Sir, Have You No Shame?

President Bush has been seduced by the dark side of the Force.

That’s the only explanation I can think of.

Washington Islamic CenterHe will speak tomorrow at the Washington Islamic Center, the most prominent Saudi-funded mosque in Washington DC. Not to mince words, it’s a Wahhabist mosque.

The speech is at 11:30 AM, so time is short.

Dymphna posted on this topic earlier this afternoon, in an open letter to the President.

Bloggers: we need to blog on this, and have our readers light up the phones at the White House tonight and tomorrow.

Readers: see the contact info at the bottom of this post. The important phone numbers are 202-456-1414 (voice) and 202-456-2461 (fax).

The Administration claims to want to shut down terrorist groups. The groups represented at the President’s speech include CAIR, MPAC, ISNA, etc., which are known cover groups and fronts for the architects and funding sources of the Muslim Brotherhood and related Islamic terror groups. The President must state his firm commitment to shutting down these terror groups.

The President must make the point that Islam as it is practiced by many of these groups is not a religion, but a political ideology which seeks to dominate the rest of us by force.

The groups invited to and/or sponsoring this event must disavow Hamas, Hizbullah, etc. specifically and by name and not just utter generalized mealy-mouthed condemnations of “all kinds of terrorism”. Those who will not join in such a denunciation are de facto apologists and supporters of the jihad groups.

The leaders of these groups have not addressed the criminal and immoral attacks on civilians by Islamic suicide bombers and terrorists. This must change. They must publicly and clearly denounce these attacks as unacceptable and un-Islamic.

Any effort to implement the above changes is routinely denounced as “racism” and “Islamophobia”. The President must make clear that opposing political Islam is not any of these things; it is an honorable, patriotic, and morally justified enterprise in defense of human liberty.
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These groups must be compelled to acknowledge that extremist and violent Islam is a real, widespread, and serious problem, and not just a figment of the “infidel” imagination. They must be seen publicly to join in the movement to denounce and resist it.

The Islamic groups which encourage their followers not to cooperate with the police, the FBI, and other law-enforcement agencies are not just being unhelpful, they are breaking the law.

The groups involved in this event have routinely denounced the “Zionist lobby”. It should be stated explicitly that this is an unacceptable attack on the pluralism of American society.

The focus on Israel as the putative cause of all Islamic violence must stop.

We call on President Bush to state publicly and forcefully that the Muslim Brotherhood, which is behind many of these “charities” and lobbying groups, is a dangerous, violent, and subversive entity which threatens the security of the United States and the entire Western world. It must be delegitimized and put beyond the pale of acceptable social action.

Contact info:

George W. Bush
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave. N.W.
Washington D.C. 20500

voice: 202-456-1414
fax: 202-456-2461

18 thoughts on “Sir, Have You No Shame?

  1. Look, it’s very easy to see what has happened.

    GWB has thrown away national security to go over to his pal Teddy Kennedy’s view that Muslims are “an oppressed minority” and will obviously denounce “Islamaphobia” and call for hate-crime legislation to make burning Mohammed in Effigy a Hate Crime, while rationalizing Muslim burning of the US flag not to mention 9/11 as “understandable anger.”


    Because GWB wants to replace the American people with the Mexican People. That’s his goal, and open-borders and amnesty is what he’s after.

  2. No, he has no shame. And no clue. His policies, especially since we mistakenly reelected him, prove that.

    But sadly, I still can’t believe Kerry would have been anything but worse. Only I begin to wonder HOW that would be possible.

    We’ve been sold out. By all of our “leaders”. And they’ve begun to thumb their noses at us while they do it.

  3. “We’ve been sold out. By all of our “leaders”. And they’ve begun to thumb their noses at us while they do it.”
    Yes indeed, and not just in America. Right across the West.

  4. Pretty much what everyone else has already stated… Good article Baron, but sadly at the rate our leaders keep hammering nails into our coffins, we are relegated to the duty of disaster clean-up instead of prevention.

    I wonder if the event will be capped off with a traditional US flag burning as well!

    Hi welcome to the NAU, want lies with your burqa?
    Are you ready?

  5. You know, if you hammer enough nails in to a coffin the wood splits and it falls apart. Let em keep going, pretty soon they’ll see their plans and plots fall apart like so much badly sealed plywood.

  6. Bush is the fox guarding the henhouse, and I’ve said so from my first blog post. He and his cronies from the CFR and the Trilateral Commission are the real enemies of American liberty and justice.

    I sent an email expressing my outrage at his treasonous behavior, knowing he is, and always was, immune to the voice of the Anerican people. He simply doesn’t care because, like his father before him, his agenda to sell us out was set even before he took office. George Bush is the single-most dangerous enemy America has, followed by Dick Chaney.

  7. Bush has always been a traitor to his country, far worse than Clinton. The tragedy is that so many patriotic Americans have been so wilfully blind to this for so long.

    I’m sure GW doesn’t know what Wahabbism is, and to whatever extent he does, he heartily approves of it. After all, the Saudis are our allies in the GWOT, right? And Islam is our friend. And ‘faith’ – any faith – is a wonderful thing.

  8. gun-totin-wacko:
    “But sadly, I still can’t believe Kerry would have been anything but worse…”

    While Kerry’s gut instincts are likely the same as Bush’s; he’d have had a whole bunch of American patriots looking over his shoulder, looking for evidence of weakness. This would have greatly constrained his freedom of action, whereas Bush has had a free hand.

  9. Ah yes: The Trilateral Commission. I’d forgotten them. Last person I knew to make that argument also claimed that James Forrestal was thrown out of a DC windown, during WWII. Sadly, nobody’s ever managed to turn up any evidence to prove that claim.

    As to the comment by KG that it isn’t just in the US that we’ve been sold out, I agree. I meant that, but didn’t make it clear enough.

  10. “I honestly don’t know why leftists tend to dislike GWB so much”

    I’d like to think it was because of the thousands of good Americans he’s got killed for no good reason in Iraq. Or the Constitutional limits on executive power he’s ignored, the laws he’s broken.

    But I reckon it’s because he sounds like a good ole boy.

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