The Germans Get Cold Feet

I had heard rumors that this was coming, but I hoped that they weren’t true. This kind of factional conflict is deadly for any political movement, particularly one that is so handicapped by external circumstances.

Here’s the latest on SIOE from Paul Belien:

Update Brussels Demo: Germans Back Out, Danes and British Stay Put

This afternoon Udo Ulfkotte, the German co-organizer of the anti-Islamization demonstration in Brussels on 11 September, called off the demonstration, which earlier was banned by the Brussels authorities. During the past weeks Ulfkotte claimed that he would bring 20,000 demonstrators to the Belgian and European capital. On his website he announced today that the demo will not take place for security reasons since “extremists prepared to use violence can abuse the demonstration for violent actions.”

The Danish and British co-organizers have immediately expelled Ulfkotte from SIOE (Stop the Islamization of Europe) and say his decision to cancel the demo is “unilateral.” They announce that the demo will go ahead as planned. Anders Gravers, the Danish co-president of SIOE, who was in Brussels today, was told by the Brussels authorities that there may be “terrorist attacks against the demo.” According to the Danish and British SIOE branches the news that there will be a terrorist attack in Brussels is “the final desperate tactic from the authorities” to prevent the demonstration from taking place.

There’s more at the Brussels Journal.

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15 thoughts on “The Germans Get Cold Feet

  1. i wouldent say “zé germans” get cold feet, but just ulfkotte.

    There is much discussion going on on the german weblogs, such as PI and gegenstimme. There are people who aplaud him, that he wont work together with what they see as hardcore rightwing organisations. Others say, that they will go anyways, that the unity with other europeans is at this point more important then fighting over details.

    You have to know, that the germans are very serious people. so when they say “never again” in regard to their role in WW2, they mean it. So they take their fight against right radicalism very seriously. and per example vlaams belang is seen in germany as a hard-rightwing quasi xenophobic party. other groups too, which want to join the demonstration.

  2. There are one so blind as those that will not see.

    Nobody can deny we have tried extremely hard to make the demo one that presents a broad front.

    Ulfkotte is nothing better than a loose cannon.

    He never even paid Anders and I the courtesy of informing us that he planned a Cologne demo and certainly never gave a hint that he was going to make a statement about cancelling the demo, as if he could do that anyway.

    His statement stunned all those present.

    Only the day before Ulkotte told me by phone that he intended to be in Brussels.

    As we’ve said time and again, the more reasonable people go on the demo, the less extreme it will be, and the more chance we have of kicking the few extremists off.

    Being resonable doesn’t mean being a coward.

  3. If I were in Europe, I’d want to go to Brussels anyway and show the bullies I’m not going to back down. If they hold the march there WILL be a police presence to prevent riots. To NOT hold the march out of fear that “extremists will do “something” is to concede defeat. You need real live people to show up, to “stand up and be counted” against this threat to the Western way of life all across Europe. Dammit, Western civilization is a GOOD THING; we need to be proud of it and defend it from those who seek to destroy it.

  4. Islam has this peculiar ability to pit people against each other who should be friends and supporters.

    ‘Forgiveness’ is a Christian quality.

  5. It is not muslims. Muslims by themselves are not a threat. They are a threat because what they are allowed to do by thereal enemy.

    The real enemy is that bunch of anti-wetern leftshits.
    If you are to fight islamization of Europe you mut be ready to be demonized “ad hitlerum” all ways.
    If you are so soft you cannot support that acusation you are useless and better stay home

  6. Islam has this peculiar ability to pit people against each other who should be friends and supporters.

    It is the effect of terrorism that is at work. This is the whole purpose of it: destabilization. This is followed by revolution and war, followed by the totalitarian harmony of choice. In this case Leftist Islamism, or Islamic Leftism, whatever (they are converting in droves).
    We need to stand firm and united. Only then will they not succeed in the plan of devide and conquer.
    The Germans need the insight that one conflict harbours the seed of the next. As WWII was the result of WWI, if they don’t resist because of the hangup over their role in WWII, they might well be a source of number III as well.
    Catch word of the day: Show Spine!
    Cheers, all!

  7. It is really hard for him.
    But nothing of this is new and he were full aware of it when he engaged in SIOE demo.
    If he feared not taking it to the end he shouldnot get in and if he gets in he had not the right to give up this way.
    This demo in Brussels shows the extend of the coalition we are facing in and is far to important.
    It is the first step and if it were to be drowned how long would it take to reorganize?

  8. Ulfkotte is giving in to fear of neo-Nazis like Thielemans is giving in to fear of Muslims.

    This hands Thielemans a victory, and may well impact today’s court case (if it goes through this time).

    As the neo-Nazis are planning to come by busses, which can relativily easily be intercepted, they may never make it to Brussels anyway.

    The risk that the demo would be abused by troublemakers (and then again by the state media) has been there from day 1, so Ulfkotte is now handing a massive blow to free speech, worse than any Muslim protest could have done, all out of misguided ‘self-censorship’.

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