See Baron Run. Run, Dymphna, Run!

We’re two today!Today is Gates of Vienna’s second anniversary. We’re planning no special celebration. No cake or candles this time.

Just “Whew! We made it!”

Thanks to all our readers, and especially to our commenters, for getting us this far.

And thanks to the professional tipsters, who don’t blog and don’t comment, but nonetheless contribute so much to the conversation. You guys know who you are.

18 thoughts on “See Baron Run. Run, Dymphna, Run!

  1. Happy Birthday! And thank you for what is, as far as I know, the first ideological blog on our side of this war, and the greatest inspiration for mine. GoV is the bar I look up to and sometimes manage to approach.

  2. Thanks, y’all! This is great.

    We started this blog just so that we could blather about things that were important to us. It turned out that they were important to a lot of other people, too.

    Funny about that…

  3. Congratulations on your anniversary.
    Maybe it’s time to spruce up the web site?
    I’m thinking at least change the background paper (too many arabesques !)

  4. Knucklehead —

    I didn’t know Austrian was a separate language! I thought it was just German spoken with an accent that amuses Prussians, and that it was spelled the same as regular German.


  5. foxcharles —

    Website appearance is under Dymphna’s control. If she wants a change, it gets changed. If she doesn’t, it stays the same.

    I’ll make sure she sees your suggestion, though… 🙂

  6. Baron,

    I just did a grab from a “Happy Birthday!” site which claimed that as the Austrian version. For all I know it could be completely wrong or some old Vienna version. It did seem vaguely recognizable but clearly not standard, modern German (says the guy whose German was severely limited in the best of times and now very badly faded).

    For giggles here is the Wikipedia for Austrian and Viennese dialects.

    Heck, the Scandinavian languages are considered “Germanic” and while there are certainly hints and some similarities with German, the Swedish version would be Gratis på din Födelsedagen.

    Ultimately its all the same – Happy Birtday Gates of Vienna!

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