Inside the Gates

Austrians leaving on the haj3,500 Austrian Muslims are departing for the haj, the annual pilgrimage to Mecca. Steve Decatur has a post with photos from the airport at Vienna, now busy with crowds of the traveling faithful.

If a Christian moves to Saudi Arabia, he may do one of the following:

1.   Convert to Islam;
2.   Keep absolutely silent about his faith; or
3.   Die.

The reverse is not true for Muslims who move to Austria, or any other Christian nation. It’s a fact worth remembering.

As Steve says:

[T]hey are a sign that Muslims are no longer on the Gates of Vienna but are rather inside the gates and their invasion is well under way.

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  1. Hi Baron:

    Yes of course, and it is about ‘rights’.

    “I know my rights.” Many of us will recall this refrain as highlighted in Oriana Fallaci’s, The Rage and The Pride

    Hypocrisy may well be one of the teachings of Islam, if it suits one’s purposes (inshallah), so this is a crux point about western values (aka truth and honesty as being high virtues), and islamic-motivated situational ethics.

    The idea of a Reformist Muslim Charter, while not something that is enforceable, surely? — will at least make clear what it is that we will accept, as key elements in peaceful cohabitation with western civilization. That such a thing can occur (i.e. peaceful cohabitation) is an issue that is unresolved. Yet the Charter idea allows us to educate and clarify the issues explicitly.


  2. I have a problem with the way you phrase this:

    3. die

    It seems to leave out the agency question. Really, wouldn’t it be better to say:

    3. Be killed.

  3. It is my belief that next pandemic will erupt after the Hajj.

    Already European ‘pilgrims’ are warned to be innoculated against a variety of illnesses.

    Unfortunately, where enormous throngs of people, most of who are arriving from third world nations where public health measures are minimal if not viewed as ‘satanic’ by the local immams, innoculation cannot cover every contingency.

  4. The west should end immigration to people from nations which do not permit freedom of religion and otherwise violate the UN Declaration in Universal Human Rights.

    And those nations which deny their citizens their UN recognized Universal Hujan RIgthts should be expelled from the UN and banned from all multilateral trade and financial intitutions.

    This means all the nations which tolerate forced marriage, honor-killings, polygamy, endogamy – as these pertuate the treatment of women as chattel – as SLAVES.

    As long as families in these rogue natons raise their children to believe that it’s OK to force a female child to marry, and to the kill the ones Itheir own flesh and blood) who won’t, then they will certainly grow up into adults who will commit genocide against non-Muslims.

    these two NON-MILITARY policies would go a long way toward reforming the backward Muslim states.

  5. Ahh, the hajj! And that wonderful ritual of stoning satan! The scores from some previous years of muslims stoning satan in Mecca…

    Muslims vs. Satan

    Satan: 345 muslims trampled to death while throwing rocks at Satan and his demons

    Muslims: 0 Satan’s demons hit or killed by muslim thrown rocks

    2004 Satan: 251 Muslims: 0
    2003 Satan: 36 Muslims: 0
    2001 Satan: 35 Muslims: 0
    1990 Satan: 1426 Muslims: 0

    The Palestinians and the French muslims have been practicing throwing rocks against the IDF and the French police, and the scores are getting closer, but I have a feeling the muslims will be lucky to manage a draw this year.

    What made Bush think that a religion that can’t even organize a procession around a rock without people getting trampled to death every other year is ready for democracy?

  6. What I can never understand or accept is how our Western governments and media totally look the other way to the near-universal islamic intolerance. They get to build mosques headed by extremists in which they teach their congegation to terrorize us. But if we enter their “sacred” city, we’ll be stoned along with satan?

    As much as I detest doublestandard imposed by muslims, my real anger is for our treasonous media and cowardly governments. We have the power, we won’t summon the will.

  7. >>What I can never understand or accept is how our Western governments and media totally look the other way to the near-universal islamic intolerance.
    This is part of the so-called soft bigotry of low expectations coupled with a strange mix of Western guilt as well as a distorted noble savage complex.

    The same people who think that hyenas are wonderful animals although they eat their young have no problem casting a similarly indulgent eye on noble and not-so-noble “savages” in 3rd World nations.

    We Westerners, on the other hand, are the ones who can understand all degrees of nuances–especially Liberals, who, as we know, are the most enlightened of us all. And thus standards apply to us and only us.

    And if to this you add Western post-colonial guilt, you have the answer to your question.

  8. Since this posting began with mention of Moslems living in Austria (hardly “Austrian Muslims”!) it is worth recalling that in 2005 Moslems serving in the Austrian Army refused to salute the Austrian flag and turned their backs on it. The Austrians relied upon imams to deal with the situation with is typical of Western failure to assert our values against this barbarism and to take firm action at any sign of treasonable behaviour. In the days of k u k the Imperial Army’s training manual was printed in 16 different languages, yet it still preserved and acted as a unified entity. Also, a poll taken recently by Die Presse (Viennese newspaper) found that 45% of Moslems in Vienna were “unwilling to integrate.” Vienna is historically infamous as ‘red Vienna’ (socialist) so nothing will be done to deal intelligently and forcefully with this looming civil catastrophe.

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