Grubbing Through the Referrals on Site Meter

Occasionally, when my mind is on auto pilot and refuses to let me steer, I pass the time rummaging through our site meter, looking at the World Map feature and clucking over all those Europeans who are staying up so late. Or perhaps I start looking at the Referrals to see the variety of Google searches that land people on our blog.

With some of these search strings below, it’s obvious how people arrived at our site. Others are mysterious… what have I ever written about “Filipina domination”? And why would anyone want to know how old Anne Frank was when Hitler started slaughtering Jews? We seem to be driven to discover the oddest things.

For those of you who remember the “Bill Gates is a Muslim” April Fool’s joke post (the Baron can be wickedly evil sometimes): I’ll let you know there was only one of them today. Way back when, variations on that search used to make up about twenty-five per cent of the Google-driven clicks on Gates of Vienna, most of them from Middle Eastern ISPs. I don’t think April 1st is a major joke day in Islam. Besides, the need to believe something often trumps reason.

These days, however, the searches are more varied…and perhaps even stranger. Who is it, do you think, that fears Germany is planning to take over Europe using the EU as a cover? Well, maybe it isn’t a fear, maybe it’s a hope? I did read somewhere today that twenty percent of Germans want the Berlin Wall put back up.

And I found out there are far more saints’ feast days on May 15th than just Dymphna and old Gerebemus.

For those of you with blogs and site meters, I suggest a journey through the bowels and steam tunnels of your referrals. As we say in Virginia, it’s a right strange trip.

Here are the search strings I found on ours in about fifteen minutes:
– – – – – – – –

  • where angels fear to tread
  • map of tampa jet fuel pipeline
  • muslim toilet habits
  • big pig gig Vienna Ga.
  • saint for May 15th
  • slogan for policeman
  • american civil war xenophobia
  • how old was Anne Frank when Adolf Hitler started slaughtering jews?
  • glamour girls and old men
  • filipina domination

The only one in this list that bothers me is the search for a map of the Tampa jet fuel pipeline. Sure wish I knew what that dude had in mind.

2 thoughts on “Grubbing Through the Referrals on Site Meter

  1. Baron,
    This is the first time I have commented on your very good site. I get a lot of traffic to my site from yours so I thought I would share, with another American, the best damn video I have seen since 9/11.
    This needs to be passed around the world so that radical Muslims get the idea about what a ‘typical American male’ is all about. They make a great mistake thinking we are all fat and lazy people interested only in the pop culture of Britney Spears and Paris Hilton!
    Go here to watch or click on a New Knighthood under the 910 Group.

  2. I occasionally post on the Saudi religious cops who harass citizens in the name of Islam. I usually describe them as the Saudi Sex Cops. This leads to numerous hits, about half from Saudi Arabia search “Saudi Sex.”

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