Angered in Göteborg

Riots in Angered“Youths” went rampaging during the wee hours of this morning in a suburb of Gothenburg.

And what sort of “youths” do you think they were?

Members of the Nordic Students’ Recreational League, perhaps? Visiting Germans in lederhosen, upset with the inferior Swedish beer and flinging their tankards at the police? British soccer hooligans engaged in their customary mayhem?

Well, neither the Swedish-language article nor the account in the Local gives us any clue:

Gang leaves trail of destruction in Gothenburg

Fifteen police units were called in to Gothenburg’s Angered district in the early hours of Monday morning to combat a gang of youths intent on destruction. Police received a number of reports of arson, broken windows, as well as unconfirmed reports of shots being fired.

Certain areas were sealed off to allow a total of 40 fire fighters access to a number of fires started in the area.

Police spokesman Lars Tunefjord said that reports of shooting “may have been bangs heard in connection with the fires.”

According to fire brigade workers, the gang set light to a café, a school and a building adjacent to n apartment block.

Around 60 residents of the apartment block on Paprikagatan had to be evacuated as a result of the smoke emanating from the building next door.

Police estimate that the gang consisted of half a dozen members. There have as yet been no arrests in connection with the disturbances.

Police have not yet established a motive for the attacks.

According to my Swedish tipster, Angered is an “immigrant stronghold”. Here’s an excerpt from an article about Angered in Opentopia:
– – – – – – – – – –

Angered is a suburb outside Gothenburg in Sweden. Angered is the biggest Million Programme area in Gothenburg, and one of the biggest in the country with 40 000 inhabitants. Angered is multi-ethnic and is isolated from the rest of Gothenburg, therefore it is sometimes referred to as a slum, but it is also known for its beautiful nature reserves.

The most immigrant segregated parts of Angered is Hjällbo (81% immigrants), thereafter Hammarkullen (76%), and Gårdsten (70%). Just like Rosengård in Malmö and Botkyrka in Stockholm, the majority is non-Nordic immigrants or their children.

And what might these non-Nordic people be? This will give you a hint:

In addition to Swedish, Persian, Arabic, Albanian, Serbo-Croatian, Kurdish, Spanish, Finnish and Somali are also commonly spoken in Angered.

Thirty or forty years ago Sweden wasn’t known for its riots. Now they are so commonplace that the newspapers might as well keep a table on the front page, like they do for sports scores:

    Last Night’s Riots
Göteborg:   3 houses burned, 4 firemen injured, damage SEK 35 000.
Malmö:   2 businesses looted, 7 policemen injured,
damage SEK 77 000.
Stockholm:   etc. etc.

I don’t want to be a racist, so I’m going to assume it’s the Finns and the Spaniards who are angered in Angered.

Hat tip: PO.

14 thoughts on “Angered in Göteborg

  1. “Youths”, “gangs”, “protesters” and “activists” have all become politically correct keywords for “moslem” in Sweden.

    Ironically, the media that applies this relentless shrouding of reality does not really help those it sets out to protect from “prejudice” – the net result is that every time you read a report of this sort you automatically assume its about moslems from the Arab world and Africa, no matter if it really is.

    Distorting reality always comes with a price.

  2. Fifteen police units were called in to Gothenburg’s Angered district

    Wow, John Bunyan himself couldn’t have come up with a better allegorical name for the district!

  3. “the net result is that every time you read a report of this sort you automatically assume its about moslems from the Arab world and Africa”

    and then you feel guilty when you’re proven right. Can’t really win, can you?

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  5. Can I ask the Swedes here (or the Danes, Finns and Norwegians here, for that matter)…

    As things deteriorate in your country, how many of you who read this site are seriously looking into emigrating, and where do you plan to go?

    I’m just curious.

    The Danes seem to have some fight in them (although I bet some Danes here are looking to get out), but it seems that Sweden and Norway are lost.

  6. There is a growing resistance in Sweden. A lot has happened since I got into the anti-Islam (or anti-Islamism) movement back in early 2006. There are a number of popular Swedish blogs that are critical to Islam, and almost each Islam related online article in the newspaper is followed by a deluge of Islam critical posts in the comment section.

  7. Zero, let me ask you a question for a change :
    As things deteriorate in your country, how many of you who read this site are seriously looking into emigrating, and where do you plan to go?

  8. Zerosumgame,

    even if ‘kepiblanc’ already have answered your question, you if necessary could allways follow the example of ‘conservative swede’:

    “I will opt for living as a “Jew” where there are no Muslims. I guess I’ll be heading for Latin America”.

    However, I do hope ‘conservative swede’ do not make reallity of opting out. His kind is needed in the northern hemisphere.

  9. kepiblanc:

    I’ve given serious thought to emigrating, as every Swede who is even moderately interested in his own future must. But in a world where islamofascism marches relentlessly backed with nukes and transcontinental payload carriers, there is no escaping it anywhere. Oh, you can probably carve out a few years of personal freedom and the luxury pretending it isn’t happening moving somewhere as of yet less afflicted – but ultimately, there will be no hiding.

    Martin L: Like you, I admire America and Americans both. Unlike you, I think something essentially American has evaporated from the US collective psyche in the decades since the end of the cold war – I doubt, sadly, that they will be able to put up much of a fight, even with the exemple of Europe to look at. We are talking about a nation that is unable to enforce legal residence for untold millions – not by lack of capacity, but by lack of will.

  10. Cluetrain, There’s no reason to fear the Muslims and their ‘nukes’. They’re no match for anybody. Left alone, they would destroy themselves by sheer incompetence and idiocy.
    The ones to fear are our own, ignorant politicians who allow the Muslims to propagate. Our ‘immune system’ is – presently – paralyzed. Especially in Sweden, Britain and the USA.
    Hell, if the ‘war scenario’ you describe should ever come true my own little country could easily whack Saudi Barbaria to smithereens. And if the few remaining Swedes came over here, we could take out Iran as well, while we’re at it.

  11. kepi,

    I do not question the capability of the West – we hold, collectively, an almost staggering military and logistic superiority and even most European countries could probably handily beat the entire Middle East if the gloves really came off. The USA, of course, could stomp all over it without breaking a sweat.

    But our capability is all for naught if it’s mired in a murky puddle of politically correct hand wringing, white self-incrimination and collective guilt. We lack the will to fight. At least I know my countrymen do, and I think, sadly, the Americans will show a similar lack of morale when push comes to shove.

    If you live in a country where the populace and the politicians hasn’t gone all defeatist on these issues, I congratulate you.

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