Going Gentle Into That Good Night

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The noted blogger Fjordman is filing this report via Gates of Vienna.
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Fjordman sent us this as a brief response to our earlier post, “Job Hunting While White”.

I usually don’t write about skin color, although I have done so sporadically in the past. However, the amount of hatred and racism against whites is now becoming so aggressive, palpable and indeed publicly accepted in much of the world that perhaps I should write another essay about it. Let me start briefly here.

It is noticeable how aggressive many Leftists have become against whites, parallel to Muslim immigration. I think the Leftist logic goes something like this: We failed to achieve our Socialist society during the Cold War. The “white,” Western culture blocked our goals. Since a Socialist society is good, those blocking it are evil, hence whites are evil and need to be subdued and destroyed, even if this includes our own sons, daughters and grandchildren. Utopia requires a Villain Class to be smashed and sacrificed. In the global, Multicultural Utopia, this appears to be whites in general.

I have heard Mexicans in the USA state that white Americans should “go home” to Europe. Of course, if they do go back to Europe, they will find that portions of Europe are increasingly unlivable for whites. We’re not supposed to have a “home.”

I’m sure the British are told that they are swamped by immigration because they used to be a colonial power. But mass immigration to countries such as Norway, Sweden or Switzerland proves that this is not related to past colonial history, since we don’t have any. It is related to one, and only one thing: We are born white. That makes us evil, hence destroying us and our heritage is a good thing. Dozens of nations across an entire continent are being deliberately destroyed and the natives stripped off their lands and culture. This represents perhaps the greatest crime of our age yet it is hardly talked about, and if it is, it is celebrated. 2008 is supposed to be a pan-European year for celebrating diversity, while the natives from Britain via Denmark to Germany, the Netherlands, France and Spain can hardly walk the streets in many of their major cities without being harassed.
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The Danish writer Carsten Ringsmose was a speaker at a conference at the University of Odense on the immigration-related topic of “Recognition and integration.” He outlined the projected population growth for the Islamic world, and stated that if recent prognoses are correct, the Islamic world will witness a population growth more than the equivalent of all EU member countries combined within just a few decades. One of the other speakers suggested that this population boom could be solved through migration to the West, which would mean that Denmark, with a present population of 5.4 million inhabitants, would have to accept perhaps 9.5 million predominantly Muslim immigrants within the coming two generations. The man who suggested this, accompanied by segments of the audience, laughed when Mr. Ringsmose suggested that this simply wasn’t doable.

Following the release of a UN population report discussed by Mr. Ringsmose, Marie Simonsen, political editor of the Norwegian left-wing newspaper Dagbladet, wrote that it should be considered a universal human right for people everywhere to migrate wherever they want to. This will quickly swamp a tiny Scandinavian nation. She thus endorsed the persecution and eventual eradication of her own people, no doubt congratulating herself for her own tolerance.

White critics of mass immigration are systematically demonized as racists, bigots, “right-wing extremists” or Fascists and Nazis. Some, such as Pim Fortuyn, are even indirectly killed for it, whereas in the most extreme cases such as Sweden, Antifascistisk Action (AFA) will physically attack you if they deem you to be critical of immigration. Muslim groups who support terrorism and want to smash Western civilization are called moderates in Western media, yet we are labeled as extremists if we resist being turned into a minority in our own country. Europeans, from Britain via the Netherlands to Italy, are supposed to meekly accept our eradication, actively promoted by our media, intelligentsia and political leaders.

Has this ever happened before? That members of a nation deliberately want to eradicate their own people, genetically and culturally, and harass those who resist? There isn’t even a word for this because it is so unique. Auto-genocide, perhaps? Or what about inverted Nazism? Western Multiculturalists, too, just like Nazis, give a special role to whites, only this time, it is a negative one.

Resisting mass immigration to Europe is not about “white supremacy,” it is about our continued physical existence. We live in a world demographically, and perhaps soon economically, dominated by Asians. Whites have a right to exist, too. Or don’t we?

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  1. >>Has this ever happened before? >>That members of a nation >>deliberately want to eradicate >>their own people, genetically >>and culturally, and harass those >>who resist?

    Yes, a similar suicidal tendency exists and thrives among the
    “secular”,”socialist”,”progressive”,”liberal” intelligentsia in India
    who are willing accomplices in the Muslim demographic warfare against the Hindu civilization, including by means of illegal immigration – from Bangladesh.

    And their collaboration with the Islamists is more despicable than that of the Scandinavian
    “progressives” because India has a
    1300 year old history of brutal subjugation by Muslim invaders.

    I’m aware of similar European encounters with Islam, in Spain,
    Austria, Hungary, Greece, Serbia, Bulgaria etc, but these did not extend to Scandinavia …..

    Therefore, the Indian “secularists”
    are worse traitors to their nation than the Scandinavian “liberals”.

  2. Fjordman is spot on, as usual. I agree that there is no word yet for what is happening. There was significant importation of foreign populations in the Roman Empire, but I do not believe that it was conducted with such fanfare, as a full-blown ideology. And not as a conscious policy by elites to wipe out their own people.

    Yes, we are witnessing something new. It is all made possible by a brainwashing campaign that may also be unprecedented in its scope and depth. One aspect that is extraordinary is the complete internalization of the genocidal urge—among the people who are scheduled for elimination.

    Events in Israel since the Oslo Accords are another variation on the theme. The policies of the Israeli government, not to mention the tenor of intellectual and cultural life in that country, has amounted to a complete delegitimization of the indigenous Jewish population. This case is different, of course, because the victims have been engaged in a protracted conflict with their disinheritors. But the result is the same.

  3. I think if someone wants to create a new term, “suicide” has to be part of it. After all, the idea is to kill oneself, on a cultural level.

    The most fascinating thing to me is that, as a friend pointed out some years ago, everyone accuses the white man of being “racist” “sexist” and whatever else.

    And yet, it’s the white man that supposedly controls everything. *IF* that is true, then it’s literally unique that he is now changing the rules to give others the advantage over himself.

    In other words, the white man controls the system but is changing the rules to peacefully hand others rights that they can neither take nor receive in another way.

    Talk about being open-minded! Has any racial/ethnic/religious group in history given up that much power without a fight?

    And yet, we’re told that the white man is evil. Go figure.

  4. You ask why? It is so damn easy, but you don’t see it. For our sins guys, for our sins. You ask, why Sweden? I don’t know much about Sweden except that the expression “swedish family” means a bisexual family of 3 people. Whites evolved during 2000 years in religious society. Suddenly, they decided that they can do better without religion. and immediately started to die out. It was so pleasant to relax and die out in comfort. Unfortunately, here came immigrants and spoiled the pleasure. We won’t die in comfort, guys. Maybe, it’s time to stop relaxing and start making some efforts.

  5. Well, as i see it, in a way the muslim agression might actually be the kick in certain place that will wake us up.

    The crucial point is however how we wake up. Will we wake up as neonazist, hardcore christians or believers in our free democracy?

    As i see it, the obvious answer is to follow the philosopher Grundtvig, because he combines christianity, norse mythology with hellenic philosophy.

    His philosophy is also very beautiful, he calls danes the people of the heart, because we represent some of the original roots of the white man.

    And it is vital for the white man to hold a positive image of himself in order to start fighting for himself.

    Grundtvig was a philosopher of the german folkschool, and a poet. As he wrote in one of his songs of the højskolesangbog:

    “Dannevang du engles blide sang”

    Something like:

    “Denmark the song of a gentle angel”

    We should all start celebrating the obvious qualities of our culture; The freedom we like to give, the straighforwardness, the honesty, the boldness and the philosophical depht we still find in some places.

    We should just be proud of being who we are.

  6. But Fjordman,

    Sweden has a colonial history! We had St Bartolomeu in the Caribbean in the late 18th century and Delaware Bay 1638-55…
    We even had you [Norway] till the Union’s fall of 1905..

  7. re “Auto-genocide”: the term presupposes that the Elites, that are behind it all, have any sense of unity with the common people

    If you’re a member of an elite that aspires to a goal of despotic rule, it makes sense to replace a free population with a population that has a history of accepting despotic rule, and which is easy for a despot to rule over.

    Thus in Europe there is an attraction for importing millions of immigrants from North Africa and the Middle East, while the US elites have an attraction for importing millions from Latin America. The US elites are jealous of the perks and privileges of Latin American oligarchs, just as the European elites would love to live as sultans

    But it won’t last, you say? Why should that be a factor? When you remove God from the equation, why should old men care what happens after their own lifetimes are over?

  8. I’m American though I’ve worked and lived in quite a few European countries before as well as in Canada, and while both sides of the Atlantic have parallel problems, they differ in scale (and between European countries).

    As bad and as infuriating as the PC is in Europe, it’s utterly stifling in North America (and in New Zealand, which is a cultural satellite of the US-British-Canadian multicultural suicide plan).

    Most European countries at least on the Continent are still over 95% White, and now many with tightening immigration policies that maintain them like that.

    Here in the USA, we’re already down to 65% White, with a still-plummeting White fertility rate and very heavy non-White immigration that’s actually increasing year by year– forget about the illegal alien debate, this is the product of *legal immigration levels*.

    Canada is not far behind– already Ontario, BC and Manitoba are seeing “visible minorities” with special preferences of course, becoming majorities in numerous metro areas. 1/3 to 1/4 of babies born in Canada are Muslims or of African ancestry (or both), with the number rising rapidly each year. If anything Canada is changing even more precipitously than the USA due to a lower population base, as is New Zealand. (I just love Auckland but NZ won’t be a Western nation anymore in 25 years.)

    The population of US children under 10 years old is *already* majority non-White, and within about 15 years the country as a whole will also reflect this. Many states like California, Hawaii, New Mexico, Texas and much of Arizona and south Florida, also Illinois, New York, Michigan– all now essentially members of the Global South, not the West anymore, with non-White majorities in force.

    I used to do some teaching in the USA schools system to net some extra cash as a second job, and these days, even in the suburbs, there are entire schools– once 95% White– that have maybe 1 in 10 White pupils.

    Conclusion: North America (the USA and Canada) as well as New Zealand are now inexorably on the path toward self-destruction and marginalization of their European-based founding populations.

    Across the pond? In my experience over more than a decade, it varies enormously. Britain is following the same kind of suicidal path as the USA and Canada, but on steroids. Indeed, I’ve never seen a country self-destruct the way Britain has– or at least, the way England has. It’s not just in London, I’ve been in Liverpool, Leeds, Staffs, Birmingham– on many buses and once very “English” neighborhoods, it’s impossible to find a White English person anymore, and you’re more likely to encounter someone from Bangladesh, Somalia, India or Kenya than someone of English stock. Many cities and even surrounding areas already majority non-White. In less than a generation, England is confronting the wholesale racial replacement of its people, something that hasn’t happened since Hengist and the Anglo-Saxons first came right after the fall of Rome– over a millennium and a half ago!

    Close to half a million Britons leave the UK permanently every year now (Spain and France especially are big draws, recently Italy and Germany increasingly), while 750,000 non-English newcomers stream in for permanent residency, mostly from South Asia. Here, the former Empire is taking over.

    It does seem to be much worse in England than in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, so when Scotland (and possibly Wales and N. Ireland) soon separates from England and dissolves Britain, that’ll perhaps allow the preservation of some remnant of Western civilization on the British Isles.

    But England is gone, a demographic takeover by the Global South that is now irreversible.

    The rest of Europe? A patchwork in my experience, still with similar PC brain-washing as is destroying the UK and North America as Western nations, but often much, much less of it, with less of an effect.

    Scandinavia for example? Sweden as you say is a basketcase, so boxed in by PC stupidity as to be almost moribund. Norway seems to have had some of the same though somehow seems to be pulling through a little better. Denmark has been more ardently resisting the Third World invasion and is maintaining its identity. Iceland and Finland– still among the world’s most solidly White countries.

    The Netherlands had been drinking the Kool-Aid like Britain and North America for a while, but seems to have at least partially come to its senses even with the loss of Fortuyn– much tougher immigration laws that discourage immigration from outside the West. Belgium– very similar to the Netherlands.

    I have to say, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by Germany and Austria. Again, still with some of the same PC-ness (with the Turks there) but overall in much, much better shape than the UK, Sweden, North America and New Zealand. Well over 96% White, new laws with teeth that sharply curb Turkish immigration while facilitating Turkish emigration (usually back to Turkey) and easing mass deportations, high foreign-born population but chiefly of “Aussiedler” and other ethnic Germanic peoples in a wide diaspora through Eastern Europe, North America and South America. (A lot of USAans and Canadians going there these days if they learn some German, I guess want to get a paycheck in Euros– go figure. And “Anglo-Saxons” have that German connection anyway.)

    Full of wonderful and exhilarating cities with medieval cores and lots of civic pride, clean and efficient yet modern and welcoming, full of eye-candy buildings and public works that demonstrate a proud people– Koblenz and Bremen, Bonn and Kassel, Darmstadt and Dortmund among German cities, Graz and Salzburg in Austria, magical Alpine and Rhenish towns, scientific and industrial centers, charming castles and markets, museums and magnificent concert halls and city squares. Really, I expected the worst (based on the self-destruction of the once-Western USA) but was amazed that there are still places that unabashedly take pride in their European heritage and maintain it. (And luckily, the German language really was a snap to learn in the country– it’s a close relative, German basically looks and sounds like English with a couple consonant shifts, it’s no problem to pick it up!)

    Still plenty of PC oafishness there, but nobody’s perfect and I got the clear vibe that Germany/Austria on some critical level of societal consciousness, have been relatively more resistant to the suicidal notion that “race replacement is good for you” as has been taken in throughout North America, the UK, Sweden and New Zealand.

    I was most surprised of all by Italy, Spain/Portugal and especially France. I thought these countries were ground zero for PC self-destructiveness of themselves as White nations. But France really has cracked down hard since even before Sarkozy came into office, not only restricting further North African immigration but partaking in the most vigorous deportations of this group of any European country. Also partly because of France, possible Turkish entry into the EU is now dead in the water– even without considering a French referendum, France alone has introduced so many anti-Turkish poison pills that Turkey’s path is now more impassable than a WWI minefield.

    Definitely a Whiter nation than the UK these days and, outside of the banlieues, France seemed more European. France is a wild card and I can’t predict where they’ll be in 20 years, but if they continue to summon up the old Charles Martel spirit, they’ll be fine, and my gut tells me France will still be a Western country by mid-century.

    Spain/Portugal and Italy got a lot of flak over those amnesties recently, but when I was there, I found out that the amnesties were chiefly of *Romanians*, Greeks and Bulgarians (with whom the Iberians and Italians feel a close friendship due to their associations in the European Roman Empire.) These countries all still need to tighten their immigration laws, but they were more solid than I’d originally thought, and they too still retain a very strongly European feel.

    Italy also is even starting to offer special assistance packages (for Italian language-learning, real estate and settlement) to ethnic Italians in the USA, Canada, Australia, NZ and South Africa– similar to what Germany is doing for those of Germanic origin in these countries– so I found a surprising number of Italian-Americans, doing quite well in some villa town in southeastern Italy. Again, it’s a toss-up to an extent, but I suspect that Spain, Portugal and Italy will retain solid White majorities by mid-century. They’re still > 95% White with a greater tendency to retain their Western identities, a more European feel certainly than the UK has.

    So I have a mix of extreme pessimism and cautious optimism about the West. North America and England are already gone, as is New Zealand and pockets of Scandinavia– well in the process of demographic race replacement that’s irreversible at this point.

    But part of Europe is holding its own, especially the German lands, Finland, Denmark and Iceland, and (to my surprise) France, Spain, Portugal and Italy also coming through this. Belgium and the Netherlands could go either way, but seem now to be inclining more toward the self-preservationist tendencies of Finland and Germany rather than the PC self-destruction plan of North America and England. An independent Scotland and Wales may also join in, as will Ireland– Celtic languages like Irish Gaelic, Welsh and Scottish Gaelic, all but moribund today, will likely rebound, as these will be all that’s left of Britain as a Western nation. We do live in interesting times to say the very least.

  9. Ypp – I think you have it exactly right.

    White people were incubated in Christianity with its strong emphasis on sin and redemption. So strong, in fact, that the theme echoes through post-christian society. We have tossed aside our forgiving god but the transgressions remain, and we crave absolution.

    Many have compared carbon credits to church indulgences. Exploring this further, one is hard pressed to find any idea espoused by the hard left whch is not at its core a means of forgiveness for a percieved sin.

    Environmentalism is all about earning forgiveness for the sins of gluttony and pollution; destroying our gluttonous culture is the penance.

    Multiculturalism is all about earning forgiveness for the sins of racism and empire; destroying our racist, imperial culture is the penance.

  10. mikhail paul:
    “Definitely a Whiter nation than the UK these days and, outside of the banlieues, France seemed more European. France is a wild card and I can’t predict where they’ll be in 20 years, but if they continue to summon up the old Charles Martel spirit, they’ll be fine, and my gut tells me France will still be a Western country by mid-century”

    Living in London and having visited France recently, I definitely agree. France still seems France, even in Calais there is not the sense that immigrant ‘youth’ rule the streets of France beyond the banlieux. Demographics clearly don’t tell the whole story.

  11. Mikhail_Paul,

    As Zarxos said, I’ve heard only about how bad Italy is getting- cities like Milan being virtually hostage to the ‘slammys.

    That being said, where did you read about ethnic Italians being encouraged to go homeward? I’m vaguely curious, my father having left there during the Mussolini years.

    Of course, I’m also part German on the other side. Hmmm

  12. mrsmith:
    “And what of dear old battered London, Vol? I’m interested to know your considered opinion”

    London is very large and the situation varies a lot, but overall there is a very large and rapidly growing Muslim population who are highly radicalised compared to elsewhere in Europe. A high proportion of Muslims here (who are mostly Pakistani and Bangladeshi) now wear Islamist dress, the women especially. Niqab (full covering but for eye slits) is now a common sight, and tight Hijab headscarf is routine – this was not the case a few years ago. The Islamists know that the rest of the population are afraid of them, and glory in this, but there is perhaps not the same sense of dominance as in more ciivilised/refined European countries.

    We do of course have a lot of Muslim terrorists – there are several known ones within a few hundred yards of where I’m typing this. However, A difference from France is that the State doesn’t keep Muslims in ghettos, the population in London is mostly very mixed. We don’t have routine riots and car-burnings. We don’t have routine rape gangs on the Swedish model (most violent street crime here is black and traditionally non Muslim, though the Somalis are changing this); there are murders but no one famous has been assassinated.

    It’s very notable how Islamist tactics vary from country to country in Europe, adapting to local conditions and traditions – riots and property destruction in France, rapes in Sweden, assassinations in the Netherlands, terrorism in the UK. The authorities here obsess over terrorism and the Islamists use this as a primary means of advance – “You must do/not do X or more Muslims will become terrorists” is an everyday statement from Islamists, from cultural Marxists and from well meaning liberals of all stripes, including Conservatives like David Cameron. It’s the primary mechanism by which Sharia spreads here.

    As far as cultural Marxism goes, I’d say the UK is worse than France, not as bad as Sweden.

  13. europe and suicide? like this here?

    http://img234.imageshack.us/img234/5447/europa5rm.jpg (found it on google images)


    not just the face of milan has changed. you feel the same way when you are in venice or in rome. at least when you are not in the tourist centers.
    but its true, specialy in milan, in “not-so-nice-neighbourhoods”, you feel like you are in an other country, not italy.

    but i am not sure if italians really care about that. its not new, and they just voted for prodis leftist governement, who was openly in favour of mass imigration. and prodi made already befor the election clear, that he wants to do something scimilar to what spains zapatero did: legalize tens of tousands of illigal aliens. (i am not sure now, if they passed it through allready or not. anyone?)

    so, i think, every country gets what it deserves. if the italians dont like this, they cetainly shouldent vote for prodi and his alliance. but they did. so who to blame? they can blame just themselfs!

  14. The introduction of the female oral contraceptive pill led to a sharp decline in the number of babies western women have. This is perhaps the main cause of the demographic crisis that faces western nations. This combined with our fatal competitive altruism and multicultural delusions will mean our children inherit a truly troubled world.

    Furthermore, some more on the dreaded white man(just a sample from yesterday’s paper).


  15. “Has this ever happened before? That members of a nation deliberately want to eradicate their own people, genetically and culturally, and harass those who resist? There isn’t even a word for this because it is so unique. Auto-genocide, perhaps?”

    Here are some words I found on the web that relate to this question:

    (Begin quote)
    “Liah Greenfeld, in her excellent history Nationalism: Five Roads to Modernity, tells us, for a country or a group of people to “see” themselves as a nation there are underlying characteristics which must exist. She says a nation emerges as people begin to see themselves as a sovereign people.

    A nation emerges as a people begin to see themselves as a homogenous group.

    A nation emerges as a people begin to believe that the group or the “nation” is more significant than class and status.”
    (End quote)

    What we have now is the reverse of this process on a large scale. If a nation can emerge it can also dissolve.

    Another related concept is “competitive altruism.” Here is a link:
    Competitive Altruism”

    According to the following quote, there is no point in taking the multiculturalist’s explanations at face value:

    “Theories about altruism do not require that people understand their own motives any better than a hen understand why she sits on her eggs.”

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