The Doctors Are Back

The doctorsDymphna and I are returning to the hospital this morning for the one-week followup visit after her surgery. Posting will be light for a time; I left a couple of things here for you to read while we’re gone.

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10 thoughts on “The Doctors Are Back

  1. Thanks for taking up my essayoid, Baron. I won’t be able to participate in the post comments for the next 28 hours, though, because the Jewish Sabbath means going back to the days before computers and the Internet.

    HaShem bless you two and yours.

  2. “Slainte” she says as she tosses back a jigger of percocet.

    If it weren’t for the pain and having to wear a heavy sling on my arm, this might not be so bad. Looking at the xrays today it appears that the surgeon hammered a few nails into my right humerus and used them to hang the tattered remnants of my rotator cuff. That’s pretty much how it feels, too.

    For the next month I am not permitted to do anything with that arm except moved a small rubber ball in circles. After that, the orthopedist promises I will move on to something more rigorous. I certainly hope so, given that I can see muscle atrophy appearing already.

  3. Welcome back, Dymphna!

    Did you write that above yourself, with one hand, or did you ask the Baron to act as your secretary, to take the tedium off you?

    (I feel like a dentist asking his patient, “How’s the family?” after having put all the instrumentation inside the poor guy’s mouth.)

  4. I wrote it w/ a combo — voice recognition software and making corrections w/ my left hand…when u c things like this, it’s lefthand. When it’s gibberish, it’s vrs that i didn’t proof read.

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