Karl Rove is Up to His Old Tricks

Sigh. Now Nancy wants to visit Tehran.

After her clueless trip to Damascus, where she cooled her heels waiting for a photo op (Boy Assad had a soccer game to attend with a Turkish politician first), Nancy Drew Pelosi now wants a cozy chat with A-jad.

Karl Rove slug (c) tol23design As Kesher Talk asks, is this woman a Karl Rove mole?

Oh, wait a minute…Grandma represents a district in San Francisco. They love dialogue in San Francisco. And homeless people. They gather the mentally ill homeless to their streets. A lot of them look suspiciously like damaged leftovers from the last generation’s Love-In. Come to think of it, so does our speaker, except for the face lift. The scarf goes nicely, though — bagwomen will fight for that one.

Perhaps this new dialogue compulsion of hers is left over from that period, too. Instead of flashbacks, Madam Speaker is suffering from logorrhea. Nancy just wants to talk…and talk, and talk, and talk. When she stays in Washington, no one notices, since the highly ambitious folk who land there and immediately begin jostling for position appear to suffer from a similar urge: lip-flapping before microphones.

Only now the Speaker has a portable lectern and will travel wherever there is a dictator willing to exploit a useful idiot. They can certainly employ her more effectively than the U.S. House of Representatives does.

Maybe we could dig up Saddam, Stalin, Mao… she’d be kept busy for months, maybe years. And we would have her safely out of the country for long periods of time.

Way to go, Karl.

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4 thoughts on “Karl Rove is Up to His Old Tricks

  1. We don’t need to dig anybody up–there are plenty enough to keep Nan busy.

    After A-jad she can shuttle off to Ugo in Venezuela, then Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, Vietnam, Pakistan, Algeria, Morocco and finally, the really big performance in Saudi.

  2. Scarfula Pelosi has time to meet with any tinhorn terrorist despot but finds a conference (about properly funding The Anti-Islamo-fascist War) with the President unnecessary.


  3. Lil Nancy is a dangerous Dhimmicrat that’s for sure…

    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe says
    push bad agendas

    get away with treason
    fine if you’re a Democrat

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