The Motoons: One Year Later

Allah go BOOM!News from Norway, drawing on a VG Nett article (in Norse), reports that Norwegian TV2 will mark the anniversary of the publication of the Mohammed Cartoons tomorrow. As part of the documentary “Threatened Into Silence”, TV2 will show the cartoons on television for the first time in Norway.

As most of our readers know, the Motoons were first published this time last year in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten. The world’s Muslim communities eventually erupted in a carefully organized and predictably violent response. To their credit, neither the newspaper nor the Danish government ever backed down or apologized, although some Danish coporations, such as Arla, went into full dhimmi mode in order to retain their business in Arab countries.
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Burning the Danish flagUp until now Norway, a champion of multiculturalism and host to the noxious Mullah Krekar, has been in the forefront of the International Muslim Appeasement Movement (IMAM), ready to turn belly up at the slightest sign of Islamic displeasure.

Are things starting to change in Norway?

Presumably imams across the world are even now ready to rouse the faithful to their usual violent response, and large quantities of highly flammable Norwegian flags have no doubt been stockpiled in convenient warehouses. I hope the fire brigades in Oslo are on the alert.

This time on Tuesday, Norwegian embassies in certain selected Middle Eastern capitals may well be smoking ruins. Stay tuned.

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  1. I have, or had, I suppose, a Norwegian friend at university who was mightilly confused about all the fuss Muslims made over the toons. I don’t know if he’d seen them or not but I don’t think it mattered much; he didn’t see how cartoons could be the cause of so much violence. Course he was a pretty sensible guy anyway… and,a s I understand things, he’s more typical of Norway than some might credit. We’ll see.

  2. This time on Tuesday, Norwegian embassies in certain selected Middle Eastern capitals may well be smoking ruins. Stay tuned. Tuesday???? Sounds most unlikely. The usual time is after Friday prayers. Could bewe’ll see some local spontaneous acts of violence by the Krekar Kidz on Tuesday.

    No, Tuesday is really the day to watch the media and blogs for hand-wringing apologies, dhimmi’ism etc.
    Though the issue be much wider than Islami reactions, as it strikes directly at the business of multiculturalism. As archonix’s friend, there is a widespread liberal assumption that everyone is alike, and thus everyone is like us. Any realization that this is not true to a blow to the heart of the assumptions that permit multiculturalism. Anything (particularly facts) that threaten multiculturalism and that threatens cultural relativism, also presents a real danger to “tolerance” and so we should watch for politically correct demands of restriction, and criticism of the station (NYT styled denunciations of the Popes speech by Norwegian papers for example, hand wringing by Bjoern Stark etc).

    Now, let us see what eventuates….

  3. What is really interesting is what has been happening in Denmark. The Danes seem to have got their second wind, and dumped dimmitude, Kurt Westergaard gave an interview for a Danish paper a couple of weeks ago including his picture and said that he hadn’t been in hidding and had just carried on as if nothing had happened. Laban the Imman who started the row has been back peddling for all he is worth and puts his foot in it every time he oppens his mouth. I read in one Danish Blogg, I wish I could remember where that he was travelling on a bus in Copenhagen, an old lady getting off the bus turned round and said the him “You are a very stupid man” the bus cheered. A cabinet minister is supposed to have accused somebody in public of lying like an Immam. If only that phrase could come into general use here in the west. Wafa Sultan has given a speech for the Democratic Muslim association, here is the video link,
    and the best selling book at the moment is a book writen by Karen Jespersen og Ralf Pittelkows Called ‘Islamister og naivister’ I think you can work out the meaning of the title for your selves, both have been in the Danish Government and I think one was a minister, so for Denmark things are looking up

  4. The man who was accused of Lying like an immam, or as he said it: “speaking with two tunges like an immam” was the Socialist mayor of the City I live in; Århus. His reaction was to say: “Thats a very rude comparising”. the Democratic Muslim association “Demokratiske Muslimer” where the Video was taken, have realy been brave. They have been getting a lot of harasment, mostly on an individual level, from other muslims, the non-democratic ones i surpose. The organisation was created as a result of the motoon-crisis.

    I dont think anything will happen tomorrow. They have had their fun, and it made Islam much more unpopular then it was. Many people who didnt have an opinion before, have one now and its not good.

  5. Dear Phanarath,
    same thing slightly more politly expressed, as for the Demokratiske Muslimer I couldn’t agree with you more they are having a rough time and should be supported more by the Danish people. The problem is that they have been hailed as the light at the end of the tunnel, the first swallow, the dawn of a new spring, but in fact there numbers in reality are so small as to be insignificant. I think the membership is about 700 out of a so called muslim population in Denmark of 200,000, if you believe that. Which means 1 in 300 muslims support Demokratiske Muslimer. Unfortunately nothing has changed, in the muslim population. The real change I have noticed has been in the Danish population, and that to me is important. If you ask me why, I will tell you, I have a beautiful daughter and grandson who live not so far from the sorte vierkant and the thought of these desert babboons raping my daughter and sodermising my grandson does run through my head occasionally. I lived by the way for eight years in Denmark and have a very deep affection for Denmark which accounts for the fact that when I post, apart from a few places, I always post under the name of Holger Dansker although I am English. Denmark gets and always will get my unreserved support. By the way how is Aarhus? I spent 5 months at Kalø folke høj skole learning Danish, and spent many a great weekend in Aarhus, by the way there used to be a great little theather there called Swalegang and Ceres used to produce a great beer calle Rød øl.

  6. My how time flies when the ROP are having fun, burning buildings, killing christians and all over some Danish cartoons.

  7. Hey Yorkshireminer 🙂

    Svalegangen still exist and I am having a Ceres while writing this. But other then that it has changed a bit the last years. The lake through Århus has been opened and turned into a cafèstreet with fancy bridges and french streetlights and trafic has been removed from most of the inner city.
    You are completely right. The
    Democratic Moslems didnt turn out to be the world saver some had hoped. And 700 is an awfull few out of 2 or 300.000. But still, these 700 hundred are the ones who defy personal harazment, treats and hatemail. Many more could be sumpathetic but unwilling to step out in puplic. And out of the total number of muslims, there are many who in reality have left the faith behind. Its not posible to get any numbers on these things as it is totaly under tabu.

    Some think that Democratic Muslims are proff that Muslims can funktion in a Democracy and some think that they do more harm then good, in the way of fooling us into dreaming about a peace that can never be.
    But no matter what. These 700 brave people deserve respect. They are taking more heat then any other group, incl. the Jews. And I do belive that their sacrifice are making the rest of us a little safer.

    I wish you and your daugther and grandson well.

  8. If my sociological antenna is still working I’d say that the publication of the Motoons and the reaction that followed was a turning point in people’s awareness of the Islamic threat.

    After all, what more is there to say when you notice that they’ll kill over a cartoon? And hate the Danish? What next … hate Mozart?

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