Undercover at British Mosques

Undercover at the mosque

A regular reader from France, Pierre Ménard, asks us to alert our British readers about a television program being aired tomorrow night in the UK:

You might have friends who could record and videogoogle this upcoming program on British TV, Monday 15 January, 8pm GMT, on Channel 4.

It sounds like a good idea to me — is there anyone across the pond who could tape the report and put it up on YouTube or Google Video? If so, please send us the link when it’s up.

Excerpts from Channel 4’s information on the program:
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A Dispatches reporter attends mosques run by organisations whose public faces are presented as moderate and finds preachers condemning integration into British society, condemning democracy and praising the Taliban for killing British soldiers.


Undercover Mosque features interviews with moderate British Muslim figures who are speaking out against the influence of Saudi Arabia’s extreme brand of Islam, which is seeking to overturn Islamic traditions of diversity and peaceful co-existence: “We are losing our children to extremists,” says Haras Rafiq of the Sufi Muslim Council. Dr Al Alawi of the Islamic Heritage Foundation also warns: “If this continues, you will have extremist mosques in every corner of the UK. You will not have moderate Muslims walking on our streets anymore.”

We need to be doing the same kind of thing here in the U.S.A., but there isn’t a TV station in the country with the collective cojones to go up against the PC groupthink that controls what we’re allowed to see on the screen.

I’ll be interested to hear reports about this on Tuesday morning.

15 thoughts on “Undercover at British Mosques

  1. I’ll be watching this, as will Esmerelda (colleague at the New English Review).

    There have been a number of very good investigative pieces about Muslims, mosques and Islam. A few were from Channel 4, but what will perhaps surprise US readers is that a few were done by the BBC (Panorama on the Muslim Council of Britain and Islamic “Charities” for example). This is what the Beeb should be like all the time – rigorous, objective and taking no prisoners. However, the news and current affairs sections of the Beeb pump out the usual: Islam is peace, anti-Israel bilge most of the time.

    Channel 4 is odd. It can often be annoyingly lefty – eg the fatuous “alternative” Christmas message. But the Dispatches series is almost consistently excellent.

  2. Ultimately, I cannot see the UK (a nation which has Red Ken as mayor of its largest city, and which can elect someone like George Galloway to parliament and Jack Straw to Defense Minister, and where people’s minds are shaped by a media that makes the NY Times seem like Republicans by comparison) getting up the cojones to stop this madness.

    My understanding is that whatever minimal backbone Blair may have had in fighting the WoT, his replacement, Mr. Brown, is an Arabist, pure and simple, with no use for America, and a pretty deep hatred of Israel.

    With such a man leading the UK, one cannot expect the Islamofascists to be held to account.

  3. Old Peculier asked:

    So which US channel is it that is doing a similar documentary?

    Fox News has done such a special, and (surprisingly) CNN – although it was done by their token conservative, Glen Beck.

    However, you also have to realize that the right in this country long ago dismissed television news and most newspapers as left-wing propaganda organs. (You have more political diversity among your major newspapers in the UK than we do in the USA). The dominant media outlet for conservatives in the USA is radio, and the subject of the hatred spewed by Islamofascism is brought up periodically by all of them – Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill Bennett, Michael Medved, Michael Savage, Laura Ingraham, Hugh Hewitt, Dennis Prager, and probably a few others I missed.

  4. Yes, it sounds like your radio is much more sensible than ours. The Today programme (R 4)is very anti-Israel and pro-Arab/Muslim.

    Of course Muslims are angry (when are they not) about this documentary and the others, though they never actually come up with any arguments to refute the allegations.

  5. As said by a previous commenter, Dispatches is an excellent program, one of the very few things on C4 I will watch.
    Zero sum game:
    Red Ken was elected Mayor because he promised to sort out transport in this city, not because he is a Jew hating twat.
    George ‘Here Pussy’ Galoway was elected from a constituency with a high proportion of ragheads oops muslims to whom he is beholden for his position.
    Jack Straw was appointed, not elected, by the Government. The fact that Tony is/was too dumb to know what an arsehole he was is symptomatic of his government.

    Please do not confuse the elevation of scum to power with the general feelings of the actual British people (like me).

  6. Hi – watched it. No surprises at all for those of us who know about Islam. All the “extremist” or “Wahabi” ideas were from mainstream Islam.

    I’m a bit tied up and tired at the moment, but tomorrow I’ll post in more detail either here or at the New English Review.

    Update: my colleague has a post there already. Do read it.

  7. Robert In England:

    Red Ken was elected Mayor because he promised to sort out transport in this city, not because he is a Jew hating twat.

    Nevertheless, the people of London elected a Jew-hating Communist twat. The fact that this man supports every Marxist and Islamofascist mass murderer and would love to see Israel wiped off the map apparently does not make him sufficiently morally repugnant to the people of London.

    Let’s compare it with New York, which elected for mayor — a Jew.

  8. Robert in England:

    Disraeli proves my point, it does not undermine it. Disraeli was converted to the Church of England at the age of 12, PRECISELY because his parents knew he could not advance if he remained a Jew.

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