fatneck you dirty kanker jew
Fatneck fat homo

I don’t trust the picture, but the rap is sick. A very sick guy, anyway. If he is the one behind the recent rap, he hasn’t been doing it on his own.

Update: This guy Appa appears in the rap:

Newsreader:   “He said: If I ever meet Wilders, he is mine.”
Interviewer:   Wilders filed a complaint about you. What did you say?
Appa:   I don’t care when somebody puts a bullet through his head, that’s honestly my opinion, I wouldn’t shed a tear about it.
Interviewer:   Why not?
Appa:   I find him a sickening person, I find him inhuman, so…
Interviewer:   Can you imagine he reports when he hears something like that?
Appa:   No, not somebody like him, somebody saying things like he does, I can’t understand that.
Interviewer:   In the Netherlands it’s not done, saying things like that, you can’t do that
Appa:   Then Wilders can’t say the things he says as well, but I don’t hear anybody nagging about that.
Interviewer:   Well, there’s a lot of criticism against him though…
Appa:   Not like the criticism delivered at me.
Interviewer:   What do you mean?
Appa:   That much fuss is never being made about it; why is he never called to account for it for the way I am now?

After his threat, Appa was charged and sacked from his job giving workshops in youth prisons.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

In the meantime, Geert Wilders has reported it to the police, and remarked, “I haven’t seen it this dirty before.” Quite a remark for Wilders, who receives piles of death threats a day and is quite used to it, although he has protection around the clock and lives in safe houses.

Adding to this, the Dutch Government started preparing for major Muslim riots once Wilders’ Koran film is shown on TV. They even suggest it might have an impact similar to that of the Jyllands-Posten Mohammed-cartoons, and spread through the Muslim world outside the Netherlands.

These actions have been taken:

1.   Wilders will get extra protection.
2.   In Amsterdam, Utrecht, and the Hague, extra measures will be taken (what exactly is not said).
3.   The Amsterdam Police have talked with local Imams and the Muslim community to prepare them for the film, hoping to prevent riots.
4.   An emergency scenario is in preparation or already adjusted in case major riots occur.

The film may be shown on January 25. Of course, not by the regular networks, but in the broadcasting time of the PVV (Geert Wilders’ Freedom Party). Every party in the Netherlands has some time available yearly on the radio and the TV; it’s not much, but might be enough to use it for the Koran film.

To give an idea about Wilders’ protection there’s an interesting quote following the first clip of Youssef & Kamal in 2005:

…The young MP [Wilders], who represents the one-man faction Groep Wilders in Dutch Parliament [at the moment his Freedom Party has 9 out of 150 seats], has adopted an aggressively anti-Islamic position, claiming that Islam and democracy are “not well-matched, not even in a million years.”

Since airing his views, Wilders has been under constant threat by Islamists who want him dead. On the web several video clips have appeared which called for his beheading. Wilders has six bodyguards and has slept [even] in a prison cell to protect himself against possible attacks.

By the way, the prime minister admitted by accident that the yearly Christmas message of the Queen indeed was directed to Wilders and his electorate. The quote from Balkenende: “Wilders says he defends the interests of the Netherlands, but in the meantime tears down what makes Netjerland the Netherlands: our royalty, our tolerance, and the solidarity with others, also across the borders.” With this the prime minister makes a connection between the message of the Queen and Wilders.

What strikes me about this panic in the Dutch government, with the Queen, the usual leftist appeasers and the Dutch Muslims, is that Wilders didn’t make or do anything yet, only announced the plan to make a film critical of the Koran.

Balkenende — through his mouthpiece the Queen (or vice versa) — recently called upon the native Dutch to be more tolerant, and told Wilders (she didn’t mention his name, but Balkenende admitted it was aimed at Wilders) to stop his behavior, which is causing a rift within society.

With this the government shows they are exactly where Youssef & Kamal and similar people want them: shaking in a shady corner, soiling their pants.
– – – – – – – –
As a side note: Hizb Ut Tahrir, an extreme Muslim group that is banned in many countries but seemingly not in the Netherlands was handing out flyers against Geert Wilders a few days ago. This organization is known having links even spreading out to Al Qaeda.

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Here are excerpts from two articles about Y&K. First, from Eindhovens Dagblad:

The clip was made by rappers Youssef & Kamal, youths from Eindhoven with Moroccan background. It is posted also on Geen Stijl. Halfway through the clip two staged pictures flash by in which a decapitated Wilders can be seen. At the end of the film they show a man, a Wilders look-alike, surrounded by masked men. One of them cuts his throat.


The clip starts with the text “Eindhoven Mocros”, meaning Moroccans. In the rap lyrics Woensel and Vaartbroek are also mentioned. There are street pictures of the Limburglaan, de Roosje Vosstraat and the shopping center Vaartbroek. In the latter neighborhood there has been trouble before, caused by Moroccan youths.

Wilders beheadedThe clip also shows a masked guy waving a knife and a crowbar, mixed with (security) images from robberies and a ramkraak. The title roll at the end points at the anti-Islam film Wilders wants to make. In the photo at right, Geert Wilders appears with a sign saying “THUG LIFE” over his eyes.


In the neighborhood Vaartbroek a lot of citizens found on a leaflet on their doormats on Christmas day calling for resistance against Wilders’ film about the Koran. This letter also has been delivered in dome areas of Hertogenbosch, Amsterdam, and Zaandam. The senders, calling themselves the “ youths of Hizb ut Tahrir“, come forward to “defend the noble Koran as an Islamic duty”

The duo Youssef & Kamal already made a controversial rap about Wilders in 2005 [“De Kelder”, The Cellar], which can be listened to on a music-website. In this rap Wilders is being tortured and threatened with assassination. Wilders the also reported this rap to the police. Whether it will lead to a conviction is not known to the politician. Youssef & Kamal did release an “excuse” rap (“Sorry, Geert Wilders, I didn’t want to hurt you, please don’t lock me up, because I do appreciate your hairdo”).

All the way at the end of the clip a text announces the following: “Soon available with the soundtrack of the Geert Wilders film containing the hits: Woensel, Get away, Station Whores, The Cellar, F**k the Jews, Ambitionz as a Ridah [also the title of a Tupac-rap], I don’t give a s**t, Pour Ceux [also a rap by Mafia K1 Fry], 180 cc, Hit ’em Up and many others.”

This is from State Hiphop Magazine:

In response to the previous rap [in 2005] against Geert Wilders that made headlines, they gave an interview:

Why the rappers [Youssef & Kamal] aim at Wilders is as clear as anything: “Ewa, he is a f**king [kanker] racist [the disease kanker (cancer) is rudely used for adding power to a curse]. Simple as that. He offends the Moroccan community continuously. No respect. He must have been raised by apes.”

That it makes Wilders feel threatened, the guys understand. “We are ‘gatar,’ but reporting it because of this, says something about the current state of the Netherlands. The Dutch became pants-s**tters.”

After the terror attacks in, amongst others, the United States, Madrid and recently in London and after the ritual massacre of [Theo] Van Gogh last year, the atmosphere in the Netherlands is far from ideal. The tension between the Dutch on one side and the immigrants [allochtonen] on the other became quite high in the last few years. In some places it resulted the arson attacks on mosques and an Islamic primary school. In Limburg [province in the Netherlands] Dutch locals [autochtonen] got into a fight with Moroccan Dutch.

Comment: The prime minister Balkenende shortly after the murder of Van Gogh went to visit the torched Islamic school, and the Queen visited the Moroccan community in Amsterdam. Neither of them visited the family or friends of Theo Van Gogh.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Here is the text of the Youssef & Kamal rap, the best I can do in a quick translation. A few words were not understandable because of the lousy recording, and some parts were untranslatable for me because they are in Berber-Arabic (I used the soundtrack from the rap “Woensel”).

Eindhoven is a large city in the mid-south of the Netherlands. Philips used to be the biggest employer. Also Eindhoven has a Technical University. Woensel is one of the districts of Eindhoven and the neighborhood where these Moroccans live. The other names like Limbeek, Vlokhoven, and Fellenoort are all smaller neighborhoods of Eindhoven/Woensel.

Eind-ho-ven Woen-sel Mocros [as Moroccans call themselves] all together

Smack as my …

[0:10] Eindhoven that is s**t, only that, only that! O.k. [Berber-Arabic]

[0:18] Aeeewah I’m just back from Vught [the city Vught has a prison where Muslim terrorists like the murderer of Van Gogh are locked up], I was infamous, on the run, but now I’m relieved, f**king Police [ibahesh] is making my life sour, like a lemon.

Give me a chair next to Ehsan Jami [politician of the PvdA (Socialist Party), who became an apostate, founded a committee for ex-Muslims, and therefore got banned from the PvdA, who feared losing their much-needed Muslim vote], our life is difficult as a rap [wahed gedicht], you be quiet my friend, or else I push a glass in your face;

One eight seven [187 is the police alarm-code for homicide] on a white police officer, Palestine neighborhood [referring to their Woensel area or maybe referring to the recent Slotervaat-Amsterdam attack on police officers, not sure] where the Jews are on the run, (hé!); Eleven September has been invented here, because of our terrorism America’s been butchered;

Woensel has the largest concentration of f**ks, all chickies [Dutch girls] are coming over here with their legs spread …

[0:57] Yeeesss we break the law with pleasure, Youssef, Kamal and I, we stay thieves, do kick, crowbar in hand searching for the swag, only the dinky [white Dutch] stuff, only what dinky cares for;

Yes, I told the bastard [meaning Wilders], I’m going to take your life, motherf**ker I shoot you dead, tremble Wilders [this word has been censored with a beep, but the first and last letters are left], I break your legs, I take your life, I take you downstairs, chain you, so forget about begging;

Kamal calls me and tells me to come over to the petrol station, I felt ill but still I walk to the petrol station, pull my knife and stab instantly and have … [1:32 — some Arabic/Mocro] I tell you, and give it to this Woensel or your body’s in pieces;

[1:34] (Woen-sel Bitch!), the Gaza strip of Eindhoven (Woen-sel Bitch!), from Limbeek up to Vlokhoven (Woen-sel Bitch!), Woensel here Woensel there (Woen-sel Bitch!), together is together …

Raise your legs very high …

[1:47] Youssef is back, move away, because this is for Ed [?], Vaartbroek, Vlokhoven, Limbeek and Fellenoort, Woensel motherf**kers and the building (as is supposed to be). I am the true Moroccan, nobody can understand me anyway [indeed, a lot of Berber-Arabic here] ;

[2:11] Kruisstraat, Europalaan [streets in Woensel], that’s where we come from, flashing in Vaartbroek, T-Genie [the Technical University as well as the old Philips factory is in Woensel] is the name, Gaza is there so your little safebox [sounds like double meaning here] is in danger, mussels [referring to Muzelman, an old Dutch word for Muslim] here, mussels there, hide, Woensels are a danger;

[2:24] I enter as a ramkraak [Dutch word for a using a car to crash into a shop for a robbery], look how I on this side of the hard song carry off the swag, Eindhoven, Woensel, Mocros [short for Moroccan] are going there, 180 cc […] fast;

Look how we rob full speed through the streets hunting for the froes [might have something to do with girls], or a microwave, or a plasma-screen TV, or jewels, or a safe, or car keys [Berber-Arabic];

Youssef, most call me the fighter, when Youssef’s been around they need to stitch you, pop pop pop-pop, Youssef hits you dead, and when I’m tired I stab in your head;

[3:01] (Woen-sel Bitch!), the Gaza strip of Eindhoven (Woen-sel Bitch!), from Limbeek up to Vlokhoven (Woen-sel Bitch!), Woensel here Woensel there (Woen-sel Bitch!), The Moroccans are a danger [2x]

[3:31] [screaming idiot here while a Wilders look-alike is beheaded];

Youssef how do we fix this.

26 thoughts on “Putting Geert Wilders Beyond the Pale

  1. Barron

    I know your right, but can you be wrong just this once? If it comes down to major civil disturbances no one will win.

    European police forces have not faced this type of threat since 1870(?). And similar threats are developing in France and I think elsewhere.

    Given that the dissident neighborhoods have not been under effective control for a long time there is no telling what is waiting in them. If some one with Oil Money smuggled in some military class weapons it may be more like clearing Fulajah than a civil riot.

    Please tell me I’m being pessimistic.

    Hope and Pray that cooer heads prevail.

  2. No Hank you are not being pessimistic, it’s completely plausible that the suburbs are by now full of serious military hardware ‘fresh’ from Eastern Europe.

    Things are going totally Jewmanji.

  3. Hank —

    What exactly do you mean that I am right or wrong about? This post is the work of someone who reads and understands Dutch, both written and spoken. I have to rely on him, because I don’t know the language.

    If you mean my conclusions about Wilders being set up for the fall — there are many in the Netherlands and elsewhere who think that this is happening. When a monarch and a prime minister criticize the policies of a specific popular politician, it’s a sign that the old rules that one would expect to apply have been thrown out. Wilders is now considered fair game by the Dutch establishment. God help him.

  4. Does anyone here at GOV wonder (like I do) if the likes of Balkenende will ever change their minds?

    On the one hand they’re saying they’re progressive modern liberals against sexism, racism, homophobia, intolerance etc, yet on the other hand they support the importation and spread of a religion opposed to these ideals.

    Will a day come when they’ll admit they’ve been wrong? When their own lives are affected, when things seriously deteriorate?

    Or will they just calmly go along with whatever Islam has in store for them? And all the while being “shocked” and “surprised” at what’s going on.

  5. You can be sure our ‘Religion of Peace’ imports are armed to the teeth and trained on how to use those arms. Name one Islam dominated country where Islamists are not armed and aim to kill at the earliest convenience.

    NL was ‘shocked’ to find that the moderate Islam representative for the Westermoskee (name escapes me) had arms stacjed at his home. This should tell anyone something. Now our ‘queen’ (there’s no royal blood in her vains whatsoever, but that’s another story) has called upon even more ‘tolerance’ for thos who aim to take over our country, being well separated from them (and the native Dutch) and ready to flee when things go haywire (like in 1940).

    Makes me sick to my stomach, but hope to get out of here fast and move to Florida. The States (well, the whole ‘free’ world) are going bad, but they’re a long way from how bad Eurabia is getting fast. Unless the Dems win the next elections, that is…

    Problem is that Wilders now has voted against staying in Afghanistan, which has caused some people to call for stopping to support him. This splits the anti-Islamists, helping the fascist lefties. We’re only drinking tea with the Taliban and getting killed for the courtesy, opium crop is prospering like never before (Dutch ‘royalty’ has a history in drug-trade, so maybe there’s a connection) so what are we doing there anyway?

    Wilders and his crew are the only decent politicians (as far as that’s not a contradiction in terms) left, and he’s taking the heat for it. He deserves all the support he can get, or else NL will be sharia country in another 10 years, lining up with Gaza on the quality of living.

    Bea-tricks must have her own agenda for establishing her own affiliate of Hamas, whaich are the supported by the likes of Dries van Agt (CDA, former MP), Gretta Duisenberg (widow of former EU Bank president Wim), Oxfam Novib and the EU. What it is is beyond me. Maybe it is related to her Bilderberg aspirations for a New World Order. Beats me why they think Islam would tolerate non-Islamic (for protestant) collaborateurs…

  6. I agree Baron, but what happens afterwards?

    This is why I am pessimistic overall about the shape of things in Europe.

    Wilders has a following, and more importantly the innate interests of native Dutch who are “sunk” into the Netherlands and cannot leave (limited English, too old, not enough skills, not rich enough, money in property not easily sold, etc) that depend on defense of their interests against a volatile Muslim low-level jihad, exemplified by Wilders and his policies.

    What then?

    The natural conclusion of everyone who loses under defacto Sharia is that the Netherlands Government and power structure is in effect waging war against them to submit to Sharia. For most non-Muslims conversion and submission is a non-starter.

    While yes the Government may be planning to simply ask “who will rid me of this troublesome priest?” the question remains what after?

    People pressed against the wall, with no political solution in sight (which is always preferable particularly to comfortable middle class people), will support ANYONE and ANYTHING in “survival mode.”

    IMHO GoV ought to make a very public argument that “allowing” Wilders to be assassinated will not be a Pym Fortune moment. But rather the wholesale embrace by many/most of Dutch citizens threatened by Sharia/Islam of ANYONE who will provide protection (organized crime, ad-hoc militias, etc) and the total loss of legitimacy of the government.

    The consequences will be widespread flouting of laws, tax evasion spreading like wildfire, embrace of personal violence to intimidate, and the breakdown of civil society by a surrender to Sharia and assassination of anti-Islamist figures.

    Again: GoV should argue that this bad outcome MUST be forestalled by preventing the assassination of Wilders.

    Point to Pakistan and say that outcome is preventable — but only by protecting Gert Wilders and preventing his assassination by jailing those who call for his death.

    [One might also call for a lawsuit in the various Human Rights outlets alleging a “judicial murder” sanctioned by the Monarch and PM by encouraging Wilders assassination. Such an act of bringing suit guarantees publicity — either the HR commissions work only to oppress Europeans and are useless, or the matter is considered and embarrasses the Government. The Civil Rights movement used this to good effect in the 1960s battling for public opinion.]

  7. @ lee s.
    No. Balkenende will never change his mind. He slod out NL to the EU, against our NO in 2005, claiming he got rid of our objections by having the flag and song removed. Like we care about that. Anyway, before the Lisbon Treason, Germany had those items added per amendment again, making Balkenende’s claim invalid, and yet he continued to sign. So it’s deliberate.

    You have to realise that the Balkenbende (bende=gang) resort onder (fake) queen Beatrix, as does the ‘Raad van State’ (High Court), which stated there are no contitutional aspects to the new treaty, even though everybody else proudly boasts that despite the rename, the original EU constitution is still intact.

    NL (and the EU) are doomed, unless the likes of Wilders prevale in elections, all across Europe, and that’s very unlikely. At the moment, all crises are being mollyfied, as current government will lose their position in new elections. The will sell their own mothers to stay in power untill the next elections, and about 6 months before that will start being ‘nice’ to voters, who seem to have a remarkable short memory and re-elect the morons for another stint.

  8. Whiskey —

    Gates of Vienna can’t assert most of the things you want it to, because our knowledge of the Netherlands is too scanty. That’s why I rely on the Dutch (and the Flemish) to help me out.

    I am absolutely in favor of the prevention of the assassination of Geert Wilders. But whether the Netherlands has the political will to accomplish this, or any of the other things you advocate, is another matter entirely. Maybe our Dutch readers can help us out.

    My goal in all my writings is to discover what is politically possible at any given time, and stay within those limits, pushing for change at the margin and hoping it will happen before catastrophic change — beyond the ability of anyone to prevent — arrives.

    I could say, “Gates of Vienna advocates that the Netherlands immediately stop Muslim immigration.” That would be a good, effective policy.

    But I might as well say, “Gates of Vienna advocates that the Miskito Indians grow sunflowers on the surface of the Antarctic ice sheet.”

    Both activities sound like fun, and both are equally realistic and doable.

  9. @ Whiskey199
    You are correct. Wilders’assasination will not be another Pim Fortuyn killing. Yet it may inspire a ‘volkstribunaal’, or a lynching of those who are responsible. But I’m afraid not. People still are too prosperous, have too much to lose.

    So we’re moving our line in the sand. As Michael Badnarik illustrates in his video No, I will NOT comply, you cannot keep moving that line, as you’ll end up in a corner, being powerless. And yes, I’m not putting up everything I’ve worked for either; I opt to try and get out to the US. Call me coward. But I’ve got a family to take care of, which makes it a lot different from it being only me.

    The other thing is that you cannot (yet?) mobilise enough people to support your stance. And as an individual, you’ll be crunched and it will not make a difference. Which makes the sacrifice pointless, in vain, and to no avail. Just another bunch of lives wasted.

    I learned the hard way. In school, I used to stand up when necessary, making sure I had ample support. But in the end, I always stood alone. Everyone else backed down, save one or two braves. Pointless…

    With Pim’s assasination, the left made sure their line, dictated by the Frankfort School, was to be continued. It was truly a coup d’ etat, driven by powers on the left. Pim would’ve become PM, and things would’ve been very different today. But it didn’t fit the Dutch (or European) agenda. One thing’s for sure: it was NOT a lone man’s action, it was concocted at the highest level, thw killer being blackmailed with another murder that’s now deemed to stay ‘unresolved’ (Chris van de Werken). I can’t prove it, but it just fits too nicely. He probably was promised his freedom, if only he had not get himself get caught. Maybe (probably) he was betrayed as well.

    We’ll never know how things would’ve been without Pim’s assasination. We can only hope that Geert will not be visited by the same fate. Our governement and fake queen are definitely doing their best to create the climate for it (as they did for Pim’s and Theo van Gogh’s murder): “if anything happens, he’s got himself to blame for it”. Humbug.

  10. Sorry for the typo’s, a consistent one in particular: assasination, which obviously should’ve been assassination.

    I also should have published a lot of Dutch developments on my own blog, but just did not find the time. As GoV has more readers anyway (…) hopefully I have contributed a bit to the discussion and made up a little for lack of posting on Dutch Concerns…

    The old Japanese had it spelled out correct; duty and honor. Only when you behave morally correct, like the libertarian stance, you can be proud of your achievements and have the right to keep what you earned. But freedom comes with responsibility, and you alone are responsible for your actions. Morally correct actions are honorable, politically correct actions are not, without exemption.

    Best wishes and lots of freedom for a truly libertarian 2008. More respect for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. That’s what made the US prosperous, and will keep it ahead of the rest of the world. But it seems to be a long way away…

  11. “Woensel has the largest concentration of f**ks, all chickies [Dutch girls] are coming over here with their legs spread …”

    The average Duch reacts normally to statements like this on his own TV on his own Homeland.
    Before WWII no Dutch would let a German or a Frecnh atack his ladies like that. Two powerfull neighbouring Nations.
    Before WWII, no Marocan would dare say these words in Netherlands.

    These only prooves how decadent our Civilisation is.

    Am I wrong? Any Dutch to answer?

    Anyway, are we not use to raps like this im America and by minorities around all across Europe?

  12. Lee S.: Will a day come when they’ll admit they’ve been wrong?

    Not until someone yanks out their Kool-Aid IV drip.

    When their own lives are affected, when things seriously deteriorate?

    It will take whatever it is that disrupts cognitive dissonance and—from all indications—nothing short of a nuclear blast seems able to dislodge that sort of juju.

    I agree that the Queen’s open denunciation of Geert Wilders is tantamount to sanctioning his murder. Once again, we see the curiously cold-blooded nature of supposedly compassionate liberals who wet themselves in an orgy of multiculturalism but insist that toxic levels of White Guilt must reign supreme over anyone who is not of color. The aristocracy—safely ensconced in their guarded mansions—has evidently determined that modern society must be forced to share its hard earned comforts—but most definitely not those of the elite—with even the most barbaric savages. Evidently, there is no limit to the social engineering we can expect from these insulated and delusional do-gooders.

  13. Putting Geert Wilders Beyond the Pale

    For those unacquainted with the etymology of this term: As with the way that “fence” is derived from “defence”, the word “pale” is a contraction of “impale”. The “pale” was a dense hedgerow of sharpened, outward pointing wooden shafts set into the ground at an acute angle and designed to intercept charging soldiers or cavalry. This was a first line of defense outside the walls or palisades of small towns and cities. To thrust someone “beyond the pale” meant that such a person was left outside the reach of and undefended by their community’s police or military. This is very much the case with Geert Wilders and a most fitting description of his dire situation.

  14. I see what you mean Zenster.

    The Peoples Republic of The Netherlands without even a vote have dispensed with the bourgeois “life is better then death” recidivist Geert Wilders and are now swilling the Kool Aid with feverish abandon.

  15. Baron said
    My goal in all my writings is to discover what is politically possible at any given time, and stay within those limits, pushing for change at the margin and hoping it will happen before catastrophic change — beyond the ability of anyone to prevent — arrives.
    I read this thread earlier, along with the comments. I started to post a comment, but realized I had nothing to contribute, other than to say I believe Holland needs men like Wilders to lead, and not as a martyr.
    I have been surfing around, and came across a petition in support of Mr. Wilders.
    Strike A Blow For Freedom, Stop The Jihad Against Dutch Politician Geert Wilders.
    It may not be much, but it is an action in the right direction.

  16. Wilders is standing up for liberty-loving Netherlands, which fought for 400 years to become the bastion of freedom that it was …until 1990, when their government banned the book “The Downfall of the Netherlands- land of the naive fools“, which was the first polemical warning shot about the Islamic invasion of The Low Countries.

    Theo Van Gogh and Pim Fortuyn spoke out… and were banned by bullets.

    Why the Dutch worked so hard, for centuries, to now hand all their golden achievements over to a gang of boorish brigands, anti-cultural thieves, regressive fanatics and theocratically-poisoned fools is a maddening connundrum.

    Trying to feed Wilders to the misogynistic, intolerant, repressive, despotic Jihad crocodile, first, will only guarantee a stronger croc, with a taste for the Dutch, once its jaws reach the cowards.


    Wilders is welcome to come enrich America, joining Hirsi Ali, should the Hollanders completely wilt under the Sharia heat, and get swallowed up like herring by the hungry imams.

  17. I think it’s also worth pointing out that this sort of situation is precisely why criticism of the European anti-jihad from certain quarters is so entirely without merit and counter-productive. Unlike, say, America, “our” representatives in government are actually being murdered for their beliefs and political stances or, if not murdered, then put into a situation where they might as well be dead for all the good they can do.

    I am curious how long it will be before this madness spreads to the UK.

  18. profitsbeard:

    “Why the Dutch worked so hard, for centuries, to now hand all their golden achievements over to a gang of boorish brigands, anti-cultural thieves, regressive fanatics and theocratically-poisoned fools is a maddening connundrum.”

    It’s ironic isn’t it? Dutch engineers are world leaders in dam and sea wall construction and work heroically to protect their country.

    Meanwhile the multicultural social engineers are destroying it from the inside out.

  19. There doesn’t seem to be much that can be done to avert the awful fate that awaits us. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: The prison camps are coming back, that which Bill Clinton described as a “cancer” that cannot be allowed to grow in European politics again is coming back, the execution chambers wait for us.

    In American accent:Those damn Euros.

  20. It’s just more of the same problem: as in medicine, when you ignore an infection, it spreads. Can there be any clearer similarity? The Dutch have pretended everything is the same, everything is OK, nothing to look at, keep moving. Eventually, the only place they’ll have to move is out of their country. I for one would not want them in the U.S. where they might bring their mealy mouthed, cowardly attitudes.

  21. The question regarding the “island strategy” is still open for debate. If we choose NL as the island what can we do to help in her defense?
    How can Balkanende be contacted?

  22. It is sad to see the West committing cultural suicide chasing the dystopia of multiculturalism. It is not just the Netherlands and Europe, but Australia, Canada and America. Interestingly, other Asian advanced countries are smart – they don’t let the barbarians in the gate. I’m talking about Japan, Korea as both control their immigration tightly. They recognize their culture can be harmed by open immigration. They are wise and we are fools. Of all the Presidential candidates in the US, Mitt Romney seems to be the closest to understanding. Hell today I read he actually READ Bolton’s damning book about the US and the State dept and AGREED with Bolton’s conclusions. Perhaps America can be saved and welcome the refugees of Europe openly.

  23. Hartman, Archonix and many others here are spot on. Prime minister Balkenende turned himself (or has been turned in, or always has been) a Quisling of modern times.

    He completely and willingly lost all touch with the hard working and tax paying native Dutch citizens and is surronded by appeasing marxixts and bureaucratic rats.

    Anyone standing up against this final sale of civilization in the Netherlands (and Western Europe) is immediately jumped upon, slandered being a fascist, a xenofoob, a nazi, a mortal danger… anything that will scare off, confuse and demoralise the electorate and the person or party they aim at.

    That is why exposing those real traitors from outside the Netherlands and Europe is so important. Their own dissidents they can easily cope with (Fortuyn, Van Gogh, and they are allready working hard on Wilders), but pressure form the outside is beyond their influence.

    Like the Nazi’s (here we go again, sorry:), who in the last years of the war were scared for the voices of the BBC and executed people owning a radio and listening to the enemy, they fear exposure, analysis and comments like those here on GoV.

    @ Charlemagne: Excellent proposal!

  24. Baron — I am not sure why my arguments would find no takers even among the most hardline leftists.

    My argument does not require them to change their minds about much of anything, including their low opinion of their fellow native country men. Merely point out to them the DANGER to their own power if they let things go on.

    That to forestall Napoleon they must be FDR.

    I would imagine this particular argument would politically attractive.

    I would further draw the analogy of George Wallace’s near assassination by Arthur Bremer which left Nixon with the clear vote of the “racist” white working class. That by allowing the judicial murder of Wilders they guarantee all his followers go to someone more dangerous to their hold on power.

    I don’t understand why either it would be politically impossible to sue in various Human Rights courts on Wilder’s behalf. Even if the suit is rejected, it proves embarrassing to the existing power structure and re-inforces the argument that judicial murder of arranged assassinations must be forestalled.

    Many such suits were brought by the Southern Christian Leadership Council in segregated America, primarily but not only in the South. Even though they were dismissed they proved to be humiliating publicity wise. Particularly when men like Medgar Evers were murdered.

  25. Whiskey —

    Lawsuits are a good strategy. They are expensive, and require serious funding, or many pro-bono lawyers, especially when fighting CAIR, which is backed by all those petrodollars.

    Do you have any existing organizations in mind that could tackle the project? Or are you volunteering to found one yourself?

    I’m interested to hear a plan.

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