The Counterjihad Calendar for 2008

After four months of work, the Counterjihad Calendar for 2008 is finally done. You can buy it at our Café Press store, or go straight to the calendar page at this link.

The purpose of the calendar is twofold:

1.   To enhance a sense of community among the inhabitants of the countries of the West. We can show solidarity with one another even as we remain nationalists within our own countries. The West doesn’t require an artificial and corrupt empire like the EU or the UN to maintain its collective identity. There is something that binds us together, a common heritage that enables us to resist Islamization.
2.   To facilitate a greater awareness of the struggle we are all facing and how it is approached in different countries, by listing counterjihad blogs and websites on the sidebar for each country. Sites outside of the Anglosphere often post at least some of their articles in English, and, if they don’t, machine translation is available to help.

I recommend that readers take a look through the sites listed at the end of this post; it’s amazing how many of us there are.

And so we say:

Så er det nok!
Genug ist genug!
Nu får det vara nog!
Ως Εδω!
Genoeg is genoeg!
¡Basta ya!

Counterjihad 2008

You may click any of these images to see a larger version. The full-resolution image for each month is used on the printed calendar.

I can’t promise to make a calendar like this every year — this one took every available spare moment over the last few months — but it was well worth doing.

I’d like to thank all the people who advised me on what monuments to use for their countries, and those who sent me links to list on the sidebars. These are the people whose names I can remember: Phanarath, Kepiblanc, Exile, LN, Carpenter, Ted, CG, Sanjay, Oriana, Gaia, Aeneas, Michiel Mans, H. Numan, Darrin Hodges, and Lady V.

Thanks to all the ones I have forgotten, too — there are too many to remember!

The Eiffel Tower in Paris

January France: The Eiffel Tower in Paris

Christiansborg — Folketinget

February Denmark: Christiansborg — Folketinget

The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin

March Germany: The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin

Somnath Temple in Gujarat

April India: Somnath Temple in Gujarat

The Stadshus in Stockholm

May Sweden: The Stadshus in Stockholm

The Coliseum in Rome

June Italy: The Coliseum in Rome

The Statue of Liberty in Manhattan Harbor

July USA: The Statue of Liberty in Manhattan Harbor

The Acropolis

August Greece: The Acropolis

Big Ben at Westminster

September UK: Big Ben at Westminster

A Dutch Windmill

October The Netherlands: A Dutch Windmill

The Sydney Opera House

November Australia: The Sydney Opera House

Santiago Matamoros and the Mezquita in Córdoba

December Spain: Santiago Matamoros — Mezquita, Córdoba

Below the jump are links to the counterjihad blogs and websites that are listed for each month and country.
– – – – – – – –
January: France

February: Denmark

March: Germany

April: India

May: Sweden

June: Italy

July: USA

August: Greece

September: UK

October: Netherlands

November: Australia

December: Spain

14 thoughts on “The Counterjihad Calendar for 2008

  1. Turn —

    The list for the USA is simply filled up. I had to triage, and left off a lot of blogs.

    I pissed some people off that way, but there wasn’t a whole lot I could do. The space is limited, and there were a lot more available URLs than would fit. I couldn’t include our whole blogroll, alas.

  2. Baron-

    Don’t be surprised if this superlative calendar ends up plagiarized by the enemy, with Arabic script pasted over the “Enoughs!” and saying “Next!“.

    Because stealing other peoples’ ideas is the hallmark of Mohammadism.

    SEE: the Koran (AKA: pidgen Torah & Talmud / misquoted gnostic gospels / bastardized New Testament fragments, and some private revenge fantasies grafted on for fun)

  3. Baron–

    The link is working fine for me now, too. I guess I caught it at just the wrong time.

    Sorry about that.

    Great job on the calendar, though. I hope it sells well.

  4. The link is going to an internal error message . . . I repeatedly get the following error message whether I go direct or through websites hosting the link for the cafepress store:

    We’re Sorry, You’ve Encountered an Error!

    You’ve received this message because of the following possibilities:
    Slow Internet connectivity speed at this time
    Server timed out due to heavy load or traffic
    Data has been lost by your browser
    Not all of the fields in the form were properly completed
    Temporary server-side technical problem

    I also uniformly experience difficulty signing in to comment on Gates of Vienna entries. It took quite some time, but to gain access, I get redirected to google’s sign in and then have to close all windows to try again at Gates. Perhaps someone with the technical understanding of Google/blogger issues can explain why to someone as technically challenged as I am. Perhaps my problems accessing Cafe Press and Gates are related.

  5. Hello
    To whom it may concern : you need to correct the French version of the calendar, the one with the Eiffel Tower.

    “Enough” in French would be translated either as “Ça suffit !” or as “Assez ! “

    “Suffit”, as it is showed, is an error.

    Please could you pass this message to the people concerned ?

    François, from Paris
    Assistant webmaster of Bafweb

  6. Beautiful artwork Baron!
    Nice job, but maybe a little too nice and too easy on the eyes. I’m sorry, but I’m just thinking about your beautiful calendar possibly attracting more Jihadi customers than anything else, and maybe even ending up beautifying some terrorist bat cave somewhere between Jalalabad and Timbuktu to serve as a mere reminder of their Jihadi task. If I may say so, simply saying ENOUGH! with some pretty pictures may serve more as a compliment to the Muslim terrorists and their culture of hate than a slap in the face.
    As a secular Muslim myself, who hates political Islam with a passion, the last thing I’d want in my house is religious symbolism that represents Arab Nationalism by the means of Islam, regardless of the wording attached. Now if your objective with this project was merely to increase the anger level among the anti-Jihad movement then I’m sure your efforts will pay off.

  7. Roberto —

    I thought it was “Ça suffit” too, but I got over-ruled. I don’t think it can be changed now that it’s gone to Café Press.

    When the Baron is available I’ll ask him.

    Thanks for the correction.


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