Modoggie #2

On Monday I wrote about Lars Vilks, whose drawings of Mohammed as a dog caused a hasty censorship at an art exhibition in Sweden.

Here’s another drawing — also of Mohammed as a Rondellhund — that was removed from public display:

Mohammed as a Rondellhund

All of the offensive and blasphemous drawings are now posted at the artist’s website.

The third one in the series contains elements that might be controversial even to non-Muslims, so I am not displaying it here, but it is posted at Mr. Vilks’ site if you want to see it. My linking to him does not imply any endorsement or approval of his subject matter and opinions.

One of my Swedish contacts wrote to me last night concerning the Modoggie affair:

The Swedish media are competing for coverage of this incident in almost total silence.

The problem for the Swedes here is that Vilks is a renowned artist — not a simple cartoonist.

Ah, those simple Danish cartoonists! So easy to disregard.

My Swedish is not good enough for me to decipher what Lars Vilks has to say about all this. Those of you who can read Swedish are advised to go over to his site and keep scrolling.

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8 thoughts on “Modoggie #2

  1. That third picture is a rip-off of another I’ve had the dubious pleasure to see many, many times in the course of discussions abotu religion in the past. Nothing particularly new and original… and, frankly, I find that image both offensive and completely stupid, as Jesus had some very particular views on people who abused or mistreated children. Unlike a certain other religious figure…

    It raises the question, is there a point where being offensive is just too much? Worth a discussion for certain, and it’s a discussion we wouldn’t necessarily be having if it weren’t for the fact that this person has the freedom to distribute such… imagery.

    I think I’ll go and blow something up now.

  2. To be honest, I’m disappointed after viewing the link to the artist’s site. I didn’t expect to see a drawing of the Prince of Peace being degraded in the typical modern European/American cesspool of immorality and hopelessness.

    Gates of Vienna has better discernment, I’d thought, and should exercise it. Not a reprimand, just sharing a perspective.

    On the one hand we have the Muslim murderers of people and abusers of everything good. On the other hand we have the emptiness and vacuousness of heart and soul of post modern Europeans, Americans, and other lost 21st century westerners.

    Let us have some light in the darkness. People in darkness are drawn to light.

  3. Paul —

    You must be new to Gates of Vienna. This is a free speech site.

    I linked to Vilks’ website because he was part of the story of censorship, not because I support his views. I don’t — I find him bizarre and repugnant.

    I won’t post such things here, but I object to any official government censorship of him, no matter how repugnant.

    Remember — he wasn’t censored for his unpleasant opinions. The Swedes applaud and support (with government money) much worse than Vilks, every day.

    He was censored because the organizers of the exhibition were afraid of the Muslims. Period.

    They said as much.

  4. Ah yes. Good clarification Baron.

    I hear you concerning the censorship issue. I know. It is hard to understand the outright stupidity of European elites and their active support of enemies of their people and cultures. How do you explain such a thing? We see the same thing happening here in the states with the so-called moon bats and the political left.

    I wonder, are the ruling elites in the west under a powerful delusion? Perhaps the delusion of our times is like the witches spell, and our ruling elite classes has eaten from the poison apple. They seem to have no sense or understanding of what they have become. Trapped like human prey in a snare. Their misunderstanding of human nature and foolish denial of what is good versus evil is breathtaking.

    A fine mess we are stuck with.

    Europe needs better than the mo-dog artist.

  5. I accept the action of the dhimmi journalist as fact. What I still cannot figure out is how someone who goes to journalism and supposedly has been taught the golden rule of journalis ‘print the truth without fear’ have chosen to lie in fear.

  6. 2 Archonix

    – It raises the question, is there a point where being offensive is just too much –

    The question has been raised (about Christianism) and the answer was NO LIMITS!

    There will be NO LIMITS! to Islam to. It shall not have special rights of any kind!

    In fact there have been to much special rights for islam

  7. darta —

    Most of our readers do not understand Sundanese. Please do not leave a comment in a language other than English without providing a translation.

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