Norway Confronts Islam… And Wilts

Fjordman’s latest essay, this one about his own homeland, has been posted at the Brussels Journal:

Norway: The Country of Peace Meets the Religion of Peace

Norwegian police have discovered that a large number of Pakistani taxi drivers, many of whom have already been charged with tax evasion in one of the worst cases of welfare fraud in the nation’s history, have close contact with Pakistani gangs and operate as couriers of arms and drugs. In the city of Oslo it is documented that criminal Pakistani gangs also have close ties to Jihadist groups at home and abroad. This despite the fact that Norway, a nation of peace and home to the Nobel Peace Prize, should presumably get along just fine with Islam, which is, as we all know, a religion of peace.

Minister Bjarne Håkon Hanssen from the Labour Party has called for increased immigration from Pakistan because this would be good for the economy. The majority of Muslims voted for the Labour Party in the 2005 elections, which the left-wing coalition won by a very slim margin. Eighty-three percent of Muslims voted for Leftist parties, just as all over Western Europe. Kristin Halvorsen, the leader of the Socialist Left Party, began her election campaign in 2005 in the Pakistani countryside, praising all the “blood, sweat and tears Pakistanis in Norway have spent on building the country.” She is now Norway’s Minister of Finance.

In 2007, Minister of Justice Knut Storberget said that the Norwegian Constitution Day, May 17th, is for “everybody,” and that it’s appropriate to demonstrate this by displaying a multitude of flags and cultures. It is now permitted to celebrate it by waving the flag of the United Nations. The editor of a Multicultural newspaper has suggested that the Norwegian national anthem should be translated to Urdu because this would be good for integration. Norwegians are supposed to celebrate their independence by singing their national anthem in Urdu, by wearing the national costume of Ghana and by waving the flag of the UN, an organization that is actively trying to curtail their freedoms and subvert their independence. This would be the equivalent of Americans celebrating the Fourth of July by waving the UN flag and by singing the Star-Spangled Banner in Arabic.

Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre from the Labour Party participated in a conference with participants from dozens of countries and media outlets on how to “report diversity” in a non-offensive manner, with Arab News from Saudi Arabia as a moderator. The Cartoon Jihad the year before had prompted Indonesia and Norway to join forces and promote a Global Inter-Media Dialogue. In June 2007 this was held in Oslo.

Read the rest at the Brussels Journal.

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9 thoughts on “Norway Confronts Islam… And Wilts

  1. Interesting. The part that really struck me was when the (female) politician suggested that women should stop dressing in a provocative manner.

    Most interesting for those of us old enough to recall when blaming women for their own rape was A Bad Thing.

    It really is strange when a hetero white male like me actually cares more about women’s rights than “feminists”.

    Off topic, did anyone else see that earlier today ebay had an auction for Belgium? Somebody offered $17 million for the country before the auction was pulled.

    So which GoV commenter is responsible?

  2. While reading the full article, with each comment by a Norwegian official regarding multiculturalism, my jaw dropped more. There are too many idiotic statements to go over each one. What utter morons! The “immigrants” are very clear in their answers to questions as to why they are in Norway and what they plan on doing. The multiculturalists are absolutely blind, deaf and dumb. Every time I think Europe has a chance against the islamic onslaught I read something like this article and I revert to my pessimism.

  3. Rohan, the multiculturalists are not “absolutely blind, deaf and dumb”.

    They are simply hostile to Western Civilization and the concept of Liberty, and wish to eliminate it as quickly as possible

  4. PapaBear – Thanks for your view. You’re right. They do hate Western Civilization. I guess I was being optimistic and thinking maybe they just don’t see what is going on. But as you said they know what is happening and are willing accomplices. Unfortunately, they are the ones in power.

    Ugh, now I’m more pessimistic, but thanks for making me think a little more.

  5. In 2007, Minister of Justice Knut Storberget said that the Norwegian Constitution Day, May 17th, is for “everybody,” and that it’s appropriate to demonstrate this by displaying a multitude of flags and cultures.

    Great. We should go there next time with a multitude of Swedish flags.

  6. Nooo!! don’t come close to our country with your Swedish flag, the people in our Capital might love foreigners, but up in Finnmark we’re Kven (Kainu) and Sami so we feel left out, actually we are left out.

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