On the Road

Gates of Vienna is doing a road show for the weekend. We’re in Williamsburg to attend the graduation of the Future Baron Bodissey from the College of William and Mary. We’re so proud of our boy!

Blogging may be light over the next forty-eight hours. We’ve brought the laptop with us, and the motel has wifi, but still… my normal situation has a cyberspace cable jacked into the back of my head, so it’s just not the same.

But you’ll see occasional reports from us.

Weather:   Sunny.
Coffee:   Pretty bad.
Dymphna:   Still sleeping.
Local news:   The woman at the desk downstairs says that the recent 400th anniversary festivities at Jamestown have tied Williamsburg in knots. First there was the Queen’s preliminary visit – along with Dick Cheney — two weeks ago, and then President Bush came last weekend for the official anniversary. But the worst of all was the Democrat Party Caucus, which came to the Burg by Amtrak a month or so ago. The security for it closed off a long stretch of Lafayette Street from Richmond Road to the train station. The local folks weren’t very happy about that one.

[No more news below.]