Virgil Goode Threatened by ROP

Congressman Virgil Goode is getting treatment straight out of the CAIR playbook:

Step 1:   Official spokesman denounces the offender as a bigot and racist. Asserts that Muslims are just like other Americans, want to live in peace and enjoy the respect and tolerance that is their right etc blah yak.
Step 2:   Prominent non-Muslims fall over themselves to pile on the offending infidel along with CAIR.
Step 3:   If enough useful idiots don’t show up for step 2, twist some arms and call in favors until enough join the pile-on.
Step 4:   Saturate the airwaves with the CAIR message, as delivered by the usual reasonable-sounding talking heads.
Step 5:   Mau-mau the offender. This step includes veiled threats, overt threats, sabotage of the offender’s funding sources (if he’s in public office) or his employer (if he’s not), and any dirty tricks that might prove useful.
Step 6:   Repeat steps 1 through 5 until the victim is reduced to a smoking politically correct crater.

Virgil Goode Jr.We saw steps 1 through 4 in action yesterday and the day before. Today it’s time for Step 5. According to The Martinsville Bulletin:

Franklin County Sheriff Quint Overton said he had extra officers at the courthouse Thursday because Goode had received several threatening phone calls.

Asked at the press conference whether he had received any death threats, Goode responded, “No comment.”

So now it’s started.

Read the rest of the article — it’s an AP story, so you’ll find all the other steps highlighted, with the general MSM stance clearly laid out, in full Useful Idiot mode.
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Rep. Goode may not stand a chance, but we’re going to back him to the hilt here. The man has touched the new third rail of American politics: He dissed the Prophet.

Regular readers will guess that we don’t support the exact way that our congressman stated his opinion, but we wholeheartedly back the sentiment behind it. And if we get a chance to talk to him, we’ll offer him some advice about how to wage the Counterjihad effectively, without offering the enemy any gaps in the armor through which he can slip a blade.

I spoke to one of Rep. Goode’s staffers in a satellite office this morning, and he said the phones have been ringing constantly, and that’s he’s never seen anything like it before.

Don’t let CAIR force him to back down. If they succeed, no politician holding national office will be willing to stand up to them.

Snail-mail works best. Send a letter of support to The Hon. Virgil H. Goode Jr. at one of the addresses listed below. Tell him Gates of Vienna sent you. He calls us by our real names, but he’ll know who you mean…

DC Office   1520 Longworth House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515
District Office- Charlottesville   104 South First Street
Charlottesville, VA 22902
District Office- Danville   437 Main Street
Danville, VA 24541
District Office- Farmville   515 South Main Street
Post Office Box 366
Farmville, VA 23901
District Office- Rocky Mount   70 East Court Street, Suite 215
Rocky Mount, VA 24151

UPDATE: Dymphna reminds me that you should not use the Washington D.C. address. Mail arriving at his Congressional office gets quarantined for three weeks.

Rep. Goode recommends that correspondents use the Rocky Mount address for the speediest delivery.

11 thoughts on “Virgil Goode Threatened by ROP

  1. I campaigned for Virgil Goode when I attended Ferrum College in the early 90’s. Of course he was still a democrat in those days, but he is a truly decent and honest fellow and these comments are being blown all out of proportion. He was simply stating something that most of his constiuents and many Americans feel is true, perhaps we should not allow immigration from unfriendly Muslim nations. I don’t have a problem with Ellison using the Koran to be sworn in, but I do have problems with Ellison, he is an absolute anti-semite and it is ironic that the crew denouncing Virgil Goode for his supposed racism say nothing of Ellisons very real and documented anti-semitic positions.

  2. If a Methodist or a Lutheran organization were genociding blacks in the Darfur, or genociding jews in Israel, or genociding anyone anywhere, the entire Christian world would rise up in outrage and stop it in it’s tracks.

  3. Hopefully we’ll see more political leaders take a stand…

    Shariya is NOT compatible with the US Constitution

    You cannot take the Shariya out of Islam, it’s built in.

    But, for the first time in 1400 years, the actual end of Islam is conceivable if non-muslims play their cards right

    1. It’s essentially hostile to scientific inquiry, so in modern times it is doomed to field armies inferior to those of non-muslim countries.

    2. The level of education required to produce a functional society in the modern world is such that if achieved (absent restrictions on freedom of religion and brainwashing from birth) it makes anyone realizes that Islam is nonsense.

    3. The level of individual freedom needed to produce modern societies that are viable in the long term is incompatible with Islam.

    So basically Islam survived, and thrived, for centuries as a religion of illiterate masses defended by a powerful military. What we are seeing are the death throes of a monstrous ideology, (which is hoping to bring down the west with it in its’ death throes) and the liberals are mistaking that for life. The same liberals thought the Soviet Union would last forever.

    The west needs to stop propping up Islamic societies. Islam cannot survive military defeat, economic and technological sanctions, coupled to an educational campaign. These would discredit it completely, and all of these the west can and must put into effect.

  4. Most graduates of North American schools in the past two decades have been programmed to believe only what they hear and see on mainstream media outlets. If the msm doesn’t tell them to defend their country from primitive fanatics and killers, they simply won’t do it.

  5. Comments from TPMMuckraker (brought to the front by google news)

    Virgil Goode seems to be a new brand of Virginia, one without culture or manners. He should be disregarded and ignored, and treated like the bore he is. However it is interesting that he has so many supporters among the Republicans who, by their silence,agree with him. I am more concerned about the religious right than I am about the Muslims taking over.

    Posted by: Charles S Gordon
    Date: December 23, 2006 04:46 PM

    I don’t understand the fear of Islam. Shouldn’t we be more concerned about representatives that consider the leader of the nation-state in Rome to be a higher authority than American law? How can anyone with an allegiance to a foreign leader above their allegience to America can be considered citizens, much less get elected as our representatives?

    Posted by:
    Date: December 23, 2006 04:46 PM

    Goode represents the stance of many Christian conservatives that I know. They see the religious and international struggle as if it were a sports rivalry, in which they discriminate against all members of the “opposing team” and everyone associated with them.

    How can we expect to resolve conflicts when our congressmen blatantly demand “my way or the highway,” as they do with their religious stances? I know voters do this but elected officials should be tolerant and open-minded to all issues.

    I’m not saying the other side of the world is more tolerant but how can we expect to make friends – and make peace – in the MidEast if we uphold a doctrine of intolerance and bigotry?

    Oh, Virginia. How embarrassing. Please stop electing people like this.

    Posted by:
    Date: December 23, 2006 05:01 PM

    Was Tim McVeigh a muslim?

    Posted by: irradiatedmeat
    Date: December 23, 2006 05:33 PM

    A previous poster brought up the point that naturally born American citizens are becoming Muslims. It seems in Goode’s world, they should be deported somewhere!

    This country is America, first and foremost. IF we continue to elect people who are ignorant, delusional, and think this Is a Christian nation only…..we’re doomed….they’ve already taken us down in the eyes of the intelligent world.

    Bush is not my President…he and his employees don’t speak for me.

    I call for all non-Christian soldiers to be honorably dischaged from the military. This isn’t their war, and they shouldn’t risk life and limb for people in our country who hate them. They already have a song…ONWARD CHRISTIAN SOLDIERS, MARCHING AS TO WAR…..

    Posted by: A. Ashe
    Date: December 23, 2006 06:08 PM

  6. If CAIR manages to makes Goode back down, CAIR will have achieved a major victory for curtailing freedom of speech. Thankfully, Goode is known for his outspokenness and his stubbornness. May be stand fast!

  7. The concepts contained within the Qur’an and the Constitution of the United States are inetllectually incompatiable. The have, as their basic tennants, diametrically opposed concepts.

    The Constitution requires it’s diligent protection by the Office Holder; and the Qur’an requires that the Office holder destroy the Contitution.

    Therefore, Mr. Ellison cannot justifiably take the oath of office by swearing on the Qur’an. Nor can he, in my humble opinion, take the oath at all until he repudiates any past alligience to the tennants of Jihad to which he may have sworn in the past.

  8. I am absolutely stunned by the level of ignorance displayed by some of the above posters who refuse to understand the iniquity of Islaam. They must be totally illiterate. Read some history. The nature of Islaam is readilly accessable if you just do some study…But then again, you seem to enjoy your ignorance

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