A Line Drawn in the Sand

Note: I left this comment in the thread of a post yesterday by the Baron about the video of an angry Army veteran. He cut the American flag down from its place under the Mexican flag and walked off with it, obviously angry. The Hispanic-looking restaurant owner or manager who had run the flags up the standard with the Mexican flag on top watched without comment. When addressed by the interviewer, he retreated into the restaurant.

The Baron requested that I put up my comment as a post, so here it is. I will not pretend to some idealized objectivity in my attitude toward this man’s actions. Illegal Mexicans have stomped one of my sons and attempted to rape my daughter. That does not mean I blame all Mexicans, just the ones with a bad case of supremacy. You can read my positive account here of an encounter with a Mexican mason, an incident that happened after my daughter’s assault.

The American in the southwestern US pictured in this video is reacting to years of illegal aliens’ dismissal of America. The old rules – which have served us well since the first floods of immigrants – were that you fought your way up the ladder and made your fellow-citizens accept your right to be here. Which, of course, they did. Ask the Italians, the Irish, the Jews the Greeks, the Poles, the Armenians, etc.

The [new, illegal] Hispanics, in addition to trashing much of the southwest, bankrupting small towns’ welfare services, and refusing to acculturate, are finally meeting resistance.

The restaurant owner was rude and he knew it. That’s why he wouldn’t reply to the interviewer. His deliberate thumb-in-your-eye hoisting of the Mexican flag above the flag of the country he was residing in was a deliberate provocation. The Army vet answered the provocation and raised the ante.

The vet’s “vandalism” disappears in the avalanche of assaults, robberies, rapes, murders, and drug running brought into this country by people who refuse to speak our language or follow our customs. People who treat us with contempt.

Our elitists have made patriotism appear the refuge of jingoists. It is sooo politically incorrect to set limits to those who would abuse our laws, customs and folkways and instead would substitute their own, using organizations like La Raza to push separatism.

– – – – – – – –

Some of our elitists (many of them teachers in our schools) encourage the behavior this restaurant owner exhibited.

Vandalism? Yes. But a necessary corrective in the current atmosphere of contempt of the vandals amongst us.

Right now, the largest town near us is coming under siege by gangs who “slash and trash” strangers because they look American. Wait till it’s your kid – in my case, a grown man – who is set upon and kicked repeatedly by seven thugs. Wait till his ribs are broken by the boots of haters and he or she spends weeks finding it painful just to breathe.

There are teams of these jerks all over town, attacking couples, groups, and individuals in what is supposed to be a safe place. It’s not anymore. My son-in-law has a relative whose spleen was cut as he returned to his car after a movie. For no other reason than that he was there. No robbery, just brutality for its own sake.

I am glad the veteran did what he did. It’s a limit set, a line drawn in the sand. And were any such person charged, I’d be glad to donate to his legal fund.

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  1. Dymphna – I went over to the sewer known as DailyKos. I need a shower. They all contend that Jim Broussard was trespassing on the bars private property. I won’t even begin to deconstruct their stupidity in this area. Then the Kostards claim he brandished the knife as a threat. Then they degenerated into calling all of us who agree with him racists. Well, you know the drill. Just plain stupid. And they have no insight into what the illegals cost us in the rest of the country much less the SW where I live. They are the reason the wife and I now carry ALL the time. I do not want to be a stat.

    Then the Kostards made the calls to la Raza, the race baiter twins and the ACLU. Come save our poor helpless Mexicans.

    One has only to visit the website of Aztlan (www.aztlan.net) to see the real racists.

  2. La Raza and LULAC show their hypocrisy and their Hispanic supremacy openly: They insist that voting ballots be in Spanish even if less than 1% of the local population reads only Spanish. Using that same logic, we should have ballots in Vietnamese, Arabic, Hindi, Sindhi, Russian, etc. But they don’t make those calls. They are only concerned with Hispanics and Spanish.

  3. Either Americans stop this rot now or they resign themselves to living as the Brits and Swedes are–as second-class citizens.
    Form organised resistance to the creeps and to hell with “hate crimes” legislation.
    Resist–or surrender.

  4. Dymphna , My commiserations on the upsets to your family members . I had a belt made , by my leather craftsman , with a buckle that said ; ” you can’t rape a .38 ” for my wife . I also bought her a .38 to go with the belt .

  5. “Then the Kostards claim he brandished the knife as a threat. Then they degenerated into calling all of us who agree with him racists.”

    When disagreeing with a brown person you are a “Racist”.
    When disagreeing with a white person you are a “Fascist”.

    The lefts solution? Never disagree. Problem solved.

  6. Robohobo–

    Don’t know how to stand to go over there…such unremitting hatred and psychopathology.


    My New Year’s resolution was to learn to use a gun. Every year I try to learn someothing new that’s out of my comfort zone. But now with a healing rotator cuff with six nails in my humerus, I don’t know if I can pad my shoulder sufficiently not to risk dislocating it again.

    I’ll have to use a blow dart with curare. Or maybe just a pepper spray…darn, that’s what I get for waiting…I was hoping a friend would teach me but he died suddenly of some strange invasion of bacteria. And then I priced guns and the darn things are *expensive*!

    Oh, well, I’ll see what my orthopedic surgeon thinks of my idea if I’m very good and do all fo my PT exercises faithfully for a year.

  7. Dymphna,

    On the rotator cuff business, a handgun doesn’t mess with your shoulder and is actually much more useful for “everywhere” self-defense. In Virginia you can carry a handgun openly in most places, and concealed (with a permit) in most places. At home a shotgun may be better, but even in VA that attracts attention if you bring it to the mall. 🙂

  8. Side note: a Kevin B. and Frank M. turned me onto your website last year.

    If those names mean nothing, please disregard.

    If you know who I’m talking about, you might want to hook up with Kevin for some hands on training.

  9. Dymphna:

    The NRA gives classes (for a reasonable fee) by certified instructors. Try the Basic Pistol Shooting class – it’s for beginners. I took the weekend course (10 hours) and i didn’t have a gun. My instructor brought me several guns to try which really helped me to decide what kind of gun I’d like to buy.

    Ruger makes solid, well made guns at reasonable prices. I love my SP101! And they’re made in the good ole’ USA.

    Hope you find something! 🙂

  10. Dymphna-

    A decent used .25 caliber semi automatic pistol, and ankle holster, can be found at any pawn shop for under $100, including ammo.

    No kick, but enough power.

    All women should be armed.

    Men can don’t have as much to worry about.

  11. I am all for carrying a gun for self-defense, yet it scares me at the same time. Why? If I shoot and kill my attacker I will most likely be sent to prison for murder. Especially if my attacker is a minority. So now I get to spend all my time with the same people who wanted to hurt me in the first place. But this time I have no weapon unless I buy a shank or join the Aryan brotherhood. Great,what a choice. Who thought defending ones life,limb and property would be so complicated. All I can say is get a clean, legal shooting with lots of witnesses or you are up the proverbial river.

  12. Spackle,

    Since you don’t identify where you’re from, I can’t say for certain that that you’re full of it. However, I can assure Dymphna and the Baron that your situation does not describe Virginia in the slightest, not even the Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy part. Rather, the state has a perfectly unexceptional American self-defense legal regimen. It’s very rare for someone to be convicted of murder in the event of a genuine, valid self-defense shooting. (Heck, this doesn’t even happen much in Chicago or NY; the normal outrage there is that the victim is then victimized by the state via illegal-firearm charges.)


    On the contrary, a .25 would be a very bad idea. As the saying goes, “Don’t shoot your assailant with a .25–if he notices, it’s bound to annoy him.” All joking aside, .38spl revolvers are readily available on the used market, if price is an issue. And since Dymphna indicated problems with her shoulder but not her hands or wrists, I see no reason not to recommend a .38 as a good starting place.

  13. kirk–

    Funny u should mention wrist. I haven’t talked about my carpal tunnel syndrome much but i type a lot w/ left hand because of it. . However, once i am thru this shoulder biz, that will be remedied quickly. Only i think p. therapist was a little too enthusiastic last week…i am back in my sling and percoset is beginning to have some appeal again and the shine has worn off my daily exercises… a setback.

    Sure wish I could post more but pain makes it hard to be coherent.

    You’re right about Virginia being for gun lovers. And nothing will change that.

    Hey…maybe we should do a bumper sticker to that effect. We could take the original bumper sticker,”Virginia is for Lovers”, do an insert mark between “for” & “lovers”, and then put “gun” in a different font on the line above. That would be cool. Except in Charlottesville, where you’d probably get your car keyed.

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