Swedish Flags are Burning

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The Modoggie crisis is escalating according to schedule.

Earlier this week, after Iran’s official complaint to Sweden, I predicted the following sequence of events:

1.   Protests by other Muslim governments.
2.   Narrowly-focused rioting in selected cities of the Middle East and South Asia.
3.   Sweden caves in, suppresses Vilks, and apologizes to 785 quadrillion Muslims.
3.   Sweden refuses to cave, and the conflict escalates further.

It looks like we are up to #2, which is playing out right now in Pakistan. According to this news story, demonstrators in Lahore burned a Swedish flag.

Modoggie demo in Lahore

The story is in Swedish, and my skill with the language is minimal, but this is my translation of the caption under the photo:

Demonstrators in Lahore, Pakistan, burn the Swedish flag today in protest against the publication of a drawing of Mohammed.

It seems that Lahore must lack the deep blue color of paint required to make a Swedish flag, because the flags in the photo are distinctly green.
– – – – – – – –
Notice the sign, in English: “Down with Swed[en] — Death to Lar[s Vilks]”.

We are definitely entering a reprise of the Motoon crisis. Back in the early days of the Modoggies, I said that the trouble wouldn’t really start until the news hit the MSM, and then all hell would break loose. It looks like that’s the way it’s playing out.

Sweden is reaching the fork at #3, and so far it seems to be following the Danes’ example, and refusing to cave.

This story, if it follows the Motoon template, may blow up very quickly, and here at Gates of Vienna we may lose track of it. But I’ll keep you updated as best I can as more information flows in.

Hat tip: CG, yet again.

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10 thoughts on “Swedish Flags are Burning

  1. It seems that Lahore must lack the deep blue color of paint required to make a Swedish flag, because the flags in the photo are distinctly green.
    They are excused. The blue-yellow flag is haram in Sweden. Very hard to get your hands on, so what is more relevant than the green of Islam?
    But before you start a flag factory in Lahore, beware: Sweden will cave. One way or the other. Probably the Norwegian way.

  2. how many people are actually protesting this time? It looks like 20 people in that picture. There were millions during the denmark toon-rage, I bet they are all burned out.

  3. Kepiblanc, I don’t know which part of sweden you’re in, or thinking about, but when I was in Kalmar you could buy flags just about everywhere you looked. Of course, it is a bit of a tourist town… but still, nearly every house in Smedby had a flag of some sort.

    I personally hope they don’t cave. If they stand up it’ll prove once again that islamism (or just plain islam – call a spade a shovel why don’t you?) is ultimately it’s own worse enemy.

    of course if they cave I’ll be very disappointed.

  4. I almost hope this situation blows up with tons of Muslims going nuts. It will give the demonstration in Brussels on 9/11 even more relevance. Not like it needs any.

  5. You’ve all seen this, right?

    “At the same time we are very focused on standing up for freedom of expression which is a basic right in the law and which comes natural to us and which ensures that we do not make political decisions about what is published in newspapers. I want to keep it this way.”

    So, on to the second variation of #3. Somehow I suspect that, as the situation escalates further, we’ll see Sweden revert to the more familiar #3.
    It’s great to see Swedish politicians speaking like that. Now let’s just hope they don’t turn out to be nothing more than hollow words, spoken by a few individuals having a brief moment of cultural insensitivity and confusion.

  6. Its a question of timings.
    Swedes just have to hold it until friday. Then the imans make a mess and we will have riots and crowds burning flags before SIOE march in Brussels.
    Then they can cave in. For the future, I think it is better they cave against the fellings of swedish people.

  7. I’ve never been more proud of being Swedish than I am now.
    However, I’m extremly annoyed that they couldn’t even get the colors of our flag right; green?. It is offensive to Sweden, and we ought to protest and burn their embassies!

    And one thing puzzles me; how come Muslims have only protested in little Örebro? Sydsvenskan, who also published Mo’, has its office in Malmö, where there are vastly many more Muslims than in Örebro, and thus seems more reasonable.

  8. To carpenter

    Why dont send to pakistanese embassy in Stockolm a parcel with some real sweden flags so they can burn real swede flags?

  9. Geraldo:

    That’s a very good idea! Perhaps we ought to institute some sort of “burn proper flags”-foundation.
    And by the way: that flag they burned is (inadvertently??) the flag of Öland, a Swedish island in the Baltic.
    Are those Pakis color-blind, or do they particularly hate the ölänningar?

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