The Train is Moving

An old Soviet joke is required in order to introduce this topic. Some of our readers are old enough to remember the context of this joke; it is the funniest Soviet joke I know of:

It seems that Stalin, Khrushchev, and Brezhnev were riding on a train. Suddenly, out in the middle of nowhere, the train inexplicably stopped.

After a few minutes of fidgeting, Stalin stood up and left the compartment. He returned after a while and said, “Problem is solved. Engineer has been shot.”

Still the train did not move. After a few more minutes, Khrushchev stood up and left the compartment. When he returned, he said, “Problem is solved. Engineer has been posthumously rehabilitated.”

And still the train did not move. Finally Brezhnev stood up, pulled down the window shade, and said, “Problem is solved. Train is moving.”

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

In the UK, as far as the spread of terrorist ideology through radical mosques is concerned, the train is moving.

Here’s the latest evidence. Most of our readers will remember the Undercover Mosque report aired by Channel 4 in Britain last January. The diligent and courageous efforts of Channel 4’s reporters exposed the alarming truth about the Multicultural utopia that now reigns in the UK. Various imams and preachers in some of the most prominent mosques were secretly captured on video advocating sedition and calling for the overthrow of the secular state.

So what has been the reaction of British law enforcement? To use the full force of state power to target the radical imams, right?

Well, not quite.

According to this report in the Daily Mail, it’s time to crack down on Channel 4:
– – – – – – – – – –

Police accuse Channel 4 of distorting film on radical Muslim preachers

Undercover mosques in the UKPolice investigating allegations of Islamic extremism arising from a Channel 4 documentary have instead turned on the broadcaster, accusing it of “distorting” Muslim preachers’ speeches.

Channel 4 has been reported to broadcasting watchdog Ofcom for “heavily editing” the words of Islamic imams to give them more sinister meaning in Dispatches: Undercover Mosque.

The official complaint by police is all the more remarkable because officers were originally focusing on whether the sermons of three of the preachers shown merited prosecution for inciting terrorism or racial hatred.

West Midlands Police launched an eight-month inquiry after the programme’s secret filming depicted radical preachers at British mosques calling for the West to be “taken over” by Muslims.

One was shown glorying in the Taliban’s murder of British Muslim soldier Jabron Hashmi in Afghanistan, saying: “The hero of Islam is the one who separated his head from his shoulders.”

But officers soon began to suggest that Channel 4 itself should be prosecuted for inciting racial hatred.

A police force has made a formal complaint to Ofcom about the editing of ‘Undercover mosque’

The police and Crown Prosecution Service jointly announced there was no likelihood of successfully prosecuting either party.

The CPS’s reviewing lawyer, Bethan David, said the imams’ speeches had been “completely distorted”.

As I have often said of late, the only explanation for this kind of behavior is mass insanity.

Channel 4 thinks the complaint will be found to be without merit, but I’m not so sure.

Last night, Channel 4, which claims the documentary revealed “chilling” messages of “hatred and segregation”, insisted it was confident Ofcom would reject the ‘extraordinary’ complaint.

The commissioning editor for Dispatches, Kevin Sutcliffe, said: “West Midlands Police have produced no evidence to support their claims.

“The comments made in the film speak for themselves — several speakers were clearly shown making abhorrent and extreme comments.

“All the speakers were offered a right to reply and none denied making these comments.”

Britain’s radical preachers don’t see what all the fuss is all about.

But Abu Usama, a preacher featured in the programme, told Channel 4 News: “I feel that they should indict the people at Channel 4, the people who put forward this Dispatches programme.

“It has been established and proven that they are trying to undermine the cohesion of the community.”

In the film, Mr Usama was shown saying Muslims could not co-exist with non-Muslims.

But he said: “That had nothing to do with inciting or encouraging people to go out and harm anyone; it had everything to do with Muslims holding on to their religion and being proud about their religion.”

He said footage of him calling women “deficient” and homosexuals “dogs who should be murdered” were “misconstrued and taken out of context”.

I watched the whole documentary, and the continuous incriminating sequences were quite lengthy.

That must have been some “context”.

Hat tips: JS and ST.

7 thoughts on “The Train is Moving

  1. I thought there was going to be a ‘Europeanization’ of Islam. You know, assimilation and All That, where They become substantively more like US.

    This “Europeanization” is essentially a call for the transformation of Islam from an all encompassing way of living into a mere ‘lifestyle’; a transformation from an Islam that is the master identity over and above all others (indeed the identity that gives any other identity its meaning) to one among many.

    Islam, according to the Optimistic View, will become in Europe what Buddhism is in the US, an intellectualized, ritual-less, hobby for the educated upper middle class: a few yoga classes, a little Tai Chi, some mediation, lots of all-embracing tolerance, some incense and cute little status on the bookshelf.

    All this is exactly what Europeans are supposed to want to hear. European elites know they are caught in an impossible situation. They have to pretend that Islam (reformed or not) is part of Europe to keep from further alienating millions of muslims. Therefore they can’t embrace anyone calling for deep reforms which most muslims will rightly see as a wholesale gutting of their identity and most cherished beliefs.

    But at the same time the elites, no matter how hard they try, cannot force the various European peoples to accept Islam as European, much less the equal of Christianity; they cannot force people to view Arabs (or Turks or Pakistanis) as Germans or Dutch.

    They can hand out passports but this kind of ‘citizenship inflation’ only devalues that currency. As ‘paper citizenship’ becomes meaningless, native Europeans tend to view themselves as just that, natives: an ancient, indigenous population subjected to unwanted foreign immigration.

    These rumblings from below are what really frightens the Euro-elites the most. The specter of Blood and Soil haunts them, which is why after every attack or arrest, MPs ( Members of Parliament, not Military Police for American readers ) and religious leaders rush out to hug an imam and visit a mosque and swear on their mother’s bones that islam means peace and most muslims are peaceful, etc.

    They know this isn’t true but the thought of unleashing the ancient demons of ethnic hatred scares them into blind stupidity. This why the BNP and le Pen receive far more official and press condemnation than imams or ‘activists’ who actually call for violence. But of course the Europeans leaders are just whistling past the graveyard.

    Many European leaders would rather witness the steady Islamization of Europe than admit that Islam cannot be European-ized and risk awaking the natives from their slumber. So it’s a race between two clocks: one clock ticks toward the tipping point when Europe is so Islamized that there is no turning back; the other clock ticks toward a revival of ancient European ethnic conflict.

    Right now the first clock is ticking faster………

  2. What is most interesting about this incident is that the Police Capt. who referred Ch. 4 for prosecution is a notorious grievance seeker — and Muslim — who sued for being “promoted too fast and beyond his competence” after suing for not being promoted fast enough.

    What happens when ordinary people view police as dominated by Muslims and used as a tool to oppress them?

    Why an ethnic militia ala Bosnia, that’s what. There are a lot of stuck people in Britain. Muslims are moving too aggressively, and have identified themselves and their elite protectors as enemies of the ordinary person.

    Yes Blood and Soil tendencies will come out, not the least of which is the ability of talented but blocked by elites men to rise. It worked for Napoleon. Many Dark Ages kings. It’s not as if an ambitious young man without connections and family from say, the West Midlands (who is also white) has any other hope of advancement.

    Gordon Brown wants to give up Britain’s UN Seat to the EU. This. I’m sure many other provocations. Forget the BNP, it is the street-fighting men who will form the militias and the people who will back them against the hostile, Muslim-dominated police that will matter the most.

    I feel like Babylon 5’s “Ambassador Kosh.” “And so it begins.”

    Good points Simon. I agree wholeheartedly. Except that I think the Muslims are pushing too far, too fast and we will get the second clock first.

  3. Some years back, I read “Mein Kampf”. One of the things that I most remember of this piece of drivel was Hitler recounting the story of the first Orthodox Jew he ever saw, a man just walking down the street. He wrote that his first thought was “Is that a Jew”, to be quickly replaced by “is that a German?”

    Well, we all know where that train of thought ended up. I don’t profess to know much about European culture and politics, but what I do read suggests that Hitler’s thought process is not buried as deeply in the minds of the Europeans as one would hope.

    Yes, they still seem to hate the Jews, but I sense that a *lot* of Europeans are starting to ask if Mohammed is a German, Frenchman or

    And at the same time, the “leaders” of the Continent seem to be asking if their own people are “European”.

  4. “So it’s a race between two clocks: one clock ticks toward the tipping point when Europe is so Islamized that there is no turning back; the other clock ticks toward a revival of ancient European ethnic conflict.”

    This is so but with one amendment, if muslims just keep quiet and wait for demography to do the job we would be kaput.
    But, because of their extremism, they are pushing too far, too fast and awaiting people. And internet gives a good help too.

    Both clocks are ticking faster!

    I know what waits white man.
    I lived in France, around the sixties, and knew about the way french were expelled from Algérie (they already now how the things are (*) ) and went back to Portugal where some friends of mine lived the independence of Angola.

    Are you ready!

    (*) In Oran there where a kind of medical center where kidnaped french people were bleed to death to give blood to wounded algerian fighters. In this center worked a french medical attendant, comunist.

  5. I read the news reports like the News 4 story and I think things like: No Way. You’ve Got To Be Kidding. WTF???

    Real question. Are things really that bad in England? Am I seeing just the alarmist stuff on all these blogs?

  6. rohan, Channel 4 ( “The Loony Left / Moonbat Channlel ) is not kidding, and the answers to your questions are, “yes” and “no”.

    More and more Britons are living most of the year in Spain, Portugal, and the Carribean. Her Majesty requires that her subjects come back Home for a least two weeks each year to avoid Monstrous Taxation, but for all but fourteen days anually, there are more and more expatriates

  7. Simon de Montfort – Thanks for the info. Wow, that is depressing. I have to say I have a feeling of real sadness seeing the slow disintegration of once great European cultures. These are cultures worth preserving and fighting for. I could ask what is wrong with the British, but I think perhaps we in the USA are heading in the same direction.

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