Importing Trouble

Apparently the Finns are not satisfied with the amount of ethnic unrest they already have; the government wants to import some more.

KGS of Tundra Tabloids brought this article to my attention:

Astrid ThorsThe government is worried about a labour shortage — and Finland’s first Migration Minister wants quick legislative changes to make the country more welcoming to foreigners. She says that the Aliens’ Act will be updated in bits and pieces, as a complete overhaul would take too long.

Finland badly needs more workers like Yusuf Kart, a Kurdish immigrant who runs a restaurant at Helsinki’s Caisa international cultural centre. He has lived in Finland for 10 years, but says he still does not really feel at home. Kart applied for Finnish citizenship two years ago, but has not gotten any response from the authorities.

“You don’t feel welcome, that’s the problem. And why not? I’m working, I have my business here and my family here,” he says.

Notice the emphasis on “not feeling welcome”. If an immigrant feels unwelcome, it trumps anything else. Being an asset to the host society, assimilation to the host culture, not being a radical Muslim — none of these matter if the immigrant doesn’t feel welcome.

The government now plans to revise many parts of the Aliens’ Act in an effort to make Finland more attractive to immigrants and simplify bureaucracy.

Translation: We will bring them in by the boatload with virtually no background checks.

Minister of Migration Astrid Thors says parts of the law must be changed to speed up immigration. However it will be done piecemeal, as a rewrite of the whole act would take years — time that Finland simply cannot afford to waste.

First of all, immigration-related issues are now being centralised under one new ministry, to be led by Thors.

The interesting thing is that Ms. Thors is a member of Finland’s ethnic Swedish minority. The Swedish Finns are not discriminated against — on the contrary, they feel very “welcome”. According to my Finnish sources, they are over-represented in government, the academy, and the financial institutions.

Funny about that.
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But pity the poor Muslim immigrant:

Kart is too busy to spend much time thinking about administrative overhauls. He just wants to be treated equally by the authorities.

“If they treat me differently than you, it gives me a bad feeling, as if I’m a second-class or third-class citizen. It doesn’t feel nice,” he says.

OK, That’s it! It doesn’t feel nice, so we will dismantle our society and hand over the keys to the culture to the newcomers. Maybe they will feel better then.

The only explanation I can come up with for all of this is mass insanity.

It’s not like the Finns don’t have many instructive examples of where the proposed new policies will lead them. They only have to look at Britain, or France, or the Netherlands, or their next-door neighbor Sweden, to get an idea of what’s in store for them.

KGS has this to say on the topic:

If the prospective immigrant doesn’t hail from a traditional democratic pluralistic society (this obviously does not automatically exclude the candidate), the host state has the right to question whether the immigrant fully understands what a liberal democracy is, how it functions etc., and his/her responsibilities as an individual within the host society. Does the immigrant understand human/civil rights and respect the pluralism that the host society affords? Does the state intend to demand a mandatory civics course for all potential candidates that are being evaluated?

…I have repeated this time and again, that the Finnish Tartars (Sufi branch of Islam) have proven that moderate Islam can indeed become a functional, practical ingredient in a modern day pluralistic democracy. Not unlike the Jews who immigrated to Finland around the same time in the late 1800’s — when Finland was an autonomous Russian Duchovy — the Tartars consider themselves to be Finns first and Muslims second, and became fully integrated citizens while keeping their customs and traditions. We should expect no less from future immigrants.

Well, we should. But don’t hold your breath.

12 thoughts on “Importing Trouble

  1. “the Tartars consider themselves to be Finns first and Muslims second” Let them go to a saudi funded mosque and you will see how this will last.

  2. “He has lived in Finland for 10 years, but says he still does not really feel at home.”

    Well then perhaps he should move to a country in which there are more people like himself.

  3. Mrs. Thors appears to be in horry to change the legislation in time, that sweden can toss away some of their abundant richness to finland before sweden explodes into happy oblivion.

    It wouldn’t surprise me the least bit that Thors has an agreement allready made with sweden to ‘share the richness’ from swedish suburbs with Finland.

  4. These Liberals are no more than traitors to your nation, Come on the people of Finland waken up.

    Europe needs the viking nordic spirit, to help in the fight against Islam Do not give in to them think of your children.

  5. I am pretty confident, that we can deal with the situation. Finns tolerate much (to outsider it seems that too much, but thus far it has just been talking, not a real threat), but unlike swedes, we have a point from where we won’t back off.

    For the swedes, I’m afraid that the battle axe is buried too deep. They have been so long in a situation where it hasn’t been needed.

    Hell, they don’t even have arms to raise it, even if they could locate it. 🙂

    I just have a hunch that history likes himself so much that he wants to repeate himself over and over.
    Well, then it falls ‘once again’ to Finland to save their asses.
    One way or another.

    (yep, I hope that this pisses at least one swede off and bingo you have a map for the axe)

  6. The Finns handled the Soviets… on skis.

    I’m hoping they study their WW II history.

    Only America was supposed to the melting pot.

    Where did Europeans nations get the idea that they had to emulate this?

    Especially with people who only came to leech, not out of admiration and shared cultural values and a desire to built up their new home, not complain about how unwelcome they feel?

    Time to encourage them to head back to the welcoming arms of a glorious Islamic land.

    Pick your hellhole and hit the road, ingrates.

  7. Why is it “funny” that the ethnic Swedes are in favor of breaking down Finnish hegemony?

    This is what ethnic minorities do.

    They break down the resistance of majority and set themselves up as the smarter, the more talented, the more caring people.

    They insist on destroying the power of the majority, its religion, its culture and its survival in order to make themselves safer and more at home.

    Unfortunately, one cannot talk about it in Finland or in the USA since it is nasty, racist, hate speech.

    And, no, bubba, America was not “supposed to be a melting pot”.

    Read your George Washington.

    You cannot form a peaceful country with high achieving minorities that make it their ethnic, religious and racial goal to gut your culture so they feel safe.

    The “melting pot” meme infected this country a century ago, pimped along by that famous (mental) disease vector’s poem:”give me your poor, your tired, your huddled masses …”.

    It is the same garbage that the Swedes are trotting out in Finland and for the same reasons: the weaker the host culture the safer it is for the minorities — especially for the smart ones who can manipulate the dumb minorities.

  8. Like I said, it has been just talking. “Swedes” here are pompous to the bone. – So what?

    Like satan asked: “what do I have to do with you” applies to the “swedes” in finland.


    I am partly from a swedish offspring. However,I didn’t knew it previously, but all of the men in that root of the family were in favour of Finland ‘and’ one language system. – Finn.
    My mom told all of this after she knew that i just follow them. – Even without a clue who they were and what they stood up for ( I knew they were in war as patriots, but this little language ‘thing’ never came up as important).
    My grandfather, whom I never met, was against his ‘folk’ (to the bone), because he knew that it would be best for all of us, within our borders, that everyone would speak one language. Fact is, that there are only 5.5 million finns around. – That is a small number.

    Regardless of this, for some goddamned reason, this is a tough piece of shit to shovel for “swedes” here.. (I just don’t get it, I mean, c’mon, it is easy to comprehend with people if you understand what is been said..).

    Truth is, that there is (anywhere) always small persons around, who seeks only ‘me me me’ -BS, and who are willing to destroy whatever is in their way.

    Moronic view of people ‘as good as anyone, because they are people’ -is simply fucking stupid.

    Be strong.


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