Mexicans in Canada are America’s Fault

Or so say some of our neighbors to the north:

With city shelters filled and a surge of further refugee claimants expected to flood into Windsor, Mayor Eddie Francis is pleading for financial help from Ottawa.

“When there is a possibility of adding thousands to the local social assistance system as a result of refugee claimants crossing the border into Windsor, we will become overwhelmed and our current resources will not suffice,” Francis wrote in a letter sent Wednesday to Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Over the past three weeks, 45 families and 31 individuals — approximately 200 people — entered Canada at the Detroit River crossings and applied in Windsor for shelter and social assistance after filing refugee claims with the Canada Border Services Agency. Municipal agencies dealing with the sudden influx of mainly Mexican refugee applicants are renting out hotel rooms and bracing for predicted thousands more to come.

“We don’t have the means, ability or capacity to deal with this additional cost. We are not able to deal with this potential crisis locally,” Francis wrote Harper.

“I don’t believe that Windsor’s residents and taxpayers should have to foot the bill for U.S. immigration policy,” Francis [said]. He was referring to the suspected source of the problem — a recently begun crackdown on illegal immigrants in economically struggling regions of the U.S. South.

Hmm…perhaps they can build a wall?

How come these are Mexican citizens who are actively encouraged by their government to get across the border, and yet it’s America’s fault that they end up in Canada?
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Further into the article – much further – you find the source of the problem: a little bit of Haitian free enterprise operating in Florida:

But a group operating out of Naples, Fla., vowed to continue sending the so-called economic refugees to Windsor.

“They ask, ‘Is Canada an option?’ and I say, ‘Yes, it is an option,’“ Jacques Sinjuste of the Jerusalem Haitian Community Center said in a phone interview Wednesday. For a US$300 “donation” (most of those interviewed in Windsor claim they paid US$400), JHCC staff download forms off the Internet, help applicants fill them out and give directions on how to get to the Canadian border.

So these poor illegal immigrants are taken for a ride by another immigrant who prints out forms they could get for ten cents a page at a local library. And then all they need are directions to the bus terminal…but of course they don’t speak English.

To be successful, refugee claimants must prove they are fleeing persecution at home, something most of the Mexicans arriving in Windsor would be hard-pressed to do…there was only a 13 per cent acceptance rate of refugee claims filed by Mexican nationals during the first six months of the year, compared to an overall rate of 47 per cent.

But the average processing time for a refugee claim in Canada is currently 14.2 months…a period during which the applicant is eligible for financial and other support. A failed claimant then also has the right to seek leave to appeal his or her rejection to federal court.

I feel sorry for any Mexican who has to winter over in Canada only to be deported (where? To the U.S. or to Mexico? To whomever doesn’t make a big fuss – which Mexico will surely do).

Meanwhile, Sinjuste has been paid a visit by a member of the Canadian consulate in Florida. Somehow, I doubt any dialogue is going to stop him from collecting $400.00 a head from these poor people:

Sinjuste said he’s simply providing a “referral” service.

“Most of the time when the people come, they say they’ve heard something (about Canada). I say that I’ve heard the same thing,” he said.

Sly one, isn’t he? So is it Haiti’s fault that this guy, Sinjuste, ended up in Florida fleecing Mexicans and pointing them to Windsor? If so, does that make Haiti the real source of Windsor’s problem?

And since Haiti’s problems originate in its colonization by France, shouldn’t Canada be talking to the French consulate instead of some mountebank in Florida?

Never mind. Let’s worry about all that tomorrow, when the North American Union comes to life and our three former countries are just one big happy continent just like our European cousins.

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10 thoughts on “Mexicans in Canada are America’s Fault

  1. Canada’s immigration system is likely to become a political hot potato in the not too distant future. It’s become primarily a means of buying votes from immigrants, and little to do with benefit to Canada.

    What makes it particularly ludicrous is that skilled workers who speak English or French, are healthy, have useful skills and money are currently waiting three years or more for permanent residence visas (the equivalent of a US Green Card), but ‘refugees’ can get them in less than half the time.

    It’s well past time the whole ‘refugee’ scam was brought to an end throughout the Western world; at least to the extent that such claims would only be considered for people from neighbouring countries rather than those who’ve travelled thousands of miles looking for the easiest immigration system.

  2. This is just such a perfect solution for the U.S. The Canadian refugee process should be advertised all over the place. Canada takes pot shots at the U.S. all the time. Payback is a b—h!

  3. Canada does not require Mexicans to have a visa for a tourist visit. The USA does. Normally, a refugee fleeing his/her own country can apply for refugee status in the FIRST country he gets to. If Mexicans are going to Canada FROM the USA, Canada has no obligation to consider their application. Economic refugees are not political refugees, and they should be sent back to Mexico ASAP. If Canada does not do this, the financial problems are of their own making.

  4. I live in Texas, so I get the urge to take a vacation in Canada every year between May and November. Perhaps I could just apply for asylum and have a paid vacation for all of next summer, courtesy of Canada’s taxpayers. I think I’d prefer British Columbia to Ontario, though. Can a white boy get away with that?

  5. Alien Anthropologist said…
    What makes it particularly ludicrous is that skilled workers who speak English or French, are healthy, have useful skills and money are currently waiting three years or more for permanent residence visas (the equivalent of a US Green Card), but ‘refugees’ can get them in less than half the time.

    If you break down Canada’s total number of immigrants, less than half are in the economic class and the majority belong to the family reunification class and the refugee class. So, less than half of the total intake are potentially contributing to the economy, whereas the majority are potential economic liabilities. When you factor in chain immigration due to people who are potential economic liabilities bringing in more of the same through the family reunification scheme, the economic benefit is debatable. There is also the attendant social problems imported wholesale from the immigrants’ countries of origin, the fixing of which incurs further economic costs.

    The backlash most likely will begin in Quebec, where the Quebecois have a healthy sense of tribal self-preservation. Having said that, I am perplexed that they are not going all out to root out the Jihadists in their midst, particularly in Montreal.

  6. rohan: “The Canadian refugee process should be advertised all over the place. “

    Don’t worry, it is advertised all over the place.

    I look forward to the coming Reconquista of the Yukon.

    Come now Dymphna, you know that everything is always America’s fault. /sarc off

  7. I’m as confused now as when I first heard about this story: Are these jokers “refugees” from the US or Mexico? If the latter, then as was mentioned, it seems illegal. If the former, then even the Canadian authorities should be laughing.

    Rule of thumb though, if they try to get clever: don’t try to come back on our side. I’ve been across the Windsor/Detroit border many times. And US border security, even before 9-11, was pretty tough on people coming back to the US side.

    Or maybe that’s only white folks with Michigan license plates and American accents.

    On the other hand, my Army Reserve unit once played around with the Canadian militia, and they told us they used to cross the border in uniform, in military vehicles, with weapons in plain sight and signs warning of explosives on board. And the US guards would let them through when they said they had no explosives or weapons.

    Wonder if they’re still that blind/ignorant since 9-11.

  8. By the way, there may be a national election in canada in the next year, so, the govt will suspend disbelief regarding “refugees” from mexico so as to avoid being pummelled by the leftist media. guaranteed.

    Ridiculous? We have a free trade agreement with mexico, yet, we will consider their citizens to be refugees.

  9. these mexicans think they are entitled to everything the US and Canada has to offer. and when they are denied services or rights, they cry racism. their country is a piece of crap, yet they virtually rule the continent. how about the US and Canadian governments work TOGETHER to send them all back to MEXICO. and if Canadians don’t want the mexicans there, they need to get off their butts and send them packing. don’t blame the US when you are offering them free services the same as we did. learn from us, and stop complaining. i’ve lost a lot of respect for canada after hearing about this.

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