This Little Piggy Went to Mecca…

This email just came in from Kepiblanc, our frequent reader, commenter, translator, and all-around Viking:

This little piggy hates infidels!In our little fiefdom over here we have a weird tradition: children have piggybanks, sometimes with their names on them. Usually one can buy them in toy stores with the most common Danish names already painted on them, such as Mikkel (Michael), Lucas, Peter, etc…

And now this : (see attached photo — courtesy of the blog Polemiken).

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Oh-oh. Does this mean more riots in Denmark?

I’m going wee-wee-wee all the way home…

Update: Kimpolina from Polemiken writes in the comments:

It was MY daughter who noticed and photographed the funny pig for little Mohammed.

She took the picture with her mobile phone, and mailed it to me.

I laughed the whole evening. 🙂

…A lot of my friends know me and my blog — — quite well, and were difficult to explain to, that I did NOT manipulate the photo in photoshop.

It IS for real.

She invites readers to Polemiken to look at all the images that are photoshopped. I’ve been there, and can vouch for their inventiveness and hilarity, two characteristics at which the Danes excel.

27 thoughts on “This Little Piggy Went to Mecca…

  1. A pig named Mohammed. What could they be thinking? What next, will someone offer a line of Hijab lingerie? Will Disney try to build a Disneyland at Mecca? Perhaps Saudia Arabians will ask Billy Graham to bring his evangelistic crusade to their country?

  2. This just toooo funny for words. They are going to be collectors pieces before long. It seems to me like a very subtle middle finger exercise by the Danes. During World War II thousands of kids went to school in a home knitted wollen cap, They were knitted to resemble the roundel on a British spitfire.

  3. Rioting tonight: cars will burn and so will those stores stocking this item, and perhaps the operators will be behead in the name of the “religion of peace”.

  4. This little piggy went to market; this little piggy stayed home; this little piggy saved his pennies; and Mohammed’s little piggy had none. Piggy Banks Upon Him! How funny! How great is this? Ya can’t make it up… Soon it will be the GoV’s afternoon comedy club. Why not?

    I hope Profitsbeard sees this one…

    I’m laughing so hard I’m crying. I get misty just thinkin’ of all those tiny Muslim suicide-bomber toddlers screaming for their piggy banks. God love the Danes. “Don’t like our cartoons? How about a piggy bank for the wee tot?

  5. Airbornevet.

    Allah is not a little boys name.

    And what is it exatly you think “they” are asking for ?

    I dont know if you are a muslim yourself, but you are sertanly playing along with the insanety,

  6. It was MY daughter who noticed and photographed the funny pig for little Mohammed.

    She took the picture with her mobile phone, and mailed it to me.

    I laughed the whole evening. 🙂

    In fact, I don’t think the cute thing were made to start World War II – but only to avoid discrimination…

    If Peter is allowed to have such a piggy, why not Mohammed and Ahmed (there were one for “Ahmed” too, in fact)?

    A lot of my friends know me and my blog – – very quite well, and were difficult to explain, that I did NOT manipulate the photo in photoshop.

    It IS for real.

    Wonderful :-)))

    But if you guys want to see heavyly manipulated pictures, you should visit my gallery of madness here:

    Have patience. There are a lot of stof that has to be loaded into memory….

    Thank you for blogging the picture. I will now phone my daughter and tell her that her piggy-picture has gone to the international, global blogosphere!


  7. Day by day my admiration of the Danish people grows. The Great Dane barks, the guard dog and guide dog of Western civilization, at the Muslim taxi-drivers who would enforce their laws on it. (Metaphors, metaphors all, of course, standing for the players in this civclash.)

  8. Doc..

    I am sure you can just write on her blog.

    Kimpolina has one of the greatest and funniest blogs in Denmark. Sadly for you non-danes;-), it would be futile to try to translate it. It would be like trying to translate Douglas Adams. Some things just has to be read in the original language.

    Thanks 🙂
    The more we get involved in this fight against islamic oppresion. The more I admire Israel, who have been standing alone for to long. I am sure that many feel like I do, and many more will come.

  9. unfortunately, it didn’t list her email, or I would have…went there first, didn’t see anything that looked like an email. I don’t speak danish (or whatever you call your language, sorry, I’ve learned smatterings of half a dozen, but hard to learn them, especially here in Texas, it’s the accents, you see), so that’s why I left it here, hoping she’d pick up on it and email me. She could get it from the Baron, I’m sure, since he can read this and know I’ve authorized him to release it to her.

  10. Heya.. that “Links to this post” trackback thingy.. does it do that automatically or does it somehow tell you and you fill in the linker yourself?

    I ask because Ive not had anyone link to me and so I am not familiar with it.

    Anyway.. As always, you guys have a great site!

  11. By the way.. My modest little blog got more hits from your trackback referral thing than it did when Yahoo linked me over Streisand’s lapse of decency a little while back.

    This leads me to think that piggy banks are far more interesting than Barbra Streisand.. but thats just me.

    Cracks me up, regardless~!

  12. JeepThang —

    The trackbacks are automatic, as far as I know. I just put a piece of blogger code in my template, and the rest happens by magic.

    Or the phlogiston transmigrates through the aether to produce the trackback.

    Or something like that.

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