Is Sweden a College Campus?

American college campuses are notorious as places where “transgressive discourse” is encouraged, but where dissent from liberal orthodoxy is not tolerated. Editions of conservative newspapers — if they are allowed on campus at all — are routinely stolen, vandalized, etc., with the tacit support and encouragement of the PC college administration.

And now, thanks to the Modoggies, Sweden seems to be a college campus, with the newspaper Nerikes Allehanda playing the role of the despised conservative rag. According to The Local:

Vandals burn copies of Nerikes Allehanda

A ModoggieHundreds of copies of Nerikes Allehanda newspaper were burned in Örebro during the night.

The fire was started at a bus shelter on the Vivalla estate shortly before 3am, the newspaper reports.

“The fire was intentional. Newspapers don’t just burn by themselves,” police spokesman Thomas Ginghagen told Nerikes Allehanda.

Some 200 to 300 newspapers are reported to have gone up in flames. Police have not made any arrests in connection with the incident.

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It is the second time in a few days that copies of the newspaper at the centre of the Muhammad caricature row have been destroyed. At the weekend a number of newspapers were thrown into a fountain in protest.

So what’s next?

Mohammed-the-Pig cookie bake sales, shut down by the police?

Maybe Lars Vilks gets pied when he speaks in public?

Dartmouth, Sweden — same thing.

Hat tip: CG.

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3 thoughts on “Is Sweden a College Campus?

  1. Just to explain: why on earth a bus shelter? — newspapers are normally dropped off by distributors in locations like bus stops, gas stations, etc., for the delivery folks to pick up. They’re usually dropped off in the middle of the night for the delivery people to pick up to start their runs at, say, 4-5 a.m.

    So, there very likely could’ve been a stack of a couple of hundred papers sitting at this particular bus shelter at the time — just waiting for a jihadist to come along. 😉

  2. I suspect Mr. Vilks will be happy if he only gets “pied” in public.

    His opponents are slightly more… emphatic… than those who oppose Ann Coulter or other conservatives in the US.

    For now, at least.

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