Pledging the Mexican Flag in Texas

Children wave Mexican flagsRemember the Texas elementary school where the pledge of allegiance to the Mexican flag was recited on Mexico’s Indepedence Day? Well, a radio station in Houston has posted videotape of the event in question.

The principal of Velasco Elemntary arranged the September 16th celebration, and later came under a lot of criticism from parents of children at the school. When news of the incident escaped into the media, he had to apologize, though he asserted that he had done nothing wrong.

By filing a request under the Freedom of Information Act, KTRH News Radio obtained the the tape from the school district.
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The Mexican pledgeAs reported by KTRH,

The video shows children waving small Mexican flags [see video] and a volunteer reciting the pledge. [see video].

Whether students also recited the Mexican pledge remains a point of contention.

The second video shows the leaders saying the pledge to the Mexican flag, but not the students. Watch it and see what you think; I hear the leaders reading the pledge, but there is a murmur of voices in the background reciting along with the leaders.

Who could that be, if it’s not the children themselves?

Hat tip: WND.

10 thoughts on “Pledging the Mexican Flag in Texas

  1. As I said myself today, in connection with the Military Commissions Act: the thing that really makes me angry about the left is how they depreciate the value of our citizenship.

    I cannot fathom the sort of mind that considers a foreign flag and foreign nationals to be interchangable with Americans.

    St Augustine would have said that man has certain rights because he is man: but American citizenship is supposed to mean something. Clearly, to certain of our teachers, lawyers, journalists and businessmen, the flag and nationality are impediments to be surmounted, not a legacy to be cherished.

    There is no question that our civilization and nation CAN survive, but there is a serious question as to whether it wants to. I don’t see that we have a prayer with people like this principal in there kicking.

    Finally, I’m a Texan. I don’t care where people are from. I’d prefer, thank you very much, they they learned English, (I think they’d be happier and better off), but if they don’t wish to, I won’t compel them. But Aztlan ain’t happening here, and the Mexican flag (or at any rate the laws that come with it) will stay south of the Rio Grande y Bravo, unless it marches over a Hell of a lot of us first.

  2. So how do y’all intend to stop it? Anti-multiculturalism doesn’t seem to have a lot of traction at the ballot box, unless I am very much mistaken.

  3. Our troops belong in Mexico City and in Iraq. If we citizens, around 5 million of us invade Mexico, our troops will follow. Sounds silly but with all the Mexicans coming here and the roads along the border being improved to expedite their illegal entry, seems we could get some pretty nice property cheap in Mexico. It’s simple; Mexico nationalized their oil facilities a number of years back. I say we “re-nationalize” them. Mexico wants Aztlan; we want their natural resources. As I posted a month or so ago, a US Congressman answered my hypothetical question of whether I should maintain property in New Mexico or sell it. The answer was, “It won’t be worth much when Mexico annexes it.”

    Sometimes I think the ruling-elite want us all to be reduced to third-world poverty so they can feel so much more superior. I’d remind them the walls of their conclaves can be scaled. And they won’t have a force like the one at the Gates of Vienna to defend them.

    Many Americans of Mexican ancestry are not happy about the cheapening of American citizenship either. They have worked too hard to attain the “American Dream.”

  4. Every adult that recited thius pledge should be stripped of their citizenship and deported to Mexico ASAP.
    By pledging allegiance to the Mexican flag they have effectively renounced their U.S. citizenship imho.
    Unless of course, pledges of allegiance mean nothing anymore……

  5. As a Spaniard, with deep simpathy for Mexico, I would like, however, show my support for David, El Jefe Máximo, and other participants in this blog.
    I cannot understand how it is possible to carry out without legal consequences this pledge of allegiance to the Mexican flag in American territory.
    The more Mexicans and other people get integrated into Texas and the US, the better, especially if they also contribute something as well to American society. But in the understanding that this is US territory and that they, eventually and if they so wish, will become American citizens.
    Since Roman Law, citizenship is a cherished and very important status, whose meaning and implications should be kept clear to all.

  6. The photo features Mexican kids waving Mexican flags in Mexican territory. So, why are we surprised that they are pledging allegiance to Mexico?

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