Democratic Europe R.I.P.

The British writer Paul Weston was in Brussels yesterday. Here’s his take on those momentous events.

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Democratic Europe R.I.P.
by Paul Weston

It was not just the events taking place in Brussels on September 11th 2007 that indicated the end of democracy in Europe. Rather, the manhandling and arrest of passive, besuited, middle-aged men was simply the final statement — after a long history of incremental authoritarianism — by our ruling socialist elites that a new totalitarian order now controls an entire continent.

Brussels demo

What took place yesterday should be viewed from several different angles. To fundamental Islam it was a great fillip to their dream of a global caliphate, to the supporters of SIOE it was not the success we had hoped for, and to the Socialists it was a comprehensive victory.

The mainstream media largely ignored the event. The few outlets that did report on it remarked only that a handful of far-right activists had been arrested at an anti-Islam demonstration. The BBC did not think such an event even warranted television coverage, relegating the story to its web site. Here in Britain, the Times, Telegraph and Mail failed to report on it all.

Journalism appears to have no eye for a story these days. The events of yesterday were not — as the MSM have implied — simply about a few right-wing wackos with an inbuilt hatred of the religion of peace; it was far more importantly about freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, or more succinctly, democracy.

And democracy was trampled on in Brussels yesterday. In the heart of the European Union’s capital city, democracy was trashed, abused, and violated. The MSM’s response, almost unbelievably, was to ignore it or spin it to the detriment of those who took part.

The socialists, leftists, liberals, call them what you may, will be rubbing their hands in glee today. They have silenced those who disagree with their ideology through a mixture of intimidation, smear, and media blackout, and have done so in a totalitarian manner reminiscent of the Nazis or the Communists.

To put yesterday’s events into perspective, let us look at some unarguable facts. SIOE and Vlaams Belang are legally established movements operating within a democracy. The reason for their demonstration may not have been to the taste of our European elites, but the gradual erosion of Europe’s culture and heritage in the face of Islamic expansion is a reality nonetheless. In a democracy, a legitimate movement with legitimate concerns should be allowed to make those grievances known in a public manner.

Brussels demoThe demonstration was banned under the mischievous pretext that it might provoke a violent Muslim reaction and/or its supporters were in contravention of European laws pertaining to racism and xenophobia. This ban was subsequently upheld at the appeal court.

I have read some comments suggesting that if the march was banned then it is no surprise that arrests were made. This is true, but it rather misses the point that if a differing political viewpoint can be criminalised in the Europe of 2007, then democracy is over, dead, ceased to exist, shuffled off this mortal coil. Europe is an ex-democracy.
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The argument that one cannot legally protest may carry some weight — in certain instances — in a democracy. A demonstration in favour of executing homosexuals, Jews and adulterous women should have arguments against it, but I do not think it should necessarily be banned. If such truly revolting people wish to draw attention to themselves, then so be it. Forewarned is forearmed, as they say.

This was not the case yesterday. Vlaams Belang and SIOE exist to counter the behaviour described above. That the socialist elites find such an idea repugnant speaks volumes about their own moral consciousness, but repugnant ideas do not a criminalised ban make. The demonstration was banned because our rulers do not like our political viewpoint. No more and no less. This should not happen in a democracy and cannot possibly be upheld in a court of law unless that court is totalitarian in nature.

But happen it did. Ergo, Europe is no longer democratic. One cannot have partial freedom of expression. It is all or nothing, pace Voltaire. It is the primary function of a democracy and without it no society can be called democratic.

I know I am repeating myself, but I cannot make this point strongly enough: A legitimate movement with a legitimate grievance was illegitimately but legally banned by a politically motivated mayor and a politically motivated court, after which black clad, politicised state enforcers, armed with batons and dogs, arrested and dispersed legitimate demonstrators because they held a differing political viewpoint.

Brussels demoThis was the story that our lazy, ineffectual MSM missed yesterday. Equipped with helicopters, cameras, satellite feeds, reporters and a vast network of contacts they missed the emergence of a totalitarian Europe. And make no mistake about it, the events leading up to, and during, yesterday, were just that. On September 11th 2007 Europe became a totalitarian dictatorship.

Sensationalist you think? Can one really argue that Europe, run by unelected Marxists and ex-Communists, has failed to make fully clear their determination to disallow, by any means possible, democratic opposition to their vision of some unprecedented multicultural utopia in their unholy alliance with Islam, a political creed which hates Western civilisation almost as much as our rulers themselves?

So, if we can agree that Europe is now totalitarian, where does this leave us? Well, there are dictatorships and there are dictatorships. If a peculiar interest in train timetables and invading far-flung African countries was your bag, then Mussolini was a relatively benign sort of chap to rule your country. In post WW1 Germany, a political, social and economic madhouse, then even Adolf Hitler ticked a few boxes. Where it led them however, we know only too well.

Both of the aforementioned dictators had mass support (not majority, but mass nevertheless) from their indigenous people, both rebuilt their economies before total power went to their heads, and both acted, initially, in the interests of their historical culture, heritage and people. When I say that at least they started out on the right foot, I am in no way defending them. I simply point out the facts.

The reason for doing so will become apparent. If Islam, (or radical Islam if you are reality deficient) were compared to any previous ideology, then it could only be compared to the Nazis. Both wished/wish to establish a global empire, eradicate the Jews, eradicate the homosexuals, thought women fit only for bearing children, cooking and church, brooked no opposition to their ideology, indeed seemed to positively enjoy murdering its apostates, and worshipped The Glorious Leader, be he the Fuhrer or the Prophet.

And into that pot we can add Communism, built on the ideal of supposed egalitarianism. It resulted in genocide, economic failure and environmental, social and spiritual devastation.

Now, to the well-balanced mind, such ideologies should be avoided like the plague, but the liberal/left appear to have embraced them both. The European Union is run by Communist manqués and they are utilising Europe’s new Nazi Party, Islam, to further their dream of absolute power.

Europeans today however are not living in the shattered economies and societies that bought Hitler and Mussolini to power. We live in unprecedented wealth and comfort; we have no need of totalitarianism to solve our economic problems and we certainly have no need for a totalitarian regime to actively bring about future social problems.

Brussels demoOur situation today is almost mind boggling in its perversity. A peaceful society — with a peace that came at the expense of millions of dead — that wishes only to be left alone, has had an alien culture undemocratically inflicted upon us and an alien culture that is unrepentantly vociferous in its call for our overthrow.

This culture of Islam — Europe’s new Nazi party — is growing as we are shrinking and poses a clear and present danger to our children and grandchildren. It is genocidal in its ambitions, which effectively means that indigenous Europeans would, if Islam came to power, be the new Jews of Hitler’s Germany. Each and every one of us; homosexual and heterosexual, feminist and housewife, Jew, Catholic, Protestant, agnostic or atheist, conservative or liberal, black or white.

And Islam is aided and abetted by Europe’s new Communists — albeit with a love of capitalist money in their own pockets — the European Union and their apparatchiks, who outlaw public displays of unease about our children’s future via totalitarian means.

Has it really come to this? The devil’s pact of Islamism and Communism are now the dictatorial rulers of Europe? Hitler, Lenin, Stalin and Mussolini were guilty of not only destroying the lives of their enemies; they ultimately destroyed those they purported to represent. Europeans are now faced with the astonishing and terrifying prospect of being dictatorially controlled as an enemy of the state, not its friend, and when we see what totalitarian regimes do their friends, let alone their enemies, we should be extremely, if not obsessively, concerned.

So what can we do? Firstly, we must play our rulers at their own game. The EU is obsessed with the varied doctrines of tolerance, feminism, racial prejudice, equality and Human Rights, and this is how we must fight them if we are to make any discernable difference to our future.

I have spoken to many people who feel that “Stop The Islamisation Of Europe” is a provocative banner that smacks of racial/religious intolerance. They are foolish and naive, but they are probably in the majority in our brainwashed isles. We must appeal to the majority.

If European socialist leaders can ban a demonstration on the grounds of racism and xenophobia, then we will have to adjust to the fact that if such marches go ahead, they will receive little public support, and should therefore be discontinued.

Demonstrations should not take place on any September 11ths and certainly not on weekdays, firstly to counteract any bans, and secondly to attract more numbers.

The next demonstration should be organised by a movement called “For A Democratic Europe” or something along those lines. Its primary aim should be about freedom of speech and no mention should be made in advance of Islam. On the day, under the name of free speech, the supporters could carry banners reading “Democracy Not Theocracy” — “No To Honour Killings” — “We Disagree With Colonisation Everywhere” — “Is The EU Totalitarian” — “Free Speech For Europeans” — “Equal Rights For Muslim Women” — Homosexual Rights Before Religion” etc. etc.

What happened yesterday played into the totalitarians’ hands. Vlaams Belang should not have been in attendance, SIOE’s banner and ideology was used against us, causing both the ban and a cleverly worded threat of retaliatory violence, which put many people off. Or at least I can only hope that was the reason for the low turnout.

This is not some liberal, non-confrontational desire to dilute our message. We must get our message out and this is the only way of doing it. I submit the idea of such a feeble demonstration for two reasons. Firstly, if we can advance our cause through mass demonstrations that circumnavigate the EU dictators then that is at least a start.

If we cannot, and I suspect that we cannot, then we will know where we stand. The era of men in suits debating our future will have come to a close. We will be alone, abandoned by our traditional leaders and without a new leader of our own. But that is easily remedied. Once we know what we need to do, then we will do it and until we are forced to admit that this is our final recourse, it will be one we ignore. When the written word, speech, and the democratic process can no longer be relied upon to bring about change, then words will be replaced with physical deeds.

We didn’t start this, but by sheer weight of numbers we can finish it. As of yesterday, European politics was bought down to the level of the Reds vs. the Brownshirts. There are no Brownshirts as yet, but there are potentially millions of us. Standing in our way are a few thousand socialists, who, not known for their bravery, will become even fewer when they realise what they have unleashed against themselves.

Do these socialist lunatics have any idea of our violent history? They appear to betting that we will not fight for territory, religion or culture. On this they are possibly right, but we will, surely, fight for our children. The idea that a continent of half a billion people will allow a handful of Communist manqués, in alliance with a very small minority (today) of bearded Nazis, to dictatorially browbeat us into submission, when we have the unarguable knowledge that our failure to retaliate will wreak destruction upon our children and grandchildren is simply too fantastical to possibly be true.

Isn’t it?

Brussels demo

26 thoughts on “Democratic Europe R.I.P.

  1. Similar arguments were made during the battle against Jim Crow in the US. Dr. King was advised not to be “confrontational” and ask for things only on the margins.

    What he did do, and I agree with, was wrap himself in patriotism and the Bible. Now how could anyone see as a mortal threat the man who squarely stood with America and the Flag, and was in fact a Baptist Preacher quoting scripture?

    SIOE can and should IMHO wrap itself up in Patriotism (where that exists, probably not in Belgium but definitely in France, the UK, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and so on).

    People love their nations, their traditions, and wish for someone to defend against them. The Brits defeated the measures to take their pints, so victories can be won.

    Secondly this brutality makes the argument that the Authorities are corrupt and brutal and illegitimate. The Web and flyers are an easy way to publicize this around the media embargo. A mass movement is not built in a day, but the sacrifices at say, Selma helped convince most Americans over time that Dr. King was correct and that Segregation HAD to end.

    White Southerners in the end stopped fighting to preserve Segregation because Dr. King convinced them that there would be no widespread political retribution for their support for Segregation. Well, they also moved away from the cities into segregated suburbs anyway so did not fear those they formerly oppressed.

    I do think that portions of the elites can be chiseled off in a political coalition but the process is tedious.

    Find a man blocked by others. Convince him that SIOE offers a way to career advancement while not harming his position. Recruit him to your cause and make sure he benefits (and others see his benefits) from SIOE’s support.

    [This is what Jose Bovee did with his cause. It works. It is effective. But it takes time and organization.]

  2. Good job guys and great success. Demonstration took place in spite of problems. Eurocrats did not run away immediately – who would expect that? Something is much better than nothing. You cannot win until you start to fight. Congratulations.

  3. In this war, pen (or a keyboard) can be more effective than any protests.
    Media has its agendas, multiculturalism is built on (very dim) belief and the system supports the elite.
    Lets just accept the facts as they are.

    There really is no point in juvenile lament against the ‘betrayal’ of the media. Granted, it pisses me off, but it has always been like that. Thing is, that the matrix is coming down by becoming more transparent and more and more people are finding out the basic agendas behind every news organisation.

    IMHO, this means:

    – no public protests.
    People has no match for the system and media can sooo easily distort the image of the event to the mass.
    In a way, public demonstrations in fact feeds the system. They give ‘material’ for them to paint a picture of rightwing extremists and so on.

    Up here in Finland, media is already giving sings of a deep frustration, because of the lack of this mentioned ‘material’ and because of the increase in public debate on the issue. Here, when newspaper (by accident?) opens a discussion in multiculturism it is well above 80% of the opinions that are in favour of patriotism. This pisses the media and system off! Because, all the writers represents the normal people without a spesific label attached to them. (it is definetly not a surprise that the national media works day by day to bring the average joe down to the mud here. This however suprises that how dim one can be, if he/she thinks that BS has any effect to a standard finn-lad.. We are so used to it when it came from the “swedes” here and was quickly measured ages ago as simple BS from a simple idiots.)

    – This works.

    Tools and weapons for this leg of the battle is logic, reason and facts. It is surprisingly easy to learn the basics of logic and there is no lie that can coupe with all three: logic, reason and undisputable facts.

  4. For the record, Politiken in Denmark, which is certainly MSM, had a large (almost ½ page) article with a good picture about the demo. Except for smearing Vlaams Belangs as right-wing extremists, it was pretty fair.

    And it was accompanied by another relevant article, about the problem of apostacy from Islam.

  5. Paul Weston take it in a static view. From now one, every time muslims demonstrate we can show the diference of actuation of the police force. Showing that they are fierce fighters against middle aged europeans and but chicken cowards wen it comes to muslims.

    “This was the story that our lazy, ineffectual MSM missed yesterday” This is true for yesterday but next demo may be diferent. I remember a school text of English classes: If you dont succeed at once try and try and try again until you succeed.

    “I have spoken to many people who feel that “Stop The Islamisation Of Europe” is a provocative banner that smacks of racial/religious intolerance” One can wonder who are and where lives the people Paul weston spoke. Why dont he speaks with lower class people in milltowns?

    ” Firstly, if we can advance our cause through mass demonstrations that circumnavigate the EU dictators then that is at least a start.” Do you now a single movement that got a masss demostration on its first demo?

  6. Geraldo

    I appreciate your point about speaking to people in mill towns.

    Unfortunately, the opinion formers in this country are sufficiently affluent to live apart from the consequences of that which they support or ignore.

    They pass this viewpoint down to the middle class masses, precisely the people one needs to enable change.

    The vast majority of these people are pretty much unaware of what is going on, certainly with a view of what Europe will be like in 20 years time.

    I know people across a large class range, the working class get it, the middle class do not. Only when the MC are fully awakened will change take place.

    This is happening, thanks to the internet, but is not there yet.

    Unlike George Orwell, I don’t think we can rely on the “proles”.

    It will be a middle class revolution, hence my exhortation to treat them, at the moment, with kid gloves.

  7. I can find very few things wrong with this. In fact, it is excellent. While anger and testosteron are one thing, playing the legal system and winning by political means, is quite another. The date of 9/11 was brave, but was asking for trouble. I think the single most important principle of this movement must be: DO NOT ATTACK MUSLIMS!!!! Why get yourselves into a legal quackmire which you will never win – they are too well protected for that – when there are oceans of facilitators, appeasers and advocates to start with: they are the ones who are making this totalitarian take-over possible.
    We made a wrong start, let’s learn from that and move on. But as we have some momentum going, we must keep it up. And for heaven’s sake, don’t fall out, and if you have to, don’t do it in public! (A book on the embrionic beginnings of Christianity might provide a few pointers.)
    Cheers and God bless.
    P.S. Where do I make my financial contribution, and where’s the dotted line to sign up?

  8. “The date of 9/11 was brave, but was asking for trouble.”

    MeThinks this date is Good.

    But it might be useful adjust the strategy to go not against Islam as such, but against the elements of Islam that makes it ugly. Stuff like racism, inequal rights for women, intimidation, violence, Jihad, martyrdom, terrorism, punishing apostacy etc. All stuff we can’t accept and which is deeply ingrained in Islam.

    Even if we don’t mention the word ‘Islam’, everyone will get the point…

  9. A great article from Paul Weston. It about sums it up. There one remark though that I cannot place: “Vlaams Belang should not have been in attendance”. Why not? They were there as concerned citizens, and flew no party banners. They were there on behalf of FoS. On Brussles Journal you can see a video that shows Flip de Winter being interviewed, just talking, when he was arrested.

    Upside may even be that Italy now got inflamed as well, as the pigs just went after the suits, totally ignorant who were from Vlaams Belang or other nationalities.

    I haven’t really dug into VB’s agenda, but from articles on their website I cannot conclude they’re as far right as they are proclaimed to be by the leftist elite. A bit like Geert Wilders in NL. He’s also demonised fro things he has not said or done.

  10. Dr King succeeded in his non-violence because everybody saw Malcolm X standing behind him, representing the alternative if King failed.

  11. European patriots (for want of a better term) are somewhat in the same position as the underground revolutionaries in Czarist Russia in the 19th century.
    Hopefully, this time raising the political conscience of the masses won’t take 50 years.
    Every keyboard a printing press!

  12. I’m gripped by the irony of a man being silenced — a policeman’s hand over his mouth — against the backdrop of the United Nations building. Thanks for posting this important reading.

  13. R.Hartman,

    I agree with your observation. VB has been under a political and media boycott for over a decade; if anyone in Belgium has any moral grounds for protesting the loss of freedom of speech, it’s them. Their burden is that (1) they advocate Flemish independence, and (2) they are allergic to the PC culture. Given that the Flemish ecomonmy keeps Socialist Wallonia (and therefore, Belgium) viable, and that Socialism is the vehicle that drives PC dogmatism, tarring VB with the “right wing” brush is a convenient strawman accusation. Nevertheless, in spite of this they should keep up the pressure. If they can succeed in seceding Flanders from Belgium, the European Union would be on notice that as their admitted model for the future proved to be unviable, an in-depth reassessment of the European political project might be in order. If the Socialist superstae can be curtailed, there is hope for dialing back the creepin islamization as well – as both go hand-in-glove.

  14. Dear Paul,

    I think your concept is very good. I suggested the same kind of approach when me and Lawrence Auster discussed writing a counter manifesto answering the (communist) manifesto of the twelve (by Bernard-Henri Lévy etc.). Auster didn’t get this though, he thinks that purism is the only way to heaven. In the end I withdrew and Auster wrote his own manifesto, and nothing more happened.

    And it’s not at all a kid gloves approach. It’s a full frontal attack using intellectual smart bombs against the core pillars of liberal/socialist doctrines. By turning the liberals’ doctrine against themselves, it can be shown beyond any doubt how insurmountable the paradoxes of their doctrines are. Such attacks will be most effective if done by a movement which do not wage any other kind of “warfare” at the same time. And this is your point. And this is a movement that would carry the banners of democracy, women’s rights etc. much higher and more honestly than the establishment.

    Your suggested slogans are good, but even if there should be no banners against Islamization, there ought to be banners against Sharia. It’s easier for the bobos to be against Sharia than to be against Islamization. And there should be at least some cognitive content of this.

    But then again, this is not what SIOE should do. SIOE should go on like before with it’s Stop Islamization. When the left-wing took over the West they had many groups operating on many levels: there were bomb-throwing anarchists, militant communists, Allende-type socialists, trade union syndicates, social democrats, social liberals, etc., etc.

    We will need a bobo-movement as suggested by Paul Weston. “For A Democratic Europe” is a good kind of name.

    We will need SIOE, going a step furtherm by clearly identifying Islamization as the problem.

    And in the next level we will need a joint organization of the best of the European anti-establishment parties, such as Vlaams Belang, Danish People’s Party, BNP, Sverigedemokraterna. Who will further pinpoint the real problem: mass immigration.

    And of course, learning from the model of the Left, we will need the street fighters going to Marseille. But at this point, the longer we can hold them back the better. It makes me very happy though that there are so many people who are prepared to engage in violence.

  15. Paul Weston:
    What happened yesterday played into the totalitarians’ hands. Vlaams Belang should not have been in attendance, SIOE’s banner and ideology was used against us

    I completely disagree. The Brussels demo was a great success, and very much thanks to the participation of Vlaams Belang.

  16. Paul correctly notices that it is not lower class but the middle class that does not get the problem. And middle class is much better informed and participates in the powers. I cannot but conclude that the problem is not only in elites, the problem is in the European middle class. If they don’t want to notice what is in front of their eyes, they must have a good reason for that. It is useless to appeal to their views because it is their views that created Eurabia. The reality will finally change their opinion, just like it did in Israel, which can be considered the first European state of 21th century. Want it or not, Europe’s destiny is the same as Israel’s. That is probably the reason why Europeans hate Israel so much.

  17. Are there many people prepared to engage in violence? Outside of moslems and the Belgian police, I mean.

    There seem to be many people prepared to go to Marseille.

    Another interpretation is of course that have no clue of what they are up to.

  18. And in the next level we will need a joint organization of the best of the European anti-establishment parties, such as Vlaams Belang, Danish People’s Party, BNP, Sverigedemokraterna. Who will further pinpoint the real problem: mass immigration

    And if you really want this umbrella party to be a success, as well as shove it in the faces of the Kumbayaa-singers, call it the IEPP — Indigenous European People’s Party — and use all their old Marxist rhetoric about colonialism and cultural imperialism right back at them. You don’t even have to create it out of whole cloth, just take the stuff they write/wrote and insert “indigenous Europeans” instead of “Australian aboriginals” or whatever. Shove their hypocrisy right in their faces, Kumbayaa-singers can’t deal with that.

  19. I posted this on another thread, but I really meant to post it here. Please forgive the repetition, but I was afraid not everyone would see it where I originally posted it:

    This is not a defeat, not a defeat at all. Rome was not built in a day. The protesters have accomplished the following:

    1.) Forced the establishment to show the fanged beast behind its pontificating, morally superior exterior. The pictures make the establishment look very, very bad, and will be broadcast via the Internet to millions. That is very, very good. If there had been no demonstration, there would have been no pictures.

    2.) Showed the world, and especially the indigenous Europeans, the hypocrisy and double standards of those who wrap themselves in Kumbayaa-singing and “anti-racist” sanctimony. Indigenous Europeans are not going to forget the sight of those who look just like them, harmless blue-eyed middle-aged men in business suits, being beaten and sexually molested by other indigenous Europeans — all for the sake of generally violent, thuggish, welfare-sucking aliens that no one in Europe really likes anyways.

    3.) Created ample fodder for some kind of legal action which, even if it loses, will only serve to further point up the hypocrisy of the snarling, hateful Kumbayaa-singers even more.

    As Churchill said, this is not the end. This is not even the beginning. This is the beginning of the beginning. Godspeed,my fellow Westerners. We have faced worse than this, in the 3,000 years of our civilization’s existence.

    9/13/2007 10:24 PM

  20. I just read SIOE’s official statement. It says: “SIOE can only praise the police for their efforts.”

    This is completely surreal! I had accumulated quite a lot of criticism of SIOE, and they way they handled things up until the demonstration–especially the tone the used against Paul Belian, Baron Bodissey, Vlaams Belang, etc.–but decided to keep silent about it in order not to discourage this important effort, in any sort of way. After the event I considered it a great success, and didn’t feel much like criticizing SIOE.

    The first time I reacted against the tone of SIOE was when I saw here at GoV how Stephen Gash addressed Baron Bodissey. Not only the tone, but his defensive and touchy way, made him look unprofessional. Their treatment of Paul Belien was much worse. Then at their site, whatever the issue was, they robotically repeated the SIOE policy (mainly about slogans), and expressed paranoia about how others were trying to hijack their demo (e.g. Paul Belien).

    Now SIOE praises the effort of the police. SIOE actually support the arrests of their own people at Luxembourg Square, spinning it as they deserved it since they didn’t comply with SIOE’s policy. What had e.g. the Czech guy with the flag done, according to SIOE, to make them praise the police for arresting him.

    Furthermore, SIOE praises the how the police brutalized the leaders of Vlaams Belang at Schumann Square. SIOE can only praise the police for their efforts, including how they grabbed Frank Vanhecke by the balls.

    SIOE can only praise the police for their efforts, but has only criticism for Vlaams Belang and Gates of Vienna.

    SIOE has shown us that they are completely out of touch with reality. It’s unimaginable to me by now, that the next demo would be held in the name of this organisation. It’s conceivable to me that all this junk has been written by Stephen Gash. But where was Anders Gravers then to stop him? Very bad leadership indeed.

  21. I would think the pictures above with scathing tag lines would make excellent posters for the next demonstration. Let them know that crude bullying will be used against them; even if it was a defeat it can still be turned into a potent weapon.

  22. Please allow me to tell you all a little story.

    I’m Austrian. That means, I’m sitting in the EU and should know about events like this one, at least, that’s what I would expect, given our freedom of speech, freedom of press, etc.

    However, do you know how I found out about this “incident”?

    A friend of mine, an American (Texan to be precisely, yes, one of those evil Americans who have several guns and even dare to carry them concealed for self defense) gave me a link to an article on Michelle Malkin’s blog (it’s the one about the damage done to the Vietnam Memorial by some drug-induced hippies and retarded lefties). Then I read around her blog and stumbled over the “Brussels Incident”. That’s how I found out. It was nowhere on Austrian or German TV, nowhere on the radio, nowhere in any newspaper. If we go by how this event was reported about in Austria it simply never happened.

    On the other hand, a recruit in the Austrian army, who was stupid enough for having himself filmed by a comrade while doing the “Deutscher Gruß” and screaming “Heil Hitler” had prime time coverage and headlines.

    To be frank, if this would have been a lefty ralley there would have been plenty of coverage, at least that’s how things seem to be these days. This incident proves how everything that is somehow connected to “right” is automatically “EVIL”. It seems to be some sort of default setting in the minds of some people. In Germany, a female reporter of the NDR (North German TV and radio channel) was fired from her job because she commented on motherhood and family and dared to say that these values were also emphasized and strengthened in the 3rd Reich (a mere historic fact, I only say “Mutterkreuz” and the joke about the NSDAP’s girls’ organization BDM, which referred to the abbreviation as “Bald Deutsche Mutter” (Soon German Mother)). An Austrian politician, years ago, gets attacked massively because he said that the employment policy of the Nazis wasn’t too bad (anyone who knows history will, at once, realize that he was clearly referring to the early 1930s and how the Nazis dealt with the great unemployment rate). The arguments of the attackers (usually members of the Austrian Green Party (the “bitch and moan party” as I call them) and some small left-wing groups) were based upon the forced labourers, which are clearly a different pair of shoes.

    And don’t give too much thought to European “democracy”. It simply does not exist. Keep in mind we’re talking about the same EU that posed sanctions on Austria over the outcome of a democratic election some seven or so years ago.

    In the early 1990s I was called upon my first election. We were to vote over whether Austria should join the EU or not. Back then, the EU was an economic union. A great thing it was. So I voted for it. Sadly, it left these shores somewhere along the lines and became what it is today, a central government that spits on it’s member states. I would vote against the EU today. Thanks to this I can understand today how the Southern States in the US felt back in 1861 when the American Civil War started.

    Here I am, hoping for Austria to leave the EU and team up with the Swiss as some sort of European Confederacy.

  23. I was at the demonstration where the representatives of the people were brutally dragged off to waiting police vehicles. The images were shocking and even if the Mainstream Media did not cover the event appropriately it does not matter.

    I think that the event, far from being a failure, was an overwhelming success. The EU was exposed as a tyranny and the pictures and video footage that were taken on the day prove this fact beyond doubt. The violence and brutality unleashed against peaceful demonstrators by the police has given us a huge moral victory. The EU is now exposed as, albeit in limited circles, a tyranny and the people who support it can therefore be described as supporters of tyrants and enemies of freedom. This is a massive propaganda victory for us.

    The EU can never again speak with any authority on the issue of human rights. Whenever they lecture other countries for human rights abuses people can now always point to the human rights record of the EU. They can point to photographs, video clips, and eye witness testimony that proves that the EU is a human rights violator. Even members of the European Parliament do not have the right to freedom of expression at the very heart of Europe. Opponents of the EU will have ammunition to help bring this monstrous tyranny down. We can never be free while the EU exists!

    Many of us have also shown our support to the long suffering people of Flanders and highlighted the need for a ‘two state solution’ in Belgium. When Vlaams Belang becomes the new government of a free Flanders our movement will have a powerful and influential ally. The freedom that they deliver to the Flemish people will be a signal to all governments in Europe, that they either respect democracy and freedom or risk losing their power. Freedom for Flanders has international implications that would be as influential in the 21st century as the French Revolution was in the 18th century.

    Finally, while in Brussels, members of our movement had the opportunity to network. Extremely important contacts were made and friendships and political alliances were built that will stand the test of time. As a result, the resistance is stronger and more determined than ever. We witnessed evil at first hand and as a result we are now more determined than ever to defeat the despots who currently rule over us. We looked tyranny in the eye and showed our defiance.

    We will prevail and the reaction of the authorities demonstrates their fear and their weakness. Their willingness to resort to violence shows their weakness and desperation. From now on they have to take us seriously. I offer my thanks to both SIOE for getting the event moving and also to Vlaams Belang for the important role that they played in exposing our enemies in government for the tyrants that they are. The fact that there were two demonstrations is a source of strength and the different approaches by each demonstration provides our movement with strategic breadth that will prove useful for the future.

    A great victory for the cause of freedom was won on 11 September 2007. Those who were there and those who have supported the event in other ways have become agents of history and champions of freedom. Ultimate victory will be ours!

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