Swedish Socialist Advocates Deportation

As reported recently, Swedish trade unions (i.e. the Swedish Socialist establishment) have been applying a bit of heavy arm-twisting to members of Sverigedemokraterna by moving to deny them union membership. Sverigedemokraterna (the Sweden Democrats) are widely demonized in Sweden as racist xenophobes for their staunch opposition to continued mass immigration.

Nothing exemplifies the politically correct Multicultural establishment in Sweden more fully than the Social Democrats. They are, in effect, the ruling class of Sweden, and have been the party in power for the majority of the last half century.

So this news comes as a real surprise:

‘Deport people smuggled into Sweden’

People who have been smuggled into Sweden should be deported, a leading Social Democrat politician has said. Allowing those who have paid thousands to people smugglers to stay is not fair on people who can’t afford to pay to leave their homelands.

Göran Johansson, leader of Gothenburg Council, said he based his views on the fact that many of the 20,000 Iraqis expected to come to Sweden this year came here illegally, often with the help of people smugglers.

“If it is obvious that someone has been smuggled in they should be sent back again,” Johansson told newspaper GT.

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People pay around 100,000 kronor ($16,000) each to be brought to Sweden.

“We should never accept this. By not saying anything we are tacitly accepting people smuggling,” Johansson said.

Johansson admitted that his idea, if put into practice, would lead to more people being returned directly to their homelands.

“Then they can come back by the normal route,” he said. He added that it was immoral for money to decide who would make it to Sweden.

“There may be those who can’t scrape together 100,000 kronor whose need to come here is perhaps greater. But they don’t get a chance,” he said.

When this story was first brought to my attention, I said, “Are you sure this guy is Swedish?

Hat tip: KGS.

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  1. He surely is swedish. The key words are “It’s not fair.”

    Social democrat to the core. If it’s “not fair”, it’s evil. Nice to see it being applied in the other direction for a change. I think the Social democrats might have been surprised by the rather large support for SD and deportation policies. This might be the first overture to that newly apparent demographic.

    Either that or he’s a nazi…

  2. I suppose Goran Johanssen will have to remove – LGF Membership- off his Christmas list. He is now banned without ever having an account.

  3. Johansson is not stupid, he has to speak the languange accepted by the media – a very good swedish post on it here :

    Men eftersom Johansson inte kan säga det rakt ut, pragmatisk politiker och väl medveten om det minfält han beträder, som han är, så gör han samma trick som vissa andra: försöker ifrågasätta flyktingpolitiken genom att kritisera dess sekundära aktörer genom att säga att det är “synd om människor som utnyttjas av flyktingsmugglare“.


  4. Johansson’s statement came as missile into the Swedish establishment, and everyone has – of course – condemned his proposal. Particularly Mona Sahlin, leader of the Social Democrats, who had this to say (Sveriges Radio🙂
    “I think this is a stupid and unrighteous proposal. The right to asylum can’t be compromised by one single milimeter”
    Let’s repeat that last sentence, in case anyone jumped it over:
    “The right to asylum can’t be compromised by one single milimeter”
    Mona Sahlin, who lives in the monocultural district of Nacka, Stockholm – far away from the Muslim enclaves -believes in immigration just as strictly as the Saudi government believes in Islam & Wahhabism; “No compromise! We will not relinquish one milimeter!”. The main difference is that Sahlin will not compromise one milimeter when destroying Sweden, as the Saudi government will not compromise one milimeter not only when preserving their domestic barbarism but also when spreading Wahhabist culture in Europe.
    If you perhaps thought for a moment that Johansson’s statement is some sort of a paradigm change in Sweden, think twice. Although Johansson is highly considered and respected in the sosseadel, nothing – Nothing – changes with his statement and criticism.
    Sorry to spoil the seemingly good news…

  5. Well, be that as it may, I’ve found that the first two actions of a government, or government-in-waiting, when thinking of a new policy are: test the water with an “outlandish” statement, and then immediately condemn it.

    It was a favourite tactic of Labour for the last decade. Nearly all their implemented policies were based on Tory policies that they initially condemned as outlandish and horribly thuggish, and such, or on statements made by ministers that were afterwards condemned and repudiated as being “not in their official capacity” or some such rot.

    Just watch. In a year the Social Democrats will be talking about the need to vet incoming immigrants to see if they’re educated enough in order to try and capture back the SD supporters.

    Of course, I have been wrong before. 🙂

  6. The problem is that the Social democratic leader Mona Sahlin has backed herself and her party into a corner years ago, Mona Sahlin has targeted three groups in the Swedish society: HBT(Homo- Bi- and Transexuals), female rights activists and immigrants.

    All she has done (going to Gay Parades, attending female rights seminares and visiting mosques) makes it almost impossible for her to turn around and advocate a stricter immigration policy if her party is relected 2010.

    Do remember that for Mona, any critique against the current open door policy automatically qualifies you as a neo-nazi.

    Göran Johansson barely had time to make these comments before the ex-communist party leader Lars Ohly condemned him as a rasist.

    Lets just say that nothing changes in Sweden.

  7. Just some short comments.

    This is not the first time Göran Johansson attacks the prevailing policy on immigration. He did so also in 1998, when he argued that refugees should not be settled only in the large cities. That caused jsut as much furor then as his recent statements.

    In an interview on Radio this morning he claimed (and I’m sure it is true) that he has received lots of support from ordinary voters. However, he was not surprised that the press, the ether media and the politicans where all very upset. That’s the way it was the last time he said, so he knew what to expect.

    However, he is not alone this time. Ilmar Reepalu, head of the local council of Malmö – Sweden’s third largest city – also went public day before yesterday with a very non-PC statement. He wanted our border protection increased – the illegal immigrants should be stopped befor they enter Sweden.

    This is another very popular standpoint with the ordinary people – not so with the MSM and mainstream pols. And of course even those politicians that are for an increased border protection will soon find out that it runs counter to the EU rules. And that’s a Gordian knot whose solution is not that hard to figure out…..

    PS: Archonix,

    You are quite right, that is the way the Social Democrats ought to handle the issue – and their local politicians especially in Malmo and Gothenburg know that they will have to do something, otherwise they will meet with a catastrophy next election. However, that is the reason why it was such a big mistake to elect Ms Sahlin as their åarty leader. She will never allow a change on the immigration issue. And especially now when the social democrats are riding high in the polls, the national politicians are not going to listen to their bretheren in the “countryside”.

  8. Archonix is correct in pointing out the key phrase “it’s not fair…”. If Ms. Sahlin has any say in this then perhaps to make it fair Sweden will begin paying for immigrants to come to Sweden to offset the “advantage” those being smuggled seem to have. Perhaps the “they should be deported” line is merely a ruse to shock people into letting the illegals stay and have the pubic pay for those that can’t afford the trip on their own. A Trojan Horse?

  9. Why do EU countries like Sweden want to dissolve their national identities into a soup of alien ideologies and hostile colonizers through this delusion of “the right of asylum“?

    What every happened to the right to decide your own national destiny?

    The AIDS virus demands “asylum” from the immune system, too.

    Does that make it desirable?

    They all seem to have inhaled a massive delusional construct (“the right of foreigners to invade your land -at will- because they have screwed up their own countries so much that they have become intolerable hellholes from which they must flee”), and the Swedes, etc., will now see their countries slowly eaten away by their inability to determine their own natural boundaries, identities, and to judge what is hostile coming from without.

    Look to the human immune system for a clue, Sweden.

    And EU.

    Nothing has a “right” to enter you if it aims to destroy you.

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