Modoggie Overview at Greenspiece

A ModoggiePaul at Greenspiece has an excellent summary of the Modoggie crisis up to now, all in one article. He has links to a lot of the parallel stories that have only been mentioned in passing here at Gates of Vienna.

His conclusion:

It is time for the West to teach that world that there are certain things we hold sacred, and are not about to yield to prideful zealots and their ugly tantrums.

Go over and read the rest.

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One thought on “Modoggie Overview at Greenspiece

  1. Freedom means the freedom to offend.

    And to be offended.

    And have a sense of humor about both.

    If you can draw a moustache on the Mona Lisa, you can put a pedophile warlord’s head on a mutt.

    (Poor mutt.)

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