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Blog Talk RadioDymphna and I just spent an hour talking to Fausta and Siggy on Blog Talk Radio.

We had an entertaining time, discussing the “parachute fatwa”, Lars Vilks and the Modoggies, President Ahmadinejad’s visit to New York, and college education for illegal immigrants, among other things. There was quite an argument, although whether it was entertaining for anyone other than the participants is hard to say.

If you want to listen to it, the podcast is here. We talked for an hour, but it seems that only the first forty-five minutes were actually recorded for the program. Unfortunately, that means you will the miss the most exciting part, when I screamed at the other three and threw an empty snaps bottle at the telephone…

Siggy blogs at Sigmund, Carl, and Alfred. Fausta blogs, surprisingly enough, at Fausta’s Blog.

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3 thoughts on “Blog Talk Radio With Fausta and Siggy

  1. The podcast was interesting. The big disagreement I had was that I do not believe illegal aliens should continue to be given college tuition discounts in California. Students should be required to prove legal status prior to enrollment. The example given of a student in New Jersey having to pay the higher out of state tuition then an illegal who pays California’s lower in-state tuition shows one of the things that are just plain wrong in California. This is as wrong as California’s previous idea of giving drivers licenses to illegals.

    The talk of America having to deport 12-20 million illegals does not hold water. Secure the boarders, investigate mismatched security numbers with employer records(stop the identity theft), raid business that employ illegals and levy heavy fines. When businesses find that it is not cost effective to hire illegals the illegals will move on their own. All illegals who are convicted of a crime should serve their sentences and then be deported. Twelve to Twenty Million illegals do not have to be deported over night.

    Anyone here in the USA illegally must apply to enter legally just like everybody else.

    Rewarding illegals with tuition discounts is not in anyway productive.

  2. Anon, I just read those two articles and boy did they put a smile on my face. Canada has been bashing us for being uncaring to our illegal population. Well, now they can step up to the plate. And Canada blaming us is laughable. No one asked them to sneak into the country in the first place.

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