Protest at the Belgian Embassy in Copenhagen

This evening at 7pm local time, protesters gathered at the Belgian embassy in Copenhagen to protest Brussels Mayor Freddy Thielemans’ refusal of a permit for the 9-11 “Stop Islamisation of Europe”. SIOE organized the protest at the embassy at Øster Alle 7, and Steen was there with his camera.

Demo at the Belgian embassy

Anders Gravers, the chairman of SIAD (at left in the photo above, in front of the sign), was present at the demonstration.

According to Steen, during the demo Dr. Udo Ulfkotte, the leader of Pax Europa in Germany, called Anders Gravers and informed him that [erroneous quote removed; see below*]. Seal of the Belgian embassy
The signs at right read “Is Brussels a Caliphate?” and “Free Speech for Free People”. Demonstrators with signs
Anders Gravers made a speech to the assembled demonstrators. Anders Gravers
Demonstrator and police
About ten policemen were unobtrusively present.
Police at the embassy

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But Brussels is not always so disapproving of demonstrations, as long as they are anti-American and not anti-Jihad. In his post tonight Steen quotes this report from Brussels Journal:

A far-left group of anti-American conspiracy theorists, calling itself “United for Truth” (UfT), is going to demonstrate in Brussels on 9 September. The group will march from Brussels North Station to its South (Midi) Station in protest against “George Bush’s involvement” with the 9/11/2001 terror attacks in New York and on the Pentagon.

On its website UfT writes:

Recently the French Minister for Housing and the City Mme Christine Boutin expressed her doubts about the official 9/11 report. Before, Michael Meacher, secretary of state in Britain and Andreas Von Bulow, ex Minister from Germany, stated clearly that 9/11 and the war on terror are orchestrated by the Bush administration.

It seems there’s sauce for the goose, but none for the gander.

Update: I was mistaken in my original assertion that Dr. Ulfkotte was at the demonstration. I misunderstood what Steen told me; he has corrected me: Dr. Ulfkotte was in contact by telephone.

* Dr. Ulfkotte wishes to correct the record concerning what he said in his phone call to Anders Gravers. It seems that there was a misunderstanding at some point.

In his call, he referred to the “United for Truth” march, scheduled for September 9th, which has been approved by the Brussels authorities.

”This means that people who deny the truth about 9/11 got the permit for a demonstration through ALL parts of Brussels now officially for 9th of September, that is people who claim that the CIA and the jews might be behind the 9/11 attacks. That’s what I have told Anders and that is what he has announced.”

I apologize for my mistake.

3 thoughts on “Protest at the Belgian Embassy in Copenhagen

  1. … a world going more insane by the day … if this comment about ‘the Jews’ is right we’re also rapidly descending into overt and unashamed antisemitism. God keep us.

  2. Does Ulfkotte have any reference to the Brussels authorities he claims pronounced the Jews as the instigators behind the 9/11 protest?

    I have a very difficult time believing Euro officials would be that clumsy even if they actually believed it.

  3. “Is Brussels a Caliphate?”

    No, not yet. It’s still in the stage of “ein Vorspiel nur”.

    And re: the far-left anti-American demonstration permitted by Brussels: a phrase from my comment that ended up as a post here, “It’s not ‘We Cannot Protect You’, it’s ‘We can protect you, but we choose to protect the other side instead’,” is hereby vindicated.

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