Fallout From Copenhagen

Danish ensignI got home from Denmark in the middle of the night last night after twenty-four hours of continuous travel. The meeting in Copenhagen was an enormous success; we have a broad base to build on now, and the different groups are connecting and communicating.

One of the things I discovered from my visit is how important Gates of Vienna is to some of the people there, and to other people across Northern Europe. It has changed my perspective, and I’ll be keeping it in mind as I follow up on Copenhagen over the next few weeks.

During that time I’ll be posting material drawn from my visit. Some of it will be for fun, some of it will be informational, and some of it will be operational. The last two functions will be combined when people send me translations and other material about plans for events such the September 11th protest in Brussels.

Please continue to send translations and tips, provided that they are timely, on-topic, and significant. Given the volume of material we receive, I can’t use everything that people send, but I’ll do what I can. To make sure the word gets out, send it to Vigilant Freedom as well, at info@vigilantfreedom.com.

The resistance, like Holger Danske, is awakening all across Northern Europe, and its members are starting to communicate. If you think your organization should be included in our lists of Counterjihad groups, please let us know.

Denmark is at the center of our efforts, because the Danes enjoy unfettered freedom of speech, and are less hobbled by political correctness than anyone else in the West.

Steen is at the hub of all the intellectual currents in Denmark, so those of you who read Danish or Swedish should keep an eye on Snaphanen.

Vigilant FreedomSomething important is happening. None of us is important as an individual — none of us is going to get famous or rich from doing what we do. Each of us is going to have at most a modest effect within the Counterjihad. However, as our groups network more thoroughly with one another, the aggregated effect of what we do will be noticeable.

The logo for Vigilant Freedom represents this interlinked network. The strength of the shield comes from the multiple strands that weave the golden nodes together.

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7 thoughts on “Fallout From Copenhagen

  1. It is rather interesting how Cho Seung-hui is being proclaimed by the mainstream media as insane, as a paranoid young man driven by delusion, hatred, and violence. Such misogyny, such paranoia, such violence, such an Oedipus Complex a mile wide, and such a desire for fame to send his manifesto to a news organization before he murders innocent people on an industrial scale. We are told how such a mentality is so difficult to imagine, that no sane person could ever act like that reclusive student in Virginia.

    Other men act just like Cho Seung-hui and they aren’t regarded as insane at all. Instead, these same acts are portrayed as acts of Muslim religious expression. For the rest of us, the actions of Cho Seung-hui are declared to be insane. Yet when Muslim fanatics act exactly the same way, any criticism of the insanity of such people is swept under the rug and declared to be “Islamophobia”. Were the mentality and actions of Cho Seung-hui really more insane than the rambling manifestos of Osama bin Laden or Mahmoud Ahmadinejad? Am I supposed to believe that when a man becomes a suicidal mass murderer, it means he is insane unless he is a Muslim? Must I regard such misbehavior as insane only when non-Muslims are doing it?

    Either Cho Seung-hui is not quite so insane as the media portrays him to be, or there is something seriously wrong with Islam.

  2. I am glad you got home ok, Baron. To bad you didnt have more time.

    Looking foreward to reading your posts about it. The logo is great.

  3. That is a truly excellent logo. As soon as I saw it, I sensed it speaking a thousand words; words I wanted to hear. Whoever is responsible for the design, well done!! Can the Baron comment on its availability? How do I (and anyone else) get a high-def copy of it?

  4. Mission Impossible —

    Christine (of the 910 Group) and I thought of the idea for the logo in a brainstorming session. The design execution was my job.

    I have a high-res verson of it (about 600×600), but the copyright belongs to Vigilant Freedom. I’ll have to ask the directors what their policy is on letting others use it.

    Stay tuned.

  5. Baron,

    Perhaps I have nudged you into giving some unanticipated thought into how legitimate use can be made of that logo.

    It might be worth registering it officially. That way the (R) indicator can be added when necessary, plus you (i.e., the Group) will gain other copyright protections.

    Before you formally register it, you might like to consider passing it to a Graphic Artist, who could polish some of the fine details (perhaps by enlarging the bird feature in the centre, or choosing an appropriate background colour, etc.). Remember, once you have registered the design, it is frozen in aspic so my advice is, pass some thoughts around the guys you met in Denmark, get feedback, complete the polishing & fine tuning, and then move to the registration phase. Don’t rush it as you don’t yet know how big this is going to get.

    Bear in mind you have already published it in your article. Readers can already take file copies of that. So, I guess you are now obliged to follow this issue through and have it formally registered. I am sure there is a standard application for such things out there. Look up the American Copyright Association (or whatever it is actually called).

    Once done, you can then stipulate under what conditions people are allowed to make use (i.e., reproduce) that logo. If you don’t register the logo then theoretically, some mischievous types might try to make use of the logo for purposes that have nothing to do with Vigilant Freedom.

    I would like to (at least have the option) of printing that logo when referring (in my text) to Vigilant Freedom. One option I have considered is a dedication page in my book’s Preamble. But, I won’t do anything until the Vigilant Freedom group comes back with clarifications and a stated policy. Please action this. You’ve done the hardest part already.

    My guess is, this logo will help to rally additional support for our aims. But, only after you have cleared the formal hurdles.

    Good luck. Please write a short article to clarify this issue when you are good and ready, or e-mail directly.

  6. Baron,

    Never underestimate the power of a single blogger to reform or take down a government, even one that is not his own.

    Just ask Ed “Captains Quarters” Morrissey and FORMER Canadian PM Paul Martin if you don’t believe me…….


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