Turks vs. Kurds in Oslo

The conflict on the border between Iraq and Turkey is not confined to Anatolia and Mesopotamia. According to Aftenposten, violence has broken out between Turks and Kurds in Oslo and other Norwegian cities.

I can’t find any stories about this in English, but Tundra Tabloids (which tipped me to the story) has a report on it, and the blog Islam in Europe has posted a digest of the news stories, which is reproduced below:

Violence in OsloA brutal fight broke out when counter-demonstrators met up with a legal protest held by the Norwegian Turkey-Committee in Oslo, Saturday afternoon. Twenty-thirty counter-demonstrators suddenly showed up. Some of them had clubs with them, said Finn Belle of the Oslo police. The counter-demonstrators held flags that symbolize Kurdish independence.

One man in the demonstration process was attacked by two counter-demonstrators. He was hit in the head by two people with clubs, such that one of the clubs broke. According to an Aftenposten photographer the men attacked for more than 10 seconds before police managed to separate them from each other.

Belle says that an ambulance was summoned but that he does not know how seriously injured the man was.

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One of the counter-demonstrators was caught by plain-clothed policemen, while the other disappeared in the crowd. The Norwegian Turkey-Committee demonstrated against PKK terrorists. About 450 people had gotten permission from a police to march in Oslo. The mood was irritable and tense. Some of the Turks were on their way to attack the counter-demonstrators but were held back by police and by fellow demonstrators.

Kurds and Turks in Norway demonstrated Saturday in more cities around the country, reports NTB. In Bodø, 250 Kurds demonstrated peacefully, reports Avisa Nordland. They held an appeal in the city square against Turkey’s plans to attack in Kurdish areas in North-Iraq. In Trondheim about 50 people demonstrated against Turkey’s presence in Kurdish areas.

The demonstrations were related to Iraq giving permission to Turkey to strike against PKK guerrillas based in Northern Iraq.

6 thoughts on “Turks vs. Kurds in Oslo

  1. They bring their savagery with them wherever they go. There is no sense of uplift, of contribution, beauty, introspection, service. It’s just always venality, murder, destruction, hate and of course seething.

  2. In the UK we’ve had bangladeshi muslims vs pakistani muslimns (and everyone else for that matter) for years. I haven’t seen any turks and kurds fighting yet but it’s been a while since I was in Bradford, which is where most of the iraqi refugees from Saddam’s regime went following Gulf War 1.

  3. Hey, I’ve got an idea–since Europe has proven itself SOOO effective at managing such problems, let’s import the entire Near East, with all their problems, hatreds, and mutual distrust, and let them season European life with their own special brand of diversity! What could possibly go wrong?

  4. I just hope Europeans, and especially in the northern countries, remember that it didn’t used to be like this. Crime stats were low and people felt safe. Look at what has happened when we import a barbaric culture. Soon, it will become an enormous Beirut. …All thanks to the Quisling politicians. Sweden is especially to blame, setting a trend with Palme (inspired by the Myrdahls’) to begin with.

  5. So, if Iraq & Turkey already worked out the arrangement what’s their problem?

    Right, the assumption that an anti-PKK demonstration is actually an anti-Kurd demonstration. Shyeah!

    This indicates to me that tougher penalties should apply to immigrants to our countries: One strike (for anything violent or seditious) and you’re OUT. Period.

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