Denmark Establishes Free Speech Foundation

The Danes are in the vanguard when it comes to resisting the Great Jihad, and one of the ways they show it is in their unwavering commitment to free speech. Denmark refuses to cave in to the demands of political correctness by enforcing the Multicultural line in public discussion.

Now an initiative that was formerly confined to the Venstre party has been extended to become official Danish government policy. This is an indication that the recent re-election of Anders Fogh Rasmussen for an unprecedented third term as Prime Minister has consolidated the anti-PC trend in Denmark.

CG has kindly translated the following article from TV2:

Introducing grant for freedom of speech

Anders Fogh Rasmussen and Ayaan Hirsi AliVenstre has its own Freedom prize [Hirsi Ali got it in 2004, I think — translator]. Now the Venstre/Conservative government will introduce a freedom foundation prize which will be granted to persons who have contributed with an extraordinary effort in support of freedom of speech on an international level, the new government resolution shows.

When the grant will be introduced or how big it will be is not known.

Freedom of speech came into serious attention after the Muhammed drawings in Jyllands-Posten created an international uproar.

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4 thoughts on “Denmark Establishes Free Speech Foundation

  1. i hope denmark’s venstre party has had a nazi-background check – – submitted to and approved by charles – – before they go stomping off on some unilateral european agenda…

  2. FYI, Venstre were Nazi collaborators from April 9th 1940 to August 29th 1943, being part of the Nazi-obedient puppet government lead by the Social Democrats. Radikale Venstre and Konservative, as well as the tiny party Retsforbundet also took part.

    Repugnant White Supremacy types each and every one of them, no doubt 🙂

  3. If you don’t mind a little bragging (when we can’t play soccer, we can at least stand up for human rights :), Denmark is leading the charge against Saudi Arabia in the case of 200 lashes awarded a rape victim. Dansk Folkeparti was leading internally in Denmark a few days ago, making our government decide to make it a top issue.

    I think even Bush may need to say something reasonable and useful on the subject, now that Europe is in front.

    OK, perhaps ‘bragging’ is a politically incorrect word. But at least we try to be a good example 🙂

  4. Lol Henrik. 🙂

    I am a born Californian and have lived in Europe a while. I like Europe and the US and think both can prevail.

    I have seen first hand the effects of muslim immigration in more than one european country. There is a cultural clash in effect.

    The whole picture in Europe is naturally very complicated and the unprecedented mass immigration of muslims into european countries has created a moderate amount of concern amongst the populace.

    Nobody voted for mass immigration.

    Nobody bothered to study Islam and explain how its values differ from European values.

    The unelected and unaccountable EU are demonstrably real and frightening. Freedom of speech is being severely constrained in the EU.

    The spectre of neo-nazism rising up in Europe is a fantasy.

    The EU weapon of choice is the word ‘racism’ even though Islam is not a race. It’s a big stick though and tends to shut Europeans up.

    Bin Laden himself always peddled the old arab proverb – if you give people the choice between a strong horse and a weak horse people will choose the strong horse.

    European multi-culturalism, which stands for nothing and permits all, is clearly the weak horse here.

    Europe is not doomed though, as some of my countrymen might say. And it won’t need america ‘to save’ it. But all this rubbish about VB and SD being neo-nazi etc. has been shown to be self-serving rubbish and should be dropped, it is all too hollier-than-thou.

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