A Demonstrator’s Photos

There are a lot of media images out there of today’s demo in Brussels, and some of them are quite dramatic. But an ordinary demonstrator (assuming that he didn’t get arrested) saw quite a different view.

SIOE demo

SIOE demoReader “White Elefant” sent me a link to his photo spread of today’s events. He has a lot of photos of what the demonstration looked like from the calmer side of things.

Notice all the dogs, and the heavy police presence.

This looks like the DDR, and not Belgium.

SIOE demoWhite Elefant’s title for his spread is “First demonstration against Islamisation of Europe in Brussels”.

Those who are deeply involved in this know what he means, and it ought to give the EU authorities pause…

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19 thoughts on “A Demonstrator’s Photos

  1. The EU has a police force, and capable of enforcing law and order (or their interpretation thereof) at that.

    Some talked of “the collapse of the state”. Would it were so! Far better would be the collapse of the state than this situation, of the state alive and well, and doing the bidding of the barbarians.

    I see two possible outcomes, not necessary mutually exclusive:

    1) The good side is going to gate itself in its communities–Balkanization.

    2) Civil War.

    HaShem help us.

  2. No offense meant in my comment BUT I am sooo glad i dont live in Europe right now. Children in England can hold up “Behead those who insult Islam” in trafalger square and Thugs can accost people coming out of a catholic church.
    Yet when people protest this they are immediatly arrested by socialist mayors and thier fascist police squad.

  3. Did others notice that there were virtually no women in this demonstration?

    Do they not realize that they have more to lose from the Islamization of Europe than men?

    Or have they all been brainwashed by the PC-multiculti-radical feminists?

  4. I cant help but feel very cynical about todays protest. Besides the fact that the mayor and police squashed the event, I cant get over the fact that only a couple of hundred people showed up to represent the entire European continent. Or that the police who are most likely more sympathetic to the protesters then they would admit were so heavy handed. Maybe I am wrong, but it seems to me that almost all the people who agree with SIOE just really dont care that much, except to pay lip service. Until it affects them DIRECTLY Islam is just another annoyance to shake your head at. It is happening to someone else. Maybe we have become soft and decadent. All that matters is whats for dinner and whats on TV. I am sorry to sound so negative, but today I just feel like packing it in and moving to Argentina to watch the rest of the world slowly commit suicide. Go ahead everyone,get mad at me. But right now it seems like that saying. People get the government they deserve.

  5. I would also like to make the observation after looking through these photos that there is hardly anyone under the age of 40. What happend to the passion of youth? Are they all on the left?

  6. Flamish and Dutch TV has several: Videos.
    Interviews with Anders Gravers, De Winter, Thielemans, footage of violent arrests, comment from Flemish politicians and lawyers etc…
    Some are – partly – in English, the rest in Dutch, but quite understandable…
    Some of the reasons so few showed: The German organisation led by Udo Ulfkotte backed out (did not want to be “against the law” and “was warned that neo-Nazi’s would participate”), Not a single MSM mentioned the demonstration, everyone knew that the police would arrest, identify and photo all demonstrators, which means a criminal record all over Europe and not everyone reading the blogosphere was able to take several days off and finance a trip to a Belgian jail.
    Anyway, the demonstration has made headlines and TV-footage all over the continent – even the BBC had it – and it served it’s pupose:
    The EUrabian Islamofascist Union has shown its true face. – The resistance will grow even stronger now.

  7. Just watched some vid of the demo at Brussels Journal. The police, putting a middle-aged guy in a suit, in a headlock and wrestling him to the ground. Bloody cowards. I’d love to see one of those cops do that to a muslim who was carrying a sign that read Behead Those Who Insult Islam. Fat chance, he’d have a knife in his back quickly enough, either literally from one of the misunderstood community of the perpetually outraged, or figuratively from one of his superiors.

  8. The VB video only shows a small demonstration at the Schumann Roundabout: the main assembly point was at Place Luxembourg with another small contingent in front of the EU Parliament – my guess at least 1000. And there were plenty of younger people, mainly Flemish and Scandanavian.
    An Italian TV video shows skinheads in black being arrested. I didn’t see anyone looked like that. Maybe they were the threatened gatecrashing neo-Nazis that frightened away Ulfkotte’s contingent. Anyway, we need to build on this shaky but positive start, and have a more inclusive and imaginative approach for the next one. The only way is UP.

  9. I was only at the Rond Point Schumann (kind of a symbol for Sweden, with all the rondell dogs?), where a large number of Vlaams Belang (Flemish Interest Party) followers and top execs were and were taken in custody by the police. There were also other demonstrators against IOE, as can be seen from various flags.
    I did not see any shaven heads/military boots style neo-nazis at the time I was there. What I did see were numerous plain cloth police (easy to recognize with their single ear piece) as well as plain cloths with the arm tag saying “police”.
    There was no threat at all from the demonstrators that would have justified this amount of force.
    Not a single carbage can was set on fire, not a single item thrown during the hour I was there.

    After going through various blogs and looking at the pictures from the Place du Luxembourg (in front of the European Parliament), for example:
    there was obviously a second demonstration/second half demonstration there with a large international background and more women as well.

    From Brussels,
    a concerned citizen

  10. a positive start, CarnackiUK? the opposite. a tremendous letdown, as if europeans don’t see that they are in their “Last Days,” as Laqueur’s book title puts it.

  11. I was there too, and this was quite a depressing experience. Report of what I witnessed can be found on my blog (both in French and English.

    (CarnackiUK, I was on Place du Luxembourg too, and I’m sorry, but if you counted the cops, the journalists and the curious onlookers out, I’m not sure there were more than 100 -200 demonstrators… really!)

  12. Quite as Lars Vilks repeatedly states that the reactions to his drawings are part of the piece of art–such as the statement of Ahmadinejad and comments at his blog–even more than the drawings themselves.

    Likewise the police (combat or civilian) and the journalists were part of this demonstration. Thanks Freddy Thielemans for boosting the numbers of this manifestation! And for helping in proving the point of the demonstration in the clearest possible way.

    It’s good that both our enemies are so utterly stupid. Both the Muslims and the Multi-culti PCs.

    Those skinheads, btw. Only five of them in total. All speaking French, but with Flanders separatist symbols. Wow, such an obvious plant! Otherwise middle-aged men in suits and only grannies with Scandinavian flags.

  13. First steps are always weak and clumsy.

    Islam has had 1350 years of infiltration practice, and reinforces its brainwashing 5 times as day, with propaganda sermons in favor of Mohammedan supremacism shouted into the believers’ every Friday.

    The Resistance is still gaining its voice and sealegs for this dangerous voyage.

    And needs to remind their fellow Eurpeans that:

    Islam is anti-The Univeral Declaration of Human Rights.

    And ask:

    Why would any European want to protect Islam’s declared intolerance for all other faiths, or defend its indefensibles, -like sanctified misogyny, its Koranic calls for Islam’s “religious” domination of the world, the glorification of their “God’s” irrationality, or their dogmatic anti-freedom of thought and anti-freedom of conscience and anti-art tenets?

    Only complete ignorance of Islam permits this suicidal state of mind to blunder the Continent toward oblivion.

    Th EU’s new anthem should be T.S. Eliot’s mock-nursery rhyme:

    This is the way the world ends
    This is the way the world ends
    This is the way the world ends
    Not with a bang but a whimper.

    If they do not learn about the Koran the easy way, by reading its doctrines, they will learn the hard way, by suffering under its tyranny.

  14. geraldo, you’re right in as much as the only skinheads I saw there were shaven-headed cops!

    By contrast, every TV report I’ve seen on the internet – from Italy to Scandanavia – has highlighted footage of the black-clad skinheads being arrested and led about. I’m sure these will be the defining images of the protest, to be used for evermore whenever a documentary references the Brussels demo: proof in living color that that the whole thing was just a bunch of black-shirt neo-Nazi-style Bovver Boys demonstrating their xenophobia. Case (and all requirement to truth and thought) dismissed!

    (BTW I don’t know if those skinhead were a plant or not, but thanks to Pistache for identifying them as French-speaking Flanders independence supporters. I suppose such things are possible in EUroland.)

  15. French-speaking Flanders independence supporters. I suppose such things are possible in EUroland

    French-speaking Flanders independence supporters AND skinheads — no not possible even in Euroland. I suppose they were French-speaking skins who were payed well (by Freddy?) to wear jackets with Flemish symbols. Such an obvious plant, also considering the line of events. Such planting works so excellently just because people are foolish enough to be duped–even after they have been revealed as French-speaking!!! This demonstration apparently didn’t appeal to skinheads. Why would the only skinheads that appeared be such strange “animals” as French-speaking Flanders independence supporters?

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