Payback is Hell

The Israelis made another sweep through the Gaza Strip on Thursday, arresting thirty-three members of the terrorist organization, Hamas:

Hamas Rockets…the army described those arrested as “senior members of the Hamas terror organization,” which it said “exploits governmental institutions to encourage and support terrorist activity.” Miri Eisin, a spokeswoman for Prime Minister Ehud Olmert of Israel, said, “We have information that connects all those arrested to terrorist activity.” Another senior Israeli government official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the arrests came “on the heels of concrete and genuine indications that these individuals — all of them — pose a clear and present danger to the lives of Israelis.”


Israeli government and security officials would not immediately provide any details about the legal status or terms of arrest of those detained on Thursday, other than to say they were “under investigation.” The latest arrests coincided with Israeli air strikes against money-changing offices and businesses in the Gaza Strip, which the army said had been transferring funds to Hamas and other militant organizations. Together, these actions represented a broadening of Israel’s campaign against Hamas since it resumed rocket fire against Israel 10 days ago, ending a six-month Gaza cease-fire.

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Previously, the Israeli military had focused its attacks on cells launching rockets into Israel, the military headquarters of Hamas and other factions, and buildings that the army said served as weapons storage or production facilities.

The Palestinians continue their same old victim game, as they attack with one hand, and pose as hapless victims with the other:

…the Israeli Air force struck a Hamas Executive Force compound west of Gaza City, and a Hamas post in Deir El-Balah to the south, an army spokeswoman said. Seven Palestinians were injured in the strike near Gaza City, according to Palestinian hospital officials.

Shortly after the strike, Fatma Abu Dakin, who lives close to the Executive Force compound, was at Shifa hospital in Gaza City with her injured daughter and niece. “We were all sitting in the living room and suddenly found ourselves scattered in the street,” she said. “Amnah was crawling down the stairs and Dalal fell unconscious.”

And how many dead Israeli children have been sacrificed by Palestinian suicide bombers, Ms. Dakin? Why don’t you tell your men to cut it out? Or perhaps they could release the people they’ve kidnapped. Here’s a revolutionary idea: a unilateral move to disarm Hamas is a sure-fire road to peace. It’s a shame that peace is the last thing Hamas wants. Peace is not a part of the Ummah plan.

Approximately 200 rockets have been launched at Israel in the past 10 days, many of which have fallen in and around the Israeli border town of Sderot or in surrounding communities. On Thursday, at least five rockets were launched from Gaza, the army spokeswoman said. At least two rockets fell in Israeli territory, causing some damage but no injuries.

Payback is hell.

5 thoughts on “Payback is Hell

  1. Gosh, you must have gotten a close look.

    OTOH, Russia used to send stuff to Iran, so maybe it’s written in Cyrillic..or French.

  2. Strong piece, and already the HR crowd is condemning Israel. At least the Fatah and Hamas terrorist monkeys are killing each other…

    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe says
    kidnap Israeli soldiers

    protest counter attacks
    use apartments as bunkers

  3. “..ending a six-month Gaza cease-fire.”

    BS – There has been no cease fire. That is fiction of the worst sort. The Pali’s never quit firing at Sderot. Ever. Hell, they did not even slow down. M Totten was down there during the supposed ‘cease fire’ and saw the incoming himself.

    The Pali’s only espouse one thing, the complete and utter destruction of Israel as does moast of the Arab world. Hell, the Muslim world – cannot leave out the whacko’s from Persia. Ahmadinnerjacket has said he will destroy tel Aviv in nuclear fire.

    What does the world not get? The avowed end game for all Muslims is the destruction of the Jew and Christian to bring on the end times.

    Okay /rant off

  4. small correction: the “sweep” was through the Judea and Samria, as far as I know.

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