SIAD Fights Back

The Danish counterjihad group SIAD isn’t rolling over in the face of intimidation by the Islamists and their useful idiots, the autonomes.

From yesterday’s Jyllands-Posten (thanks to Zonka and the 910 Group Blog for the translation):

Political group files charges against police and minister

Minister of Justice Lene Espersen (Cons.), Chief Police Inspector Per Larsen and Police Director Hanne Bech have been reported to the police.

SIAD logoOn Friday the political action group Stop the Islamification of Denmark (SIAD) filed charges against Lene Espersen and the Copenhagen Police, represented by Chief Police Inspector Per Larsen and Police Director Hanne Bech. The step was taken because SIAD is furious that the police, according to the group, have not utilized enough resources to solve a violent attack against several members of the party, and because the Copenhagen Police have disallowed a demonstration by the party on Blågårdsgade in Nørrebro.

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  1. There has been a bit of confusion about the adherence and location of Siad.

    If anyone wants to contact Siad, they should do it on the official adress:

    International cooperation is crucial, so any kind of shared information is benefial to all.

  2. To tell you truth I don’t know what I would do if I was the police chief in Kopenhagen, and SIAD wanted to hold a demonstration in Blågårdsgade this is right in the middle of Den Sorte Firkant (the black square) which is Norrebro which is the muslim enclave in the center of Kopenhagen. You are just asking for trouble. Police chiefs are there to keep the peace and if you have limited resources then what do you do. Blågårdsplads is a square there and and a meeting with speakers in this square would certainly raise the temperature. There is no way the police could guarantee the safety of the people attending. The square is surrounded by building of about five stories snipers could shoot into the crowd petrol bombs could be hurtled down on the people and there would be no escape. Any demonstration by SIAD would be an incitement to violence. I agree with what SIAD has to say, but we have to be realistic. If I was the police chief I would also tend to ban the demonstration, I would view it as an attempt to incite violence and Norrebro has been a flash point of violence in the last few week. I do not think that the Danish police are weak or partisan, the arrest and charging of I think 320 rioters when the police tried to close Ungdoms Huset in Norrebro a couple of weeks ago shows this. In this case I think that the police made the right decision. Morally and legally SAID is in the right, but what if he had let them have there demonstration and several people had been killed. Then it is a question of dammed if you do and dammed if you don’t.

  3. Yorkshireminer,

    I agree with your assessment, that the police wouldn’t be able to guarantee the safety of the demonstration, if they were acting in the “business as usual” mode, but then again when are they ever able to guarantee the safety of any demonstration in an Urban area! And we cannot just outlaw demonstrations because of the potential for violence. The primary job of the police to make sure that law abiding citizens can perform and exercise their constitutional rights, and if they aren’t able to do that then they have capitulated, and if the police have capitulated then we are in a much more grave situation. Since the contract between the citizens of Denmark and the Government gives the police monopoly on using force to uphold society in exchange for keeping citizens safe! And if the police or government breaks that contract then as a consequence the monopoly is broken and groups of citizens will start to exercise the use of power and the monopoly is broken.

    So it is a very dangerous game that the politicians and police have entered here, and as I see it they have no real alternative than to reassert their position and get the resources needed to protect the citizens or the citizens are going to turn to virgilantism!

  4. Dear Zonka,
    I couldn’t agree with you more, you are absolutely right, compromise with islam is a waste of time. SIAD have right on there side even if it is embarrassing to the Government., but then compromise is the meat and drink of Democracy, it is how it works, each side gives a little. When I was 21 I was the President of a branch of the National Union of Mineworkers in Yorkshire. You had a problem, you had a meeting, you sat over from each other, you asked too much they offered too little. The meeting broke up, you went outside. You announced to your member that the meeting had been constructive, constructive is a delightful word, it has a empty ring to it, you then mentioned the word obstructionist mentioning the fact that perhaps certain members of the meeting had an obstructionist agenda. You then mentioned to your members that talks would resume in the morning, and that we would continue until we found a solution, but that a strike could not be ruled out. Perhaps two or three days later you would sign an agreement. If you had been smart and made your assement of what the opponent could pay, or was willing to pay you could set your demand just high enough that when you compromised it didn’t look as if you had made a fool of yourself and you could claim a victory. Compromise is the essence of good industrial and what should be good political relation. Good politics should be the art of what is obtainable. This unfortunately is not the way islam sees the west and should be resisted at every step. I personally think that the Danes should have allowed the meeting and should have deployed the army with tanks to guarantee the saftey of the participant. This would have showed the muslim community that Danish law is paramount. I also think that the Danes should pass a law stating that no law, except Danish law will be allowed in Denmark.
    The problem is who is going to pay for this and what are the results if we do not pay the price of a confrontation. Denmark like Britain before the second world war does not seem to realize that budgets for things like the police should be a movable feast and not be constrained by monetary or fiscal measures if circumstances demand this. What price do you put on your constitution. Fortunately the Danes unlike we Brits seem to have a legal justification to revolt against any Danish Government who tries to changes the constitution. I posted this a couple of days ago in a comment on this blogg

    Vi har som danskere ret til at forlange at vores grundlov bliver
    overholdt. “Et folk hvis eksistens sættes på spil, har ret til at anvende
    alle tjenlige midler for at sikre sig. Herom kan man læse i
    statsforfatningsretten, og det var i øvrigt denne sætning, som skabte
    modstandsbevægelsens retlige legitimation i årene 1940-45 på tværs af
    folkevalgte politikere.”

    Citat fra Ole Hasselbalch i Jyllands Posten 1991.

    We have as Danes the right to demand that the constitution be observed.
    A people whose existence is threatened has the right to to use all reasonable means to secure this
    This can be read in the constitution and it was these sentences that gave the resistance movement legitimacy in the years 1940-45 even against the legally elected politicians.

    Citation Ole Hasselbalch in Jyllands Posten 1991.

  5. police cannot guarantee safety?

    what is this, lebanon?

    hahaha and to think that guy got hurt when i said europe is already finished

  6. what is this, lebanon?

    No, it’s a risk-averse modern liberal democracy where the authorities decide, if there is no cast-iron 100% guarantee of fluffy, care-free fraternal bonding between enemies then they can’t be allowed anywhere near each other.

    And I expect phanarath was quite hurt. I’m sure you’d be hurt if I said the US was on its last legs – and since you lot are talking about potentially electing a muslim to the presidency, and have the unique distinction of allowing a sitting congressman to swear his oath of office on a koran, then perhaps that assessment isn’t so far from the truth. No politician in the UK has sworn an oath of office on the koran. They swear alliegiance to the Queen and the country. Whether they keep that oath is another matter, of course, and we are in quite a PC mess at the moment. But, that said, you aren’t free of this curse, and we aren’t as lost as you seem to believe.

    There’s none so blind as them that don’t see.

  7. …fluffy, care-free fraternal bonding…

    Very droll :). But the word “fraternal” betrays a reactionary paternalistic mindsetin need of reeducation.

    But I don’t imagine Phanarath was hurt. Dismayed at the stupidity maybe, or exasperated by the ignorance.

    You a nice fella scrilla, have you ever met your father?

  8. Yorshireminer:

    In this case I think that the police made the right decision. Morally and legally SAID is in the right, but what if he had let them have there demonstration and several people had been killed. Then it is a question of dammed if you do and dammed if you don’t.

    With all respect – I really agree that compromise should be the end of any democratic dicussion – problem is islamist are not in for a compromise.

    So when the police are not willing to stand firm on anybodys rigths to free speech – the islamists have won by beeing noncooperative.

    So what do we do, do we sit by and watch, or do we fight? Well I say fight – but fight with the means of democracy, demonstations, loud speeches anywhere, where we choose.

    It might bring casualties in the first few confrontations, but that is much better than waiting 10 or 20 year for a lot more of casualties.

  9. I’m sure you’d be hurt if I said the US was on its last legs

    actually i’d be inclined to agree, but nice try . osama obama is a joke though – hillary is the real problem

  10. Scrilla,

    If you’re right that Europe is a dead husk, and that the US is on it’s last legs, then what do you suggest that we do? Lie down and die? Convert to Islam? or ???

    One things is for sure when you and others are speading these doomsday prophesies, they are starting to become self-fulfilling and the only thing that stands between that is those of us that will not give up without a fight and at the same time don’t give in to this defeatist crap!

    Things might not look good, but we’re very far from the point where all hope has been lost, so instead of just regurgitating doom and gloom statements about the situation how about becoming a bit more constructive and help finding solutions and work to implement them?

    Or have you already given up?

  11. Scrilla, Archonix —

    I do not know how things look in the states, but it does certainly not look bad in Denmark. Here it is just a matter of when and how we win.

    And from what I can read in the american blogs, it seems that things are not that bad either.

    The talking about Denmark being a dead husk just does not make sense – I mean here we celebrate our ancient gods any christmas, we are living among the remains of our kings – and our academia is still in pretty good shape. The roots of this country is so deep it is – something. I mean Denmark has been a kingdom in over 1000 years, we still celebrate kings so ancient that it is only myth.

    A place that does not die within a span of a 100 years.

    Come here, and i will show you fishermen still like Vikings, Runestones made 1000 years ago, Schools shaped like the hammer of Thor. And if you call that a husk – well I suppose anything would be a husk then.

  12. Newsflash from Copenhagen: SIAD’s next meeting has been cancelled – by the community house, where it was supposed to be held. The reason? Oh, yes, the community house has received threats from so called “anti-fascists”, that they will again attack the meeting, as they did the last time. The police does nothing.

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