The Art Project Advances

Lars Vilks, the Swedish artist who created the infamous Modoggies, is being censored again, but that hasn’t stopped his Art Project from proceeding as planned. In fact, it’s quite likely that the latest censorship is part of the Art Project.

According to an article last weekend by Flemming Rose:

A Modoggie[Lars Vilks] was supposed to present his work at the Esloev Biennale in south Sweden. But Vilks, who is under police protection, was denied access to the exhibition. Nobody knows what Mr. Vilks was planning to put on view, but the decision to exclude him had to do with his drawings of Mohammed.

“It’s an unnecessary provocation to allow Vilks to join the exhibition…Many people are offended by his art,” comments Celilia Lind, socialdemocratic member of the city council, to Skaanska Dagbladet.


Eva Hallberg, head of the city’s culture department, told Mr. Vilks that the invitation to put his work on view had been cancelled. She feared that his very presence would create problems.

Khalid El-Haj, another socialdemocratic member of the city council, explained his position on Vilks to Skaanska Dagbladet:

“I don’t want to say he is a bad artist, but I do think so. It would create negative attention around Esloev if we allowed him to join the exhibition, and that’s the reason why we don’t want him here.”

El-Haj added the often repeated insult to millions of Muslims that he as a Muslim was offended on behalf of 1 billion Muslims around the world.

Mr. Vilks is not the only one who understands the true nature of the Art Project. Take, for example, Uwe Max Jensen:
– – – – – – – –

Some of Vilks’ supporters in Esloev invited the Danish artist and free speech activist Uwe Max Jensen to take his place, and at today’s opening he performed a brilliant stunt. A few days ago Uwe Max Jensen received a copy of one of Mr. Vilks’ drawings of Mohammed, and today he put it on a table and started to erase the drawing with a piece of rubber. Before initiating this operation Mr. Jensen said that he did it to protest the censorship of Lars Vilks. The final product, a piece of white paper will be put on view in the room where Mr. Vilks’ work was supposed to be shown.

According to Mr. Jensen his Erased Mohammed is a paraphrase of Robert Rauschenberg’s Erased de Kooening. In 1953 Rauschenberg erased a drawing made by the expressionist Wilem de Kooning. It’s a classic work of modern conceptual art.

Normally I curl my lip and reach for my Luger whenever I hear the words “conceptual art”, but this time I will offer Mr. Jensen my kudos. In a single stroke he has used the effete aesthetic apparatus of the cultural elites in order to hoist them with their own petard.

Whether the best and brightest of Sweden are paying attention is another matter, however.

Mr. Vilks is applying himself with vigor to an expansion of his part in the Art Project. According to The Local:

Muhammad cartoon inspires musical in Sweden

A Swedish cartoonist already facing a slew of death threats over his depiction of the Muslim prophet Muhammad as a dog is working on a musical based on the drawing called “Dogs”, a newspaper reported Wednesday.

Lars Vilks, whose cartoon featuring Muhammad’s head on a dog’s body provoked massive protests by Muslims when it was published in August, compared his new project with musicals like “Jesus Christ Superstar” and “Cats”.

“Muhammad is also a superstar in the modern sense of the term,” Vilks told the Dagens Nyheter daily from New York, adding that around a dozen people were part of the project, carrying the working title “Dogs”.

“We haven’t decided yet if Muhammad will be portrayed by one or several people,” he said.

“Other characters featured will be the prime minister (of Sweden, Fredrik Reinfeldt), Iran’s president (Mahmoud Ahmadinejad) and Al-Qaeda. They are best portrayed in musical form. We will also have an elegy by the ‘choir of the offended’,” he added.

This is priceless. The choice of “Dogs” for the title is truly inspired. And, by invoking “Jesus Christ Superstar”, Mr. Vilks has forced into the open a discussion about what precisely it is that makes Islam different from all other religions. This is not a discussion that the elites of Sweden (or anywhere else in the West, for that matter) would have joined voluntarily.

The Modoggie Crisis has been dormant for the last few weeks, but it’s not over. Lars Vilks’ Art Project is far from complete.

Hat tip: CG.

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10 thoughts on “The Art Project Advances

  1. Let’s see now … one Social Democrat official wants Lars Vilks censored because his art is “an unnecessary provocation” and “many people are offended,” while another wants him censored because “it would create negative attention” and he’s “a bad artist.” Tell me, has the wicked, goose-stepping Sverigedemokraterna ever tried to shut anyone up under such pretexts?

  2. Speaking of dogs…

    In the latest issue of BEST FRIENDS magazine (about pets in particular and critters in general) a Muslim imam is “interviewed” about how much Islam loves all animals.

    They forgot to ask him about Islam’s opinion on dogs (man’s BEST FRIEND, after all, and the name of their mag) as “unclean”.

    For the Muslim’s view on dogs see:

    Or Mohammad’s slander that “An angel will not enter a house where there is a dog or picture.

    I’m going to write to this pro-pets mag and ask if the Saudis funded this little pollyanna disinformation campaign.

  3. Never mind the highbrow stuff. This little youtube featuring Renato Carosone, a Neapolitan showman is from the late fifties. It’s called “Caravan Petrol.” It became a huge hit like his “Tu vuoì fa’ L’americano” featured in the film “The talented Mr. Ripley.”

    Similar in gogliardic spirit (and target audience) like “Ahab the Arab Sheik of the Burning Sands,” it’s sung in Neapolitan dialect, but the riotous calls to Allah and the fake prayer are universally understandable. Today it would be banned. Yesterday it was popular culture and good laughs for everyone.

  4. Brilliant! I hope he persuades Abba to contribute the music.

    Maybe the ‘Chorus of the Offended’ could be recruited from the comments pages at LGF? Would cut down on the need for rehearsals.

  5. This guy is very clever – he knows exactly what will be “controversial” and upset people, and he is doing it for the sake of upsetting them. What a great job testing the boundaries of political correctness and revealing how irrational these people are for getting stirred up over such insignificant things. I bet he watches South Park…

  6. “Choir of the offended” is English for “De kränktas kör” (Swedish).
    Swedes, and possibly Danes, Norweighans & Finns, know what Vilks alludes to; not only “offended” Muslims, but also the extremely easily-offended queers, “Afro-Swedes”, immigrants in general, the “Women Movement” (the feminists) and you name it.
    Kränkt (Offended, or insulted) is a vastly abused word in Sweden. If it isn’t Muslims who are “offended” by roundabout dogs, it’s queers “offended” by anti-gay marriage banners in Stockholm’s subway or “Afro-Swedes” “offended” by Tintin.
    The most pathetic case ever of kränkthetsindustrin (the offendedness industry) probably was when the national police board of Sweden, in a letter to “suburbers” (read immigrants) wrote:
    “With you’re experience as a ‘suburber’, you’re incredibly useful to us”
    The Swedish police politically correctly drafts immigrants by quotas. In this particular case, though, some nutcase in Lund, Sweden, wasn’t grateful for having a chance based on his immigrant status rather than experience and ability, but – here it comes! – offended! For having been called “suburber.” Sydsvenskan, Mars 11th:
    “What do they mean ‘suburbian?’ They could’ve written blatte* directly […] They’ll get a lot of shit for this, I’m sure about that. Being called ‘suburber’ is insulting, whether you live in a suburb or not […] I’m thinking of the people living in the suburb. To them, it’s a pure insult […] I’ve spoken to several people in Lund this weekend, who are just as upset as I am”

    (*blatte = pejorative term for immigrant, abbreviation of “svartskalle” (black-head), alluding to Arabs, Turks etc. Also used by immigrants themselves)

    Thanks to above mentioned reasons, I laughed my ass of when I read about “The Choir of the offended.” Perhaps Vilks’ musical will be a satire not only aimed to al-Qaeda, Ahmedinejad and “offended” Muslims, but also to the Swedish concept of being offended

  7. carpenter said:
    “Swedes, and possibly Danes, Norweighans & Finns, know what Vilks alludes to; not only “offended” Muslims, but also the extremely easily-offended queers, “Afro-Swedes”, immigrants in general, the “Women Movement” (the feminists) and you name it.
    Kränkt (Offended, or insulted) is a vastly abused word in Sweden. If it isn’t Muslims who are “offended” by roundabout dogs, it’s queers “offended” by anti-gay marriage banners in Stockholm’s subway or “Afro-Swedes” “offended” by Tintin.”

    My goodness, carpenter. For a moment, I thought you were talking about the USA. Lord knows we have our share of easily-offended morons. Same groups as in Sweden, as a matter of fact. We call them the Terminally Sensitive.

    “…kränkthetsindustrin (the offendedness industry)…”

    Offendedness industry. LOL. You must let me borrow that. 😉 In USA, it’s “Victimhood.”

  8. Greetings! In the United States we have a group that is easily offended, demands compensation and usually receives an apology for imaginary and fabricated offenses. The National Association of Always Complaining People, the NAACP.

    Thanks for what you so, I will use “krankt” in conversation with my european friend who live here and posses the “Freedom Gene”

    The had an interesting article about the LGF controversy.

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