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No to the EUSSR!I have been taken to task for conflating the EU with Belgium, and with the Brussels police. So let me clarify what I’m saying:

I know the EU is not Belgium.

But massive Muslim immigration is an official EU policy, even if it is a near-secret.

That’s what the demonstrators were protesting, and the police in Brussels were acting as agents of the EU, whether they were cognizant of it or not.

Now down to business. While Dymphna and I were out at her physical therapy appointment this afternoon, the email backed up a bit. So here’s some miscellaneous additional material concerning today’s events in Brussels.

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A news video in Italian from Corriere Della Sera TV: “Manifestazione anti-Islam, fermato Borghezio”.

Hat tip: insubria.

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DR TVKim of Uriasposten sent us two screenshots from Danish public television news. The caption on the top image reads “Brussels: 50 arrested in demonstration.”

Kim said (this was much earlier today):

Two caps from Danish MSM (DR Update) a few minutes ago.
They remembered that the demo was illegal, and on Radioavisen (DR) they said that the demo was against a “postulated Islamization”…

When far-left riots DR is never that critical.

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Jim at Gateway Pundit has an excellent collection of news links and photos.

His post led me to these two photos, both of them from Reuters/France Lenoir.

Brussels demo

The man held in a headlock in the second photo is Frank Vanhecke, the Vlaams Belang president.

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KGS at Tundra Tabloids posted his translation of a report from the Finnish news agency YLE (from AFP):
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Protestors against Islamization arrested in Belgium.

Belgian police have arrested tens of demonstrators against the Islamization of Europe in Brussels. Belgian extreme right-wing Vlaams Belang party leadership were among those who were arrested. Another of those arrested, was Frank Vanhecke, a member of the EU parliament.

According to the news agency AFP, a number of demonstrators were carrying national symbols. A portion of the police had prepared themselves in full riot gear.

The main planner behind the demonstration, the founder of the anti-Islamization party, Anders Gravers said that he was shocked by the arrests, because he believed that demonstrating was a part of democracy. He threatened last week, that the demonstration would be held in spite of the ban. The hope of the planners was to get thousands of people to protest.

Read the rest at Tundra Tabloids.

Vlaams Belang ought to officially rename themselves “The Extreme Right-Wing Vlaams Belang”. They might as well; that’s the only way they are ever described in the MSM.

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Steen checked in with this link to a photo spread, and said:

I had a call from Brussels too; seems to have been quite a success.

But 154 arrested? (news story in Danish)

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I haven’t posted half of the material our readers have sent, but I’m beat. That’s it for now, I’ll see what I can do later on.

Unfortunately, the email load today is so heavy that I haven’t a prayer of answering everything. Sorry, everybody!

10 thoughts on “More SIOE Brussels Updates

  1. The link from the “Vlaams Belang Video” post (here) also has interviews (in Dutch) with Freddy Thielemans and Frank Van Hecke.

    Could someone translate or at least put up a summary? Bedankt!

  2. @Baron

    I wanted to answer you in your other Post, but as you already restate you replay here, I post my answer here:

    What makes you conclude, that Thielmans is acting as an agent of the EU, or hat the EU officials applaud to Thielmans actions at all?

    As far as I can see, there was just Martin Schulz, who applauded the Brussels mayor. And it would be a big error to say, that he speaks for the EU. So who is Schulz? He is the leader of the socialist block in the EU parliament and not the first time a pain in the A**; many of us remember Berlusconi remarks:

    “Mr Schulz, I know a movie-producer in Italy who is making a movie about Nazi concentration camps. I will suggest you to play the role of a Kapo. You are perfect!”

    And while I remember very well Britain’s role in the cartoon crisis, where Jack straw even criticized European Newspapers for publishing and republishing the cartoons, I quote: “There is freedom of speech, we all respect that, … But there is not any obligation to insult or to be gratuitously inflammatory. I believe that the republication of these cartoons has been unnecessary. It has been insensitive. It has been disrespectful and it has been wrong.” – The EU Commission stud behind Denmark, stated that any boycott of Danish products would violate Trade agreements with the EU and Commission President Barroso Stated: “It’s better to publish too much than not to have freedom..”

    I understand very well, that there are policies, which are in part responsible for our mess here in Europe. But when you don’t like some of your furniture in your house anymore, do you ask for the whole destruction of your house, or do you try to change it?

    Some conservative elements in Europe hoped many years, that the EU will “just go away” so they refused to work on the project and as a consequence the socialists implemented many of their ideas. And what did the European conservatives learn form that? Nothing! Instead of working together they are even more fragmenting. Now the English Torys are going to leave the EPP – (please GB readers, correct me, if they changed their mind) – for the some Euroseptic Alliance with Bulgarian and Czech Parties, great, the socialists will laugh at this one.

    And as I remember, GB is Turkey’s best friend in terms of an EU membership. But I rarely see people attacking GB as the way they are attacking the EU.

    – My point is, that there is no reason to believe, that the EU has some kind of agenda in this. In contrary, the EU has shown respect for it citizens in many similar occasions before, something we can’t say about GB, which is often seen as a “victim by EU policy” by many people on this blog, while actually implementing the most outrages Political Correct policies and ideas. Even criticizing other EU nations, when they think they are not PC enough!

    To say now, that Thielmans is the henchman of the EU, would be as if some people would say, that the US sanctuary city mayors are the secret henchmen of Graham/McCain.

    Maybe you should write Barroso, what his stance on the issue is, how about that?

  3. […] Among those detained was Italian Northern League member Mario Borghezio. He was arrested along with other European politicians.

    Italy claims his arrest violated his right to diplomatic immunity. Borghezio challenged the decision of the Belgians to stop the protest in the first place: “It doesn’t seem normal to me that on the 11th of September, in a European capital, a demonstration involving European parliamentarians, against fundamentalist Islamic terrorism, can be banned.”

    The European Union’s top justice and security official, Franco Frattini, also said the protest should have been allowed in the name of free speech. But a total of 154 people were arrested. They were released after a few hours.

    They have a nice little video too. and Euronews is recived all over europe in several languages. At least now more people know about it.

  4. Comment, a discussion platform from EuroNews and EuropeanVoice (Economist Group) started a poll, asking if there should be an open debate in Europe about Muslim integration. So far 97% are in favour. And they ask, if European people feel, that the issue is been dealt like a taboo topic.

    The “EuroNews – No Comment”-video shows the mistreatment of VB people and there are no radicals to see(“Der Spiegel” claims most of the demonstrators were radicals).

  5. Thank you Geraldo, some time ago on other post we had already an interesting discussion concerning this issue.

    I posted then about these “deals” the following (repost):

    I had another look at the Eurabia entry on Wikipedia. Bat Ye’or is quoted there:
    The Arabs set the conditions for this association: (association=Eurabia, her quotes in italic, my statements in regular letters)

    A European policy that would be independent from, and opposed to that of the United States
    That was always the case, or when had Europe, or better, the European nations, no independent policy? But on the common goals such as defeating the evil empire, they sailed nicely through history, TOGETHER. Now there was the war in Iraq. But I think things got again better with Sarkozy and Merkel in office. And there is no reason to believe a Schröder/Chirac era could come back any soon.

    The recognition by Europe of a Palestinian people, and the creation of a Palestinian state
    As far as I can see, the USA has pretty much the same position on this issue.

    European support for the PLO
    The PLO, now Fatah, enjoys support from the USA and the EU. The US just recently shipped tons of weapons to Fatah.

    The designation of Yasser Arafat as the sole and exclusive representative of that Palestinian people
    Well one could argue, that the role of Carter and Clinton helped significantly to get him to the status he enjoyed.

    The delegitimizing of the State of Israel, both historically and politically, its shrinking into non-viable borders, and the arabization of Jerusalem.
    Besides some stupid comments coming from the left side, political Europe is still firmly behind Israel. Even Chirac state lately (when he still was in office), that if Iran would do something stupid, it could expect a nuclear rain. And I doubt that Tony Blairs mission in Jerusalem has anything to do with arabization?

    ** (End repost)

    The article you’ve just linked goes further then the few core points above. The article often refers to France and its role. But that France he refers to is dead today. The French left is in pieces, Gaullism is now the past. And the article refers to the “German Worker Program” – today even the then chancellor of Germany and initiator, Helmut Schmidt, said during the cartoon crisis, that the program was a mistake and he asked for a general immigration halt.

    And did you see Newsweeks cover of last week? The End Of Anti-Americanism
    Article here:

    Now, in response you referred then to institutions such as EuroMed etc. And I agree with you. I don’t like these groups too. But we still all live in democracies. And by saying now, that the EU as a whole must be destroyed because of some aspects we don’t like, makes no sense. And like I posted in an other post, the (EU) socialists were able to implement much or their agenda into the EU, BECAUSE conservatives over a long time just hoped, the EU will go away, they ignored much of it and wasted time in factional fighting over details. And now the “right” is about to redo this mistake. Instead of concentrating their powers in order to reshape the EU, fight political correctness and use it then as a “weapon” against islamization, conservatives cant agree if they want the EU or not, if they want to dissolve it… etc. And this, even though most European countries have a right leaning government and the conservatives and liberals(in the classical sense!) have the majority in the EU parliament.

  6. In the Danish daily Politiken, which is usually distustingly politically correct, the coverage of the demo is very good. It has a big picture of the girls in the T-shirts “Stop Islamisering” (this is perfect Danish, too), and a decent text with many details. It mentions that Frank Vanhecke and Philip Dewinther resisted arrest. And, as usually, smears Vlaams Belangs for being right-wing radicals. The article is almost half a page.

    Even better, below is another good article, about apostacy in the Netherlands, and in particular about Eshan Jami, who’s now becoming the new figurehead against Islam there. All he wants to is leave, and to help others who’ve had enough to get out as well. And he’s speaking up.

    Social Democrats are acting as fools, stating that while they do support the right to change religion, it must not be be in a manner that insults religious beliefs. Do they even remember that they used to stand up against religious dogma and powerholders?

    And this is profound: The problem with leaving Islam is that it insults Islam. It is a very clear message that Islam and Muhammad didn’t live up to the expectation to them, clearly insultive.

    Never mind the Social Democrats (who might change their minds). Helping people leave Islam is a worthwhile activity, which will undermine the power of Islamic leaders anywhere. Support for these people and publication of their stories is useful.

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